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Ultimate E92 M3 Noise Upgrade – Stage 2 + Eventuri Carbon Plenum

Main Ultimate E92 M3 Noise Upgrade – Stage 2 + Eventuri Carbon Plenum

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    It’s no secret that we absolutely love an E92 M3, and with a few mods it already makes a hugely capable car, maybe even perfect for UK road use. This car came …

    Euro Auto Enthusiast

    Thanks for sharing this update for the plenum and air box cover for the E92 M3. Just when I thought I was about done with missing mine, you give me another reason to invest just a little bit more $$$ πŸ˜†πŸ’―


    Work of art parts, fitment of and video.

    Spencer Berke

    That plenum is BEAUTIFUL.

    Zero To 60

    Evolove bringing the goods as always. Loving the videos guys. Some of the best content coming out of the UK at the mo.

    BirKlean Detailing

    Your perfect spec e92 imran hehehe

    Oli Sharp

    Those downshifts with the GTS software are crispy!

    Cool vid as always, keep them coming!


    I love this


    Awesome mods. Would these mods void a BMW extended warranty?? I'm thinking about an E92 M3 but wouldn't dare buying one without buying an extended warranty.


    Do you guys have a evolve R stage 3 tune for mini cooper f56 jcw ?? I see you have a stage 2 with the speed limiter removal just want to know if theres a stage 3????

    Mic Raw

    I found an 09 manual with 90k and rod bearings done at 85k here in the states for 19.9k. Should I jump on it?!


    What a shame you didn’t take the opportunity to use some carb cleaner and clean those throttle bodies. Wasted opportunity.

    Fabian Tarantino

    You've got great taste owning all these E9x M3s πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜
    I've never felt that the stock car is lacking low-end torque though. It's obviously much less compared to what's available above 5k RPM, but it's still enough to safely drive over speed bumps in 4th without the engine really labouring. I actually like the fact that it's 2 different cars above and below 5k RPM. If ever you want more torque, a quick throttle blip and downshift and you've got it.
    Still, any extra is always welcome 😁

    Those carbon pieces are a masterpiece, and the added induction noise is superb.


    hello mate, were you working at Evolve in Luton in 2010, by any chance? I think you were the one who dynoed my old 325 e36 back there, but not quite sure since it's been such a long time ago..

    stack those bananas

    Curious what you'll venture into next, I think the Audi RS4 B7 needs some eventuri induction love as well as the R8 if possible with that much horsepower and compression but I'm not sure on what determines if a car can accept an eventuri intake because you've got some Audi TT RS's ou there with 650hp with an intake.

    Robbie Greenaway

    Whens the imola e39 m5 vid coming? 😍

    maluku 180

    That m3 sound insane, love that high revving v8

    D5th Element

    Exhaust mod delete sounds better I think


    thinking bout having this done to mine – how does it effect MOT? wont it fail two things 1) the emissions test from having cats removed and 2) the visual check again from cats being cut out?


    ICnredible sound with ITB's and carbon air box!

    FiveZero FiveZero

    I’ve got a BMW F31 340I touring what kind of mods can I do to get abit more power and do you have the carbon eventuri air box for the 340i

    Dat Boy

    Always thought It’s best to leave the trans fluid alone


    I have an LE500 E92 M3, had an E60 M5 and currently have an M6 GC along side it. For me it’s the best M car ever made, the technical specs and pure car geekery of the engine, gearbox and chassis will never be found again in an M. A keeper for life.


    you guys should make a carbon airbox for the s85's!!

    Kung Tita

    I really want one, the E92 has just been added to my M car dream line up.
    E30 M3, E46 CSL ( manual conversion ), E39 M5 and now this……. I need a new Job

    Feisal Nizam

    Contemplating on supercharing but having heard this.. I am in two minds! Less power than charging but save myself a load of money. Would you supercharge an e92 m3 again to keep as weekend toy.. Or do you prefer this set up?


    Looks like alot of flex in that plenum lid, like its being sucked in. Is it strong enough for track work etc?

    Alexander Linton

    That engine bay looks awesome.

    Your channel always has great content, thanks.

    Kal Heer

    Love the informative video… that sound is bonza – got my E92 itch going. Question: Was it the engle wobble or light under acceleration, but it looked like the plenum delaminated a touch like a vacum effect when testing the sound after the mods..?


    Make this for the s85 so i can put it on my M6 please. Also, i live in Australia. I'm looking into getting a tune from a place called evolve technik.. do they use your tune?

    Tamiko Muschette

    Did he use silicone on the pipes after installing?

    Tyrrel Richardson

    Amazing!!! I’m getting an E92 M3 as well, I can’t wait to get these parts!!! I have a question though. Is the carbon fiber plenum actually lighter than the OEM plenum? And if so, would that mean minimal horsepower and torque gain?

    SK Dhaliwal

    The amount of care and attention to detail that is put into working on these awesome cars is amazing to watch.

    andy white

    Hahaha I have this car after watching your last e92 vid now my friend the v8 has done a number on you too best m3 engine ever made in my book


    Check out my M3s I have a space grey one with a full exhaust and a black one with a stock exhaust


    Ugh this makes me miss my E90 M3. Cat delete, stage 2 with a quality intake is a must, car comes alive. Not the fastest thing on the road but it doesn't have to be. The smiles last for days and days.

    Mark Summers

    Had all 3 of the eventuri air system fitted by these guys and with the evolve full exhaust, makes the car sound like nothing else on the road.
    Great sound, great company and skilled workforce.
    Now if only they could make a cf cover for the drivers side ! πŸ€”

    Mike A

    I've never owned a BMW in my life but your parts make me want one.

    Howie Green

    That sound πŸ‘πŸ”ŠπŸ”Š


    The only v8 in an m3 but what an engine, sound difference is CRAZY :O I need an e92 m3 now

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