Friday, March 24, 2023

Twin Turbo Mr2 Has A Manifold! (Looks Crazy)

Main Twin Turbo Mr2 Has A Manifold! (Looks Crazy)

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    peter simmons

    link to turbo????

    Greg Wayne

    REEEEEEDickulous!! Awesome! Rock on Boosted Boys!! That Mr2 will be an awesome rear wheel drive snake master of the rally world. (Although I'm sure your concentrating on dragging it LOL.)

    Steven Taylor

    Kyle that manifold is awsome looking nice work.

    Jacob Sims

    There's so much fab work from what I have seen on other videos trying to k swap a 240. Just buy a 1JZ and call it a day.

    Jeff Flanagan

    Is that an interference engine? Hope it doesn't have any bent valves!

    carlitos abimanyu

    Holi moli


    Why two turbos on such a small engine?

    Benny T

    So why it it 1/4 and 2/3, is it exhaust pulse cycles or something? I'm curious if it's just the most efficient way, or if theres an internal connection. I think most I6 twin turbo set ups split 1-3 and 4-6, but I could be wrong. Anyone know?


    Your welding has improved immensely!

    Cristian Lemus

    Kyle! You’re so fucking talented my dude!!! Keep it up! Cant wait to see the mr2 when is done!

    Ningush Ning

    nice welds

    Keep it Real

    Great work buddy!
    Looks very sexy I agree ☝️. Question what is the song in background while fab work is taking place?

    Stephan Jordan

    Cant wait to hear this thing rip! Nice work Kyle

    Andrew mikell

    What shop tuned the civic ?

    Willie Gamer

    Moar time lapse fab shots in yer videos couldnt hurt 😁,👍 if your a viewer and agree 👍

    Willie Gamer

    Moar time lapse fab shots in yer videos couldnt hurt 😁,👍 if your a viewer and agree 👍

    Acguy 901
    K20 AWD civic
    I spy Kyle lol at 7:15 in the link above

    ray ray

    That bitch is gonna rip like no other.

    Craig Logan

    Twin turbos with nos ? Got to be, two cylinders surely can’t spool those turbos

    TTAU Performance

    What is the psi set on your purge on the headers

    Angel Vargas

    Welding on point. Art work bro.

    Timmy H

    Build that Sr 20 they'll handle more than people think! Sure y'all probably already know this 👍😎


    Almost similar to Damien Montes….. lmao jk

    willians martinez

    Lol hondaR2

    Dwight Gomez

    Just k swap the drift car

    Missed 3rd Productions


    ray rep

    waste of time but you are a know it all. Just go ask GAIL BANKS.

    Rosewell Bennett

    That's crazy bro! WOW nice, am here in the bahamas building a 97 accord for like 3 years can't get parts new or used have to order everything crazy

    Tristin Vollmer

    Fuck those sr 20s

    Tristin Vollmer

    K swap the 240

    Brandon Ashworth

    Can you make a another video of the shopping go kart pls

    Chris Abbott

    How did you do that to the valve cover on the MR?

    Chris Abbott

    Great work man, very nice welds


    I wish that you rub the 4 slender under 2 and you run 2 up then down to the flange. That way it will look sicker than that awesome piping
    Great work all in all 👏🏼

    J & P


    Dj Eli Shane

    Nah dont k swap the 240.Build the SR20

    Branden Waltz

    Love the time lapse of the welding. Good looking dime stacks fo sho, the color!


    way to give Hayden some props as well

Viewing 39 posts - 1 through 39 (of 39 total)
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