Monday, March 20, 2023

Twin Turbo Mr2 Gets New Coilovers!

Main Twin Turbo Mr2 Gets New Coilovers!

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    Ligma Diksum

    Next Video: mr2 part 108. MR2 gets new valve caps.

    Jose Rotary

    Nice suspension, I might get those for my eg or the k tuned ones, will see.💯👍👍👍

    Vincent Tenaglia

    what about if instead of weight plates install those undercar jack stands that use air and a tank in the front. Like they put on rally cars. Just a thought

    Auto Mafia Racing

    holy crap thats light weight

    matthew placencia

    Con grats om season 3 fastest car. Cant wait to see you guys.

    steph smith

    My god dude. I like the build, but I'm going to unsub if I have to keep listening to you phrase every statement like a question. Listening to you is like nails on a chalkboard. Fucking painful. When you talk to the other shop guys you're good. As soon as you talk to the camera, every fucking statement sounds like a question.

    Dakota Dabney

    Bc coilovers are the best they where the only company that would make custom coilovers for my 81 civic

    david smith

    How about putting some hours in like you used to?

    Jeff Husketh

    Boosted Boiz magic noodles! Ill take a dozen! Haha


    Hey random person scrolling down the comments..

    Have a wonderful day 🙂

    Neil Johnson

    Please don't put battery there. Bad place if in an accident

    Arsalan Mehrabkhani

    Do another video with Leslie

    Josh Jones

    Man you could do a full gut on that car and drop alot of weight man! Cut the doors and quarters that thing is going to be light

    Marina Porto-Caribe

    I think that in a RWD you want the weight in the rear tires and In FWD you want the weight in the front tires ✌

    Kyle Hawkins

    Knowing Kyle it will be another year before the mr2 see the track and he will still find a way to miss 3rd gear.

    Jason Gookstetter

    Is there an email address or some form of contact for this channel?

    Benn Dover

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to help this guy out and share his content. the links are below , please tell him who sent you



    daniel bermejo

    Anybody else notice how Kyle talks in peaks? like everytime he finishes a sentence its like hes reaching a high point in a sentence and then it drops. then starts another sentence and reaches a high point at the end of the sentence and goes back down. then back up then back down


    Yo what can I do to remove the surface rust from my cast turbo housing and manifold? Anyone have any little tips or tricks? I want to clean it up and coat it with some VHT

    Cripple Bitchin

    The "Mister 2" is coming along so nicely you are doing such nice work!!!

    Og Baker420

    Kyle cheated on the weight of the coil overs… he remembered the description when he bought them 😂😂

    Connor Hayward

    Why do all Honda guys look and dress the same?

    Mello Man

    Add 8 lbs for rad fan on front to

    slack Tantrum

    Junkyard didn't have one! Lol

    darin Schultheis

    What about making the red MR two all wheel drive

    Jeff C

    Back seats lookin nice boiz!

    Immanuel Mcdonald

    Those mr2's really need some new wheels


    Seems like to me Kyle’s getting tired of “Mechanics” in the comments. This this shit takes a lot of time and Money and it doesn’t just happen overnight. I don’t like everything Kyle does but you don’t see me trying to tell him how to run his shop. Your the man Kyle keep up the awesome work I wish I could do. 👌

    Nicholas Gustavsson

    Dude, how many adds. I know you guys need the coin, but what, 7 adds from start to finish.😡😡😡

    Tony Semenuk

    wow thats some awesome weights balance about as good as you can get for a drag car

    tim m

    You should have added weight for the windsheild. That thing is fucking heavy

    A Milk Man

    Im new to the channel….you said Brent lost the shop?


    I'd definitely run the rear sway bar regardless…


    on the weight check, you did not have the swaybar reaction arm on the new one maybe i am wrong?

    Alan Loyd

    man people in the comments are really complaining about a 24 year old taking his time to build one of his 5 cars while filming, editing and uploading videos of the process that we get to watch for free. If you can do it better and faster made your own youtube channel ffs..

    good skittles

    Boostedboiz, you got mentioned in donut media video, it was about eBay turbos and chinese parts. Thats cool asf

Viewing 38 posts - 1 through 38 (of 38 total)
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