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ULTIMATE MPG's! — 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid vs. 2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Comparison

Main ULTIMATE MPG's! — 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid vs. 2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Comparison

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    HYBRID BATTLE! The 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid Touring goes against the 2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Limited! Honda finally added a Hybrid version to its …

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    We hope you all are safe & sound at home today and enjoying a relaxing Sunday! One of our subscribers pointed out a difference in the hybrid warranties: Honda warranties the battery for 8 years/100k miles, while Toyota has extended their coverage to 10 years/150k miles starting in 2020.

    battu tulu

    Are they COVID-19 proof or for our wallet…?

    Koy Rehme

    You implied that the CR-V can be in EV mode at higher speeds (35 mph was the example). This isn't true. The RAV4 can be in EV mode at all speeds (I've seen it at 75 mph before) if conditions allow. But the CR-V is more capable of doing this, I think.

    Akshay Kadam

    so looks like 5% rule doesn't apply during the mileage?????? LOL


    Can you do a review of the RAV4 prime PHEV when it is released?

    Justin Cui

    I remember a few years ago when Toyota hybrids had the Hybrid Synergy Drive branding. However, these newer Toyotas seem to have dropped the HSD branding. What are the differences between Toyota's new Hybrid design and the HSD design?


    CRV Hybrid is full 1 sec slower than Rav 4 hybrid in 0 – 60 test ( that's +1 to Rav4)
    Actual mechanical AWD in CRV ( + 1 CRV)
    CRV interior just feels more spacious than RAV4 (+ .5 CRV)

    Charlie Montero

    Prefer the Toyota but every feature is extra u have to pay for everything very bad The sound of the engine are horrible

    Nee Naa919

    Hey bro where is lexus rx 450hl?

    NoneYa Business

    RDX vs CRV please

    Zayne Knox

    1:58 and the CRV Hybrid’s lights are LED on every trim instead of just the Touring

    Ryan Frisby

    Howdy, awesome video as always! I personally prefer the RAV4!😸😻😸

    Cynthia Russell

    Are y'all going to review the Cadillac xt6

    Cynthia Russell

    Are y'all going to review the Cadillac ct6 anytime soon


    Unlike the CRV the rav4 can be had with heated rear seats.
    But overall rav4 is the easy win for me despite the fuel tank issue.

    Tony Dinh

    Engine sounds like crap in the RAV 4


    I've been reading that the RAV4 for 2019 and 2020 only allows a 3/4 tank fillup. I can't tell if this is just on some cars or all cars. Anyone have information on this issue?


    best review


    Rav 4 will win according to 94 celica by scotty…………rav 4 will last more than honda….honda has oil dilution problems


    Note that AWD system on CR-V hybrid is far superior than Rav4 Hybrid. (So you can get out of sticky situations much easier on the CR-V Hybrid)
    CR-V Hybrid was able to pass all the roller tests ( )
    But Rav4 Hybrid failed both the rear and front 1-wheel traction roller test ( )
    It'd be interesting if you can conduct an objective 4×4 roller test on AWD/4WD crossovers or SUV in a controlled environment, and give 1 point to the winner that scored better (Or at least research and mention this when testing is not feasible)
    The majority of buyers will look at all-weather traction or off-road capability when it comes to crossover/SUV.


    CR-V has
    real four-wheel drive, unlike imitation in RAV4 with a weak electric motor at the rear.
    AWD CR-V is better.


    1. The CR-V has a lined trunk as premium car, while the RAV4 has plastic.
    2. CR-V has a flat floor if you fold the seats, and you can sleep, the RAV4 does not have a flat floor, you can not sleep.
    And you do not appreciate it? Not fair.


    I’ll go with the crv


    Unlike to rav4, the cr-v has fully LED headlights and taillights. This makes cr-v look much more premium.

    Justin Case

    The CR-V uses the electric motor more than the RAV4 but yet it beats on the MPG. I am having trouble making sense of this.

    sandip darji

    How did you forget 8 yrs/100k hybrid battery warranty in Honda vs 10 yrs/150k in Toyota. Plus no towing in Honda along with no spare tire in Honda vs 1750 lb tow capacity and a spare tire in toyota can be single selling points for many buyers and deserves more than 0.5 points IMO.

    But as always, great efforts and I really appreciate the hard work you put for reviews and comparison vids. You tried your best to be as fair as possible. Thank you so much.

    bruce Lee

    rav4 is for younger generation, I like crv hybrid better.

    Larry Augsburger

    Rav for towing anything (light); CR-V for traction

    Ethan Bearden

    Also all Toyota’s that include a smart key have remote start by pressing the lock button 3 times and holding on the third.

    Dark Wind Ruler

    Also, minus one point to the rav4 because of fuel tank issue.

    Sigor Ezz

    Any day RAV4

    Tony Ren

    Haha a third comparison of CR-V vs RAV4 eh? looks like the rivalry is getting more intense than ever!

    JJ Jj

    All this environmental friendliness is just so…kosher…

    Jerald Matthews

    Great comparison I like the RAV4 a little better.


    Those high trim level versions sure are expensive. Close to $40k. Wow.

    Darrion Tunstall

    I love the Rv4 hybrid better, it’s very sexy!!!!

    Modern Soccer

    the kia sorento hybrid tho, will blow this 2 away, infact its not the best time to buy a hybrid, Honda will release all new crv late this year plus Kia is coming out, beside Toyota will fix the quirks and irks in the 2021 rav4. wait patiently for 6 more months, im waiting myself before i make a decision

    Honda The Power Of Dreams

    I would rather have a 1987 Chevy Blazer S-10 over those two lol.

    Mauricio Calero

    Request: how about the 2020 ford fusion vs the 2020 camry?

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