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ULTIMATE LUXURY FIGHT — 2020 BMW 7-Series vs. Mercedes S-Class: Comparison

Main ULTIMATE LUXURY FIGHT — 2020 BMW 7-Series vs. Mercedes S-Class: Comparison

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    Which $130k LUXURY sedan is best: the 2020 BMW 750i (7-Series) or the Mercedes S-Class?? Let’s find out in this COMPARISON between the …


    The 2016 7 Series is better than the New one,


    First of all I've driven both of these cars if your looking for luxury: Mercedes if your looking for sportiness with a hint of luxury BMW as far as who's "King" between these two that goes off to the s class pacifically the S63 AMG if you look at the new 2020 BMW the interior is not that much different than the 2018 where as the 2020 class will be significantly different

    HRB 21

    8:20 bro that’s a g63…..

    De U

    The points based system while good wasn't so objective but rather subjective as some details got a whole 1 point while others got 0.5 point.

    Personally, I like the exterior of the BMW and those power train numbers are also impressive, considering the size. I however like the interior of the Benz especially the steering wheel and front seat designs.

    I wonder why Benz and BMW are using outdated interiors when they both have newer designs in there respective fleets and this is where the Audi A8 beats them (more advanced interior and tech features plus improved suspension setups to possibly dismiss all speed bumps when equipped for that)


    BMW looks much more nicer than the S Class… the S Class looks like all other before

    Vedang Upadhye

    They should work on giving such a luxurious a hybrid as a standard across all variants

    Frayda Lundholm

    BMW looks better outside and the Mercedes looks better inside

    Lucks818 818

    U forgot about the 7 remote control keys

    Zois Tzanos

    BMW Winner

    Hito Nino

    The BMW 7 looks so much better, more imposing, and dignified.

    Joko Tingkir

    S Class👑👑👑

    S. Bor

    The new alpine b7 looks better then both of these by far! Look at some of the videos


    Great vid… Alittle biased tho👀


    Great informative video. I enjoyed to watch it. Thanks.


    the best or nothing all the way inside and out …cheers

    Nitish K. Dev

    This is what you call a side by side comparison. Everyone take notes


    I’m sorry but Mercedes will always be the best.


    I know which one I'd buy: the Lexus!

    Señor Loco

    If you are rich just buy both and have twice the fun and mechanic bills

    Irv ram

    Bmw needs to worry more about the interior than adding a bigger front grill. Seriously the bmw interior looks outdated. I rather have an S-Class more luxurious and of course that hood ornament has heads turning.

    rendra hutabarat

    That big BMW grill ..can not unseen it anymore


    Wow, 0-60mph in 3.9 sec for that fat beast. I like the BMW exterior but Mercedes interior.


    I'm taking the S Class 🤙🏽

    80″ Reach

    7 is nice but the S Class is in a league of its own


    BMW have bigger boobs..

    O U

    That BMW steering wheel is fucking hideous

    oneil york

    S class is the best class.

    Chudi Frank

    Engineer: so BMW, how big do u want the grill?
    BMW: yes

    Melvin Gist

    S class all day

    Random User

    Bmw looks better

    Tebogo Radikoro

    benz is thinner coz it copy baybach

    Tebogo Radikoro

    bmw is better than benz full stop
    beemr is not like audi play boy


    At the end of the day they're both German cars that you should lease and NEVER buy. 50k mile warranty?!? Just say, no warranty, dick Germans.


    Great comparison video!

    baron eleve

    I like how a bunch of bandwagoners here all keep repeating the talking point of others about the Mercedes being better looking or an overall better car . The damn thing hasn't been fully redesigned since 2014. It's as long in the tooth as it can get.

    fox wolf

    What’s the point of a big grill

    Michael Nguyen

    I'll take the 7.

    Niculita Valentin

    7 series

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