Thursday, March 23, 2023

Twin Turbo Mr2 Does A MASSIVE WHEELIE!

Main Twin Turbo Mr2 Does A MASSIVE WHEELIE!

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    Pyro Renegade

    That MKIII Supra with the F&F MKIV Supra vinyl lmao. 20:49

    Andrew Hopper

    fuck man i love these bois…………….just pure joy

    Lycanthropic Paranoia

    Time for wheelie bars

    ronald graham

    What was your 60ft? That was your mack tires! Lol, love it!

    ronald graham

    Loved the footage of kyle and brent brainstorming, kyle stayed in it, shifting was still on point! Awesome job kyle. Great team!

    Almighty Sir

    My guy. Wheelie bars, they exist😂😂

    Blair Woodhouse

    Every time Brent speaks, he speaks only positive thoughts. This man needs to teach the bloody world man, like all walks of life!! <3 MR2 is a gaaddamned animal Kyle, you better start going to the gym!!

    dan todd

    come on kyle order a race suit for yourself allready …. safety first bro

    Wind of change

    we all knew it would wheelie hard with those slicks haha

    William Campbell

    Is that the world record Honda wheelie?

    Master Swiggles

    I sense a Ruby and MR2 rivalry on it's way.

    dan wal

    You got big balls staying in it…

    dan wal

    Epic wheely


    Trending yeah boi


    No lift problems lol That wheelie tho 👍👍👏

    Moto Swifty

    34 on trending yo

    James Wedell

    How much longer are you in Tucson?

    Alec Denby

    #moontune. – Brent

    Mike Miller

    Loved this video Kyle

    Jacob M. Altland

    The epitome of “turnt up!”


    We ran into the same problem in our FSAE car. Add 10mS of cut to your ignition cut for the 3-4 shift and I bet you're golden

    N Murphy

    Get Leslie a ride in the mr2

    Derrick Jones

    Holly shit…Moon pass,ladies and gentlemen🤯

    Jacob A

    I think the mr2 needs a wheelie bar


    I think the next mod should be a wheelie bar 😂😂

    Phillip Black

    I saw it kid when u watch the vid u shift but when you let off after shifting u push forward on the shifter

    Edwin Orozco

    You know you need a fire suit why not just buy one


    Name it Alice
    "to the moon Alice"

    Dfekt Nsc

    Every one says I'm missing but I'm yanking boi

    joe gamboa

    Hell yea boosted boiz wheeling in da 520!!!!!


    crazy to see how far this channel has grown since i subbed at 40K and now its nearly 800K keep it up.

    Honda civic Honda


    stidriver18 18

    Seems when you held it back it dropped in 4th right away


    that was a hot tune

    Matt Hays

    Wooooow! Nice job guys!

    Ricardo Vanzzini

    Been a fan for so long
    Big props Kyle crazy handles thank you for everything hermano

    Alex Mussgnug

    Kyle! You neeeed to get your own suit! It’s bout time bro! LOL

    Patrick O’Steen

    Time to hit the metal shop and make some wheelie bars..

    Jon Chames

    Timed on the back tires. Damn.

Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 (of 49 total)
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