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Undercoating The Cab, Body Bushing Replacement & Firewall Cleanup! S10 Restomod Ep.8

Main Undercoating The Cab, Body Bushing Replacement & Firewall Cleanup! S10 Restomod Ep.8

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    A huge thanks to O’Reilly Auto Parts for the support! If you’re in the midst of a project and need some parts, take advantage of the exclusive discount code …

    john smith

    nice work …looking good

    cool62 chev

    Great work!

    Jax Rhapsody

    Are you going to do the cab floor too? If you really like this truck, it's be a good idea for rust prevention incase water ever gets under the carpet or vinyl- whatever floor covering you use. Take it a few inches up the sides. I would probably even try to do inside the doors; s series despit the drain holes are notorious for rusting when water gets inside the doors and doesn't drain properly. It's goos to waterproof as much as you can, especially anywhere water can get, like the cowl.

    I like both of these projects, I miss my s10 blazer, even more since it was my stepdads and he died last year.

    Cheeky Garage

    I know it's considerably more effort, but if you could do a video on thinning out the engine bay harness, it would be much appreciated info. Regardless, it's looking great! Keep up the good work!


    Bro you didnt blink at all for the first 30 seconds….

    Adam Muhammad Nadzir

    Can you film episode 9 of the S-10 restoration?

    Donald Long


    Chauncey Chauncey

    Nice 👍🏾

    Rodney Dennis

    i have a 1992 GMC Jimmy and i had the alternator tuck a dump on my not even 10 mints after i got home from school on Wednesday today Friday i put the new alternator and repast the belt as well.

    barry cowan

    Brand new heat and ac system is a great idea. Always needed

    FLY EAGLES FLY Bleed Green

    Cool product.. so with that V8 I hope your doing a rear brake upgrade to having disc and getting rid of them drums. So that being said. Are you keeping the factory master cylinder? If so it would be way easier to bench bleed that while it's out than putting in and doing it then. Glad your resurrection that ole gal. Thanks for sharing I'll be a watchin.

    Iwant2chgmyworld I

    Kyle there is no gain in doing a job just to get it done quick . That's what I absolutely love about your work……you are a perfectionist and it shows. LOVE your work. You have come such a long way and I can't wait till the next video.✔💯👍

    1 2

    Loving this series. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Making me so anxious for the spring to come (up in Wisconsin) and get my truck sandblasted and undercoated!


    Excellent work as always dude!

    StabTheDabb Productions

    I really enjoyed this video keep it the good work man ✌️

    Andrew Miller

    Awesome video Kyle!

    Steven Crellin

    I love restos like these that are done at home and very detailed. It gives a really you a really good idea on what to expect. Makes me excited to help my buddy swap in his built 350 into his 57’ Chevy pickup👍 great video always!


    now that is totally awesome video about your truck we can't wait to see your truck done

    djamel azerty

    Kyle. Would you like to work alone or with a friend?I wish you success


    Bud if you lived in my town I’m positive we would be friends.

    Dallas Griggs

    Kyle you should look into the painless performance wiring harness. A video on that would really help some viewers out.


    Keep in mind, when switching to a carburetor, your going to have to get the electric choke set up properly. Also you'll have to do something about the check engine light. And one last ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL thing. Make 100% POSITIVELY SURE that you get the Throttle Valve (TV) cable adjusted correctly. If you don't get that adjusted correctly you will fry your transmission VERY quickly.

    Tomás Genta

    I love how you approach your videos and projects, I really enjoy it.

    Stephen Timothy Creech

    The project is looking cool there buddy!! ♥️♥️

    J.J. Bone

    Keep up the good work on your projects, I have a 96 Ford Explorer I’m working on slowly but surely.



    Evan L

    What I like so much about Saab's videos is my OCD is so finely satisfied watching. He makes all surfaces clean and new before bolting on new parts and is very attentive to the small details. He also restores everyday or (relatively cheap) vehicles, making it more interesting for everyday people to watch, knowing they could afford and do the same thing. Much more interesting than watching wild restores on vehicles that cost $50,000+.

    Patrick Bolmeyer

    Another stellar video Kyle! Thanks for sharing!

    Meme Lord420

    Great content as usual! When’s the next 240sx video coming? Have a good one!

    Daniel Leevi Metsala

    I have been watching your channel since your 240SX cleaning video with Chrisfix. No regrets.

    Trap Town TWC

    Big up!

    Kevin The Russian

    Do you sell your rebuilt vehicles for sale?

    L. Collier

    Great content you should do another one with a LS swap

    Luca’s Car Reviews

    Wassup kyle

    Luis Fans T-Storms Etc

    How come all Chevrolet S10 is a class 1 Compact trucks

    Luis Fans T-Storms Etc

    What's the simple process when cleaning

    justin unger

    You gotta upgrade the headlights tail lights to LEDS . Tint the windows on this truck when it's finish

    Meme Carmona Gracia

    When this truck is finish it will look awesome

    Taylor Taylor


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