Friday, March 24, 2023

Twin Turbo Mr2 Has an Engine Again!

Main Twin Turbo Mr2 Has an Engine Again!

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    Damion Chernault

    “Here comes the stack of oil pressure switches” yall should just “forget” to put a monster clutch in a car

    Manfred Steyne

    Cant wait to here and see that MR2 on the dyo.

    Viktor Gustafsson

    you torqued the clutch but not the flywheel, any reason why?

    Noah Zeichner

    I cant believe Roman put the filter in and didnt notice that. Sheesh

    Rusty Shackleford

    No no no no. The OK hand sign and "minty" that belongs to Zip Ties and Bias Plies


    Really digging the montages, with the short cuts to explain what's going on. Keep up the great work, love the channel!

    Wind of change

    Holy shieeet thats pedro ? I don't recognise him at all with those pearly whites haha, he's like a new man.


    I can't wait to see the final out come!


    I get so scared when I see people powering a transmission onto the block the last little bit. Seen so many broken blocks/bells. I bet Brent has too.


    cannt wait for the dyno my guy 🙂


    You see what had happened was . . . lol

    Nathan Countyrman

    Looking good Pedro!

    Kyle Preston

    Bring the hatch back!!!

    Chris P-Rex

    Puppy so adorable 🥴 too mr2 looks sick man just needs some meat on the back. Love the content as always !


    Where is the minivan?

    Beaver beater

    Just bought stock in mobile one. Thanks boosted boiz lol

    Jarrett Simoneaux

    Never let Kiel work on your car!!

    Jeremiah Hyman

    Roman is rubbing off on Kyle lol.

    Adam G283

    Forgot about this build nice 👍

    TIM L

    I'm watching this vid with my jbl boombox and as soon as that engine started my walls started shaking/vibrating


    Here comes the bags and bags of floor dry!

    Ricardo Romero

    Name of the music?


    Kyle left Roman's cheecks clapping no filter, then got caught wide open with a gaping bunghole

    bazz-catchem 1

    Shop dogo for the win every good shop needs one

    The STiVo

    The guy with the hat and glasses. That symbol on his hat is used on cars in Japan for new drivers with less than 1 year driving experience. =)


    changing the name from BoostedBoiz to OilierBoiz….

    Dakoda Morgan

    Cletus forgot something similar as well

    Sti Wrx



    Are you planning on taking the MR2 to MR2 Assemble?

    Man-E 4g63

    Stupid question. Is goofie brents son?

    Man-E 4g63

    Heyyy u taped the oil pan on paint sesh!!

    Rommaine Smith

    Redemption for Roman!! Hahaha

Viewing 34 posts - 1 through 34 (of 34 total)
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