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Two Things To Do After Buying a Used Vehicle

Main Two Things To Do After Buying a Used Vehicle

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    After you buy a new used vehicle, It’s important to make sure it’s in the best condition possible. This means both protecting the paint so it can last as long as …

    John Newburn

    Damn good detailing work


    First thing you should do is a burnout


    At most this was a $30k truck. He spent probably $2500 on the 'maintenance', and $5000 to have them clean it over two days.


    Bought a used f250 6.2 gas truck with 90k miles and did spark plugs and changed the oil. Had good maintenance records. I don't see a point in changing all the diff fluids and transmission fluid because it's not due yet.

    The important part is to just do the maintenance at the recommended intervals. They're changing perfectly fine fluids in this video imo. Not the worst thing just kind of a waste of money to change fine brake pads and front differential fluid that's good for 150k miles.

    David E.S.

    What do you think of getting a clear bra / wrap ? I think I would do it bumper to pumper.

    Warren Trout

    You city boys are funny. A truck is supposed to get dirty and banged up. Of course, you just use it as a car.


    I thought changing automatic transmission fluid causes slipping?


    lovely video


    Should have ran some techron or gum out regain , before the oil change, and then the wash

    Alexander Eliassen09122002

    I have red why is this a fucking ad

    Rithwik Jallepalli

    Yeah sure, why not just buy a new truck instead of spending all that money on 'maintenance and upgrades' and the fancy car wash..

    Pug Lalo

    And content like this is the reason why I'm subscribed and the notification bell is on.

    G S

    and reset adaptations…

    Toxic Senpaii

    bro thats a faked comparison… 5:59

    dont like that shit


    any ideas on what the full paint correction costs?

    Henrik K

    Ceramic coating is considered hoax by many pro detailers in Sweden, how the hell you wash it if it repells water lol

    howtobebasic 2

    it's an F165

    Brian Strang

    i kno my shit! just go from 500 grit to 1000 grit! no problem! oh you work in the autobody industry an know how retarded that sounds? oooops


    Nice video


    Water pump and Timing belt are my first two things to worry about. However after that then a detailed cleaning comes.

    FordTruckGuyKyle Built Ford Tough

    My stock Dyno run was 330HP 350 torque stock 6.2 Ford Powered V8


    how do you find a good shop? I just got a G37x and I want to do all of the maintenance like in the video but who do I take my car to?

    FordTruckGuyKyle Built Ford Tough

    I own a F150 2012 lariat limited crew cab 6.7 feet bed 6.2 Ford Powered V8 4wd 38,700 original miles. S&B cold air intake pedal command super 44 flowmaster 3 inch exhaust system resonator delete

    Jon Ewen

    I would like to know what your total cost for both these things


    You should do a video about race trucks, that would be really cool

    Chris Zawacki

    Looks good, Id also look into Fluid Film to prevent frame rust.


    As much time you spend cleaning cars you should clean ur teeth

    Bryan M

    you can polisha turd but it's still a turd. If it runs crappy doesn't matter if it's clean

    michael dixon

    We only want to see the civic


    s2k in the back ground 6:49 lol

    jatavi lee

    How much does the cleaning cost and who can i contact for this service?

    Félix Morin

    You're gonna tow your F-150 with the Subaru, trust me.


    Buy a used car? Step 1: $4000 in paint correction, more than I typically spend on my cars. lol JK; love the content. Thanks


    at least the dealer will have a super clean truck to keep repairing.

    Clayton Eftink

    how much would something like this cost?

    Somar Jela

    Great quality ad.


    Yes, buy a used vehicle to save money, then spend 5-10 grand getting it paint corrected, ceramic coated, and change fluids and hoses that aren’t even bad yet.

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