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Unboxing My New Chinese Tech2!

Main Unboxing My New Chinese Tech2!

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    Tech2: Check out my new shirts here: …

    Auto Autopsy

    Hey all:

    I’ve done a significant amount of research and reading the last couple of days since filming this. I am currently in the process of trying to get security access. Thank you all in advance for any help you can provide and apologies for the blatant ignorance!


    You dont need just windows, you either need Windows XP or an emulator of XP.

    Daniel Bowne

    hey have you covered the built saab txr or the projekt lillebror?

    Richard Olsen

    Good luck getting globalTIS running, always an adventure the first time around. Newest windows you can run is win7 32-bit, and the serial adapter you bought must be of a compatible chipset (there’s a list on the the tech2wiki online of known working ones). It’s an awesome device to have once you get it running, but sadly you need TIS to do any changes at all on the NG9-3’s

    Håkon Mathias Kile

    check out "saab cars – tech2 for dummies "

    i would recommend globaltis aswell. took me so long to get it working tho

    Aaron Austrie

    I hope this stuff ain’t contaminated especially with the virus going on in China 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Alex Strömberg

    why are you all in the comments going "omg corona" only 87 year olds that are already sick die from it. healthy young people dont get sick from it.


    Trionic seven makes videos on tech2 and you can do a lot of cool stuff with it. For example, it is possible to program the 3 tick turn indicator.

    Vladi Drutsa

    For your cars Better to have MDI, not tech2.

    Andrey Ivanitskiy

    MDI Clone work with Saab too.

    رمضان على

    good choice . i have one from 4 years ago
    i can help you to install TIS2000 & Global TIS , But not all serial port work with TIS

    Saab Enthusiast- Omar

    The cheap China tech 2 the card holder will not let you take it out unless you open it up which sucks so I just leave it in a good laptop to have is a dell d630 with the serial port and windows xp service packs 2 or 3 if you have any problems with connecting the tech 2 via the internet cable port thing sometimes it’s either not grounded on the inside or it’s software related I think the tech 2 has to be set at a baud rate of 115200…. I’m not too sure but something like that …did you get the cracked tis2k working ?

    Bart Bieszczad

    Ordered mine a few weeks ago. Got an old IBM laptop with a serial port. Can't wait to get mine working!!!


    Be very interested to see that units capabilities… Mm

    Lucas Stevenson

    Does anyone know how to change the drls on a 2008 9-3 with the tech 2?

    Arjy Bajy

    Did you also watch this?:

    Tony White

    Well done for taking the risk, and especially for the amount of research/learning/skill/brain power to learn how to drive it. I wait expectantly.

    BuUtY EaTer

    So how much would it all cost? I see it’s 25 but the Saab card is like 147??? Kinda confused might ask my dad we should get one cuz we have a Saab I also plan on getting one this summer and a tech2 would be useful

    Holy Mary,Mother of SALVATION-see THEBOOKOFTRUTH



    It's a "Clone" until you put the stickers on it. Then it's considered a "Counterfeit". Anthony could walk you through it all 🙂 Can't wait to see how it goes as I've been wanting one too! Thx!

    Bryan Swenson

    I hope you will be giving free tunes with that beautiful tool. If so I will be scheduling up with you and making that drive from Utahrd.

    Eóin MacLean

    I’ve been looking forward to this! I always wondered if the knockoffs could program the car or be able to accurately diagnose faults like a failed parking sensor. I must confess I was too wary of the Chinesium (as you so eloquently put it) to justify a few hundred buckaroos if it didn’t work..but as you mentioned, genuine GM Tech2s run $1000+. The cheapest I’ve seen on ebay was $800. But this has given me hope! I eagerly await your Tech2 series/episodes 🙂

    Dylan Nestor

    the air is from china dude be cautious

    Nick Wolfe

    Clorox, Lysol, Bleach

    Patrick Bolmeyer

    Would you know if this Tech2 works on the NG 9-5's?

    Axel Eriksson


    Steven Lopez

    Hey beautiful 🤤


    👁👁🤦‍♂️Corona virus

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