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Tyler loves his Porsche 914 and doesn't care what you think – Why I Drive #16

Main Tyler loves his Porsche 914 and doesn't care what you think – Why I Drive #16

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    Of all the possible Porsches to inspire Tyler Hauptman’s passion, why on earth is he so enthusiastic about the 914? He’d be happy to tell you, but he’d rather …

    william parada

    What this looks like a RX, but it's not it's better

    Mike Fifer

    Always loved the 914 , it always seemed like the Karman Ghia of Porsche.


    Cool video man.  I owned a couple 914's fun car to drive and very under rated.

    Dave Lewis

    Always wanted a 914. They cost too much now ! My Boxster S still rocks ! lol.


    Love the 914 its great looking and handles wonderfully. What more do you want?

    Oliver’s World Of Wheels

    That Porsche looks so cool with that green paint job! Cool car! Love the video like always!


    i like the blue painters tape sun blocker


    Very cool why do I remember this body style being called a Desert Porsche?

    Road Dog

    The video production in this three minute clip is so good the car was secondary. Thumbs up to the person that created it.

    jim farrell

    love my 73 2.0 what a blast to drive

    speed life

    Few ppl will ever experience wat tru peace is ..some jus see a car I see freedom headake no responsibility jus a experience of tru freedòm wen u drive …

    A V.

    I love my 914.

    Christopher Young

    I saw someone with a white 914 in Hempstead at a stop light and had to walk up to him to chat. He seemed so surpised I knew what a 914 was, but the guy was so happy about his car. I've been on the hunt for one of these ever since!

    Dirk Wollschlaeger

    Well, I love my 944 convertible, but could surely fit a 914-6 into the garage right next to it.

    Dave Anderson

    I always wanted to mod a Karmann Gia to accept a 914 driveline……

    stephen riley

    Right on Tyler! That's a great car. Regards Stephen.

    brangelo spanks

    why are all these from california?


    For sale
    1970 914 – 6 gt targa
    All original. Palm Springs lifer.
    Resting on knudsen milk crates.
    Missing all 4 of the 5 lug rims, the spare is there. The car has been sun baked since 1990, no paint on the top side ( cover rotted away ). The interior looks like new, but dont touch it…it will crumble.
    The engine supposedly has a hole in one of the pistons. It ran ( very rough ) when parked.
    37,000 original miles on a working speedo.
    Make a resonable offer.
    YOU will need a crane to remove the car from the rear yard, trees have grown and blocked its way out. And NO, Im not cutting down the trees.

    Lateef Carrere

    I've never met a Porsche I didn't like…(especially anything that had a "9" in its' name) but these gadget crazed new ones make me wonder who's in control of Porsche now.

    Rob Grant

    What a cool looking car and a great story.


    Tyler does not care what I think?!? O NO what will I do? My life is over


    914 the ugliest car Porsche ever made

    Michael Twing

    I've had mine for over 40 years. She's my little mistress. Love taking her for a ride!


    When I was a kid in the 90’s my grandfather had a 914 at his house that was just rotting into the ground…. I always thought it should be saved and put back on the road. Sadly it was probably beyond restoring 20 years ago. There’s a Wal-Mart or something like that where that house was now. 😞

    Mario Falfan

    And she roars beautifully!

    PB Machines

    My first car was also a 914 at fifteen years old it was $1500 it had flares and bumpers way cool I painted too I have pics that I'm going to post on my channel soon

    Daver G

    914s are awesome. A go kart

    Michael Smith

    Excellent footage. I love 914's


    Beautiful Car ..

    Derek Joon

    It's a factory hotrod VW lol

    tj murphy

    Love my 914….greatest underrated Porsche. I agree….don’t care what you think, a real drivers car.

    Turkey Man

    Always liked them.


    I thought it was designed by a blind man when I was still a kid, but I can totally dig it now.


    My friend, I have never missed a car more than I miss my 914.

    Laura Halliday

    914s are cool. You don't see many around any more. 🙁

    Avery Ritchie

    Great video but he should not be wearing a racing harness without a neck brace…

    Mark G.

    I feel ya brother! My License Plate Reads HIONV8….Nuff Said?

    putorn artjit

    2019 🇹🇭

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