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Unfortunate News on Eeuroparts…

Main Unfortunate News on Eeuroparts…

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    Leave your thoughts on this situation down below in the comments; hopefully we can keep Eeuro and all other Saab parts suppliers/distributors on their feet!

    Auto Autopsy

    Regardless of your opinion on this situation, let’s all hope eeuroparts can pull through this and continue to provide jobs, as well as parts for our cars and community!


    You handled that announcement well.

    When they went into full racing as fast as they did, I was hoping it would not affect their parts business.
    Thankfully the good part was salvaged. Let the racers go do their thing without risking damage to a good parts-supplier and it's employee's livelihood. They should be able to find sponsors if they are doing well. Multiple paying-sponsors is the key.

    Funding a racing team, car-builds and rebuilds, paid race staff, race fees, and all that is very expensive. Best not to put that cost load on a single parts store, or you eventually burn up profit and have to decide whether to pay for the racecar costs or the vendor invoices. Not a good place to be.

    Not hating on racers or that industry, but it is very expensive. The parts industry is not high profit, so you have to have a large income base to support all that expense. One shop may not have been enough. This is all theory until the facts arrive.

    I am just glad this supplier channel was kept open.

    BigRed DaMan

    I read that an investor backed them at the last minute.

    wei huang

    Regal/G6/cobalt parts should be sufficient.

    Unidentified in Chicago U. I. C.

    Eeuroparts was purchased by a euro co in Nashville. They’re going to continue. I got the email from Eeuro

    Austin Aero

    Hmm.. I ordered 6 o rings from them for my valve cover gasket change on my 2.8. Ordered them on the 22nd of last month and I still haven't received them. Estimated delivery was the 29th. Contacted them and they still hadn't shipped them. They said they were going to ship that day. I already replaced the valve cover gaskets so I guess once I get them, I'll just return them 🙄😂 My first time ordering from them. I normally buy from Esaab but EEuro was a little cheaper so I went with them. Nothing against EEuro but I'm going to stick with Esaabparts from now on


    "What'd you do while I was gone?"
    "You know….. watched a dude talk about a bankrupt auto parts place".

    Jesse C

    Oh shit. This is not good, they were really the last place to get good parts from…. There's a ton of parts now I'm not sure where I will source from. This is sad.

    Citizen Four

    Bruh, what do you like about that tacky background track? There’s tons of royalty-free music out there. Take an afternoon and go find something more appropriate. Then lose your mother’s parson chairs, turn the lights on, and move the camera closer. Practically the only SAAB channel on YouTube; you’ve gotta properly represent buddy! 👍

    Saab Tech

    Their shipping policy had become a deliberate rip-off and intentionally misleading. It wasn't just that the free shipping over a certain amount, was gone. I liked them before, but that was a HUGE turnoff. Example 1: Ordered 2 long brake lines. (oversize box) Charged me separately over $50.00 shipping each. ($100.00 +) PA to NY….next door states. Then they stuffed them in the same box. Example 2: Ordered some plugs, IDM, (in a "kit) a couple other things. They had it all in stock in CT (also next to NY) but split up the "kit" to get the plugs from out west and charge me double shipping. (By site default.) When a company makes deliberate policy to screw its loyal customers, the end is not far off. (Unless you're a monopoly like Verizon, who also has instituted deliberately unethical policy for profit.) That said, Eeuroparts was at one time a nice fair source for Saab parts. : (


    Eeuroparts is dogshit . I hope they go out of business . Poor customer service . Ofcourse they will go out of business so they will not have honor their OEM parts replacement . I definitely think he is a scum

    me me

    This is Eeuroparts 2nd time filing bankruptcy.

    Alex Castillo

    I wanna install a downpipe on my 2008 9-3 2.0T. I wanna do this after the stage 1 tune. But the problem is that I really don’t wanna spend $600-800 on a Krona downpipe and I can’t find a obx downpipe anywhere online. I don’t know what I should do, if anyone has any suggestions let me know!


    I've purchased lots of stuff from them and steered friends to the site initially but Eeuroparts went to a stupid shipping strategy. I can't tell you how may times I've had parts in the shopping cart, got to the checkout only to find the shipping exceeded the cost of the parts. I'd then close the page and go shop elsewhere with almost the same quality, prices and much more affordable shipping. Multiply that by a few thousand people and you can see what that represents in loss of revenue.That needed addressing a long time ago. Hopefully they can make it back to full health and incorporate a common sense approach where shipping cost are concerned.

    scr scr

    I just got my new Commpressor and Condensor from them just fine, I was looking for Do88 to buy but wondered why it was no longer on their site……. 🙁

    BlackBird SWEswe

    Well we still have the nevs factory to go thru for parts

    Jamie Smith

    It's never brings me joy hearing any American companies going out of business.
    The good news there will still be jobs and more available parts!👍

    Ashley Reardon

    Unfortunately people lost their jobs. Eeuro was a small company and it failed. I hope everyone stops the hate train on the forums because eeuro was and still is a great company. From what I hear, the new owner was actually a Saab owner himself. This is coming from an employee who worked there for four years, not just a customer or bystander.

    Jesse Carter

    Well dam.

    Chris Hernandez

    I'm glad they're still here. I plan on placing an order soon too. Thank you for the update brudda.

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