Saturday, March 25, 2023

Twin Turbo Mr2 Sounds GOOD!

Main Twin Turbo Mr2 Sounds GOOD!

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    Anon Ymous

    Get the fuck off my recommended.

    Ultra Racing USA

    He'll yes, when do we send our SW


    This one's awesome, sad that I know the title of the next one.


    Something was dumping out of the back when you were looking for leaks after filling the tank.


    4:50 anyone know the beat?

    Dewald Grobler

    whatsup guys we are working on the m r … TWO!!!

    Blake Fitch

    Damn I liked the lope sound 10x better haha

    Owen Collier

    I love this car even though its not done yet

    Thexpert 13

    is that the stock engine that comes in the mr2 or has it been swapped?

    Agdaan Ahaan #1 – CS:GO, Giveaways, Tutorials

    Its alive!!!!!


    "Down" pipes? This is BoostedBoiz.. what is a "down" pipe? We need to be able to see the fire! LOL


    Such pretty welding =) skillz


    Roman's GF should be a boosted babe.

    Sean Rose

    recirc the waste gates mega 2step noises

    James Carter

    needs some kind of a white valve cover

    Shane Rodgers

    This thing sounds absolutely nuts

    rzor 93

    why does it sound like a rotary ?

    Man VS Transmitter

    oooo that oil tho

    hoho hoho

    you two loves it but all the othres on road hates u

    RubyRed 5.Hoe!

    I would extend the exhaust out a little bit more. Gonna end up like one of them aventador revving videos

    howbigwas thatdinasuar

    Put the gates up not down put them to the trunk lid


    Such a rowdy build.

    Can't wait to see another 1320 video featuring Kyle and another bat-shit crazy boosted build.


    You can't use both of the holes on the bottom of the throttle body they are for the idle valve and one won't see vacume so one bov won't open

    Big Mike Beasley

    She looks sexxy


    Lol turbine race

    Trae’ Kiser

    I’m curious to see how well and or how long it takes a 4 banger to spool two good sized turbos


    8:36 for panchi

    robert jackson


    Fred Perras

    yooo my man Kyle! you should try recirculating the wastegate dumps into the exhaust pipes! would create some nassstyyyy 2 step and flames

    M4D_MARK_XTr3Me -Ozkil-

    Quad exhaust out the back would look absolutely ace…
    Or even a pair of rectangular pipes 🤔
    Hmm rectangular pipes the same width as those metal flaps you cut out…
    Yeah that'd look brilliant 😏
    Sounds really mean, well done guys, you guys have come on so much since the "wago" 😀

    Floppy Ole

    needs moar battery


    Gotta love the chop 👌🏻

    King Kakarot!

    I cant wait to see the MR2 go 9's 😁 😎

    rqkq pq3

    The pfi speed guy always works motor tuning magic. Glad to see you guys working together. Im not an mr2 guy but man this is something sick- so exciting to watch very nice build

    Héroe Del Norte

    my Puegeot 307 2.0 run run

    Chrono Ballas

    Nice welds boys, well done.


    @8:51 "are you in?" That's what she said!


    You have to bleed the thermostat too. Radiator, Thermostat and radiator. Radiator first then thermo and coolant cap last

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