Thursday, March 23, 2023

Twin Turbo Mr2 Gets The STRONGEST Axles We Could Find!

Main Twin Turbo Mr2 Gets The STRONGEST Axles We Could Find!

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    No worries guys, we'll send him an 78825 Bearing Adapter Kit so he has all of the correct plate sizes to press via the outer race. Also so you guys don't have to light him up 😛

    Close Enough Garage

    Did you seriously just push bearing in like that or was it just a piss take?? 😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Burn FPV

    Rip new wheel bearings…

    Alan Richardson

    Too much redundant talk. Get on with the work!!!

    Logan Jones

    So much cringe watching you do the bearings…and those style bearings always leave half of the race stuck to the hub when removed..pain in the ass. Also good to see someone else risking it all using a harbor freight quality shop press..I always get shit for using it but Its always done the job and still works after 6yrs of abuse

    Colin Daminato

    Cringed so hard at 9:45 . Boi u pressing it on the inner race… No wonder the bearing was fucked…

    Mike Chipman

    If you ever knew how Toyota were really built you would never drive one

    Djawsomeness a.k.a dom21famaskilla

    i had the same thing happen to me with a clutch slave didnt have enough throw for my stage 3 clutch and to fabricate the throw to give the pressure to shift didnt creep foward after that.


    i miss them junkyard trips.

    Darral Lipke

    Loosen clutch bolts while trans is still bolted on if possible , turn engine by hand a few rounds and retighten should do

    VintageSpeed Garage

    "if you dont get gapped i'm taking the turbos off…"

    Kien Tran

    Also i use VersaChem copper anti seize. Should have gotten that for your shop

    Again, one like means one bottle of VersaChem anti seize for the Boostedboiz

    Kien Tran

    9:42 bro now why the Fuck did you do that? Chrisfix should help kyle out here

    One like equals one reminder for kyle

    Drew Lambert

    Check clutch pedal throw

    Kien Tran

    Dude wtf don't push the bearings in dry you gotta use some copper antiseize for those bro

    And for fricks sake don't push on the bearings themselves, you will literally rip it in half. You were lucky with the new bearings man.

    One like is one prayer for the stock bearings to hold 1000whp


    Big black axle vs little white mr2


    A Washer or 2 behind the throwout bearing should give enough throw so it engages and disengages all gears

    Cornfed E85

    Thrust bearing taking a crap soon I bet!!! I said It 1st…

    Marcos Ledgard


    The Home Mechanic

    Seems like that bearing is already fucked. Goodjob
    Mark my words, next video wil say "Bearing is fucked"

    Ricky Suchodolski

    I can't believe you got away with pushing on the inner race of that bearing without blowing it out you got to push on the outside of it that thing should have separated

    Exotic & Vegan Recipes

    Finally getting together, just wheels, tires, brake system upgrade, tuning and go! It’ll eat tires for breaky, lunch and dinner!

    kiwiflyer new Zealand

    Hahahahah use watch to much porn hub you need to hook up with that chick you meet recently lol

    Krassimir Petrov

    My god after all the well deserved shade thrown at the axles

    Riley Matthews

    Is Haden cooper's cousin

    Arturo Diaz

    I had the same problem. Get a new clutch

    David Allen

    The clutch is bad bro

    Alex M

    You should put those on the prelude , quit being cheap on the lude


    So to be clear you should be pressing bearings in by the outer race not the inner race.. good luck with the life on those..

    Matthew Vasquez

    Throwout bearing or the fork that goes to it isn't right on the Grinch bro. 100%


    Me: he's going to hit the axle on the car, yep here goes, any second. Thump

    Rusty Rosin

    Heat up those plates to around 280°, put the worlds best flower in between parchment paper,,, press for 50 seconds and put the concentrates in the Mr2's oil and she'll be breakin the beams 9.43 @ 153mph!

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