Monday, March 27, 2023

Turning the GT350 into a GRIP MONSTER

Main Turning the GT350 into a GRIP MONSTER

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    Hyped to finally throw this thing up on the lift and get it better suited for some more track thrashing! PS: Yes I plan on tracking the GT3RS, but it’s way more fun …

    Eric Wang

    You should get lighter wheels. They really help the car feel lighter when turning.

    Blake Shrader

    18.5 hours


    you save 3 hours and 15 minutes

    GT 370

    Hey Adam what springs are on the mustang drop looks sick!

    Mark Fritscher

    The Chaser is my favorite of all Adam’s cars 🚙

    Wesley Daemen

    Adam is more street now

    cameron zahand

    more grip content

    tanis nedic

    Wait for the shitty comments about nicols/Adams car

    Marist Old Boys

    Kudos for driving a RHD at 6:20


    an S13 is definitely not twice as fast as that shelby. Stock S13's are slow


    Whats on the lift at home? hmmmm….


    You might get a few hated peoples in Australia apparently your a snitch

    Landry Houston


    Cisco Films

    Adam lz should get a 2015 f150 because of the Gen 2 5.0 and mod it with the vmp kit and he can have a 10 sec truck with the right tune

    RL Racing Garage

    Hell yeah bro been waiting for this video!


    Sounds like a Gemini to me lol.

    Nick Eisermann

    18 hrs 25 minutes

    Francisco Herreros

    What brand are the Mustang’s suspension mods?


    More of GT350 videos!! Plz


    I love Cressida’s 7:54


    your math sucks you should stay in school Adam ! LOL

    Jake Segel

    whats the plan for Nicoles car

    Corey Hojewski

    Technically they are anti-sway bars but we just always say sway bar

    jared rivera

    make more videos with Alberto learn about the amazing rotary engine 😃

    Mr Chunk

    Is Adam still with Nicole ?

    Faizan H

    Ye ye mobile 😂😂😂

    Fire Ant

    What's happening to Gabby needs finishing so bad

    Gavin Garwood

    Adam you and tanner fox should have a race your porsche vs tanner fox porsche

    Oscar Pecanins

    18 hours and 15 minutes

    Kevin Burton

    Shave the mustache off bro

    Essvd 沈黙

    Did he just just a gt350 is twice as slow as his s13?😓

    Essvd 沈黙

    18 hours


    Lol the Australian news made a segment on ur Australia trip

Viewing 34 posts - 1 through 34 (of 34 total)
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