Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Unleashing the Mk5 Supra's B58 roar with a Supersprint OPF Delete Exhaust

Main Unleashing the Mk5 Supra's B58 roar with a Supersprint OPF Delete Exhaust

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    In Europe all new cars come with an OPF fitted to the exhaust, an extra emissions filter that not only stops more bad stuff getting in to the environment, but also …

    Wadson Motoring

    Sounds superb 👌🏽👍


    Hm. Soundwise I prefer stock sound. Unless your microphone has poor sensitivity.


    Must say Supersprint sound well under load


    Can you do this to my M140i?

    Your Name

    Sounds like my 2018 340i 🤣👌

    Steeler Guy 43

    The forged wheels are beautiful.

    Jarred Reneau

    That intake that you added on has a carbon fiber airbox?? That carbon fiber airbox case looks nice!!

    Raj Choudhury

    OMG that really does sound beautiful. Very mature yet thuggish. Great work


    Imran, if you had to own just one, would it be the Supra or the M2?

    Steph Lg

    Yes Toyota💪🏻


    I could google, does the PPF/GPF go through a regen, like a DPF?? Thanks Top Video as usual.


    120mm tips yet like a 90mm internal actual outlet.

    Alistair Holt

    The green wrap looks great.

    JR’S reviews

    Imran anything available for the mkiv supra turbo as in eventuri intake or carbon fibre bits?

    Chris Munsey

    Sounds excellent Imran👌🏽 will sound even better when the downpipe and tune is on it.💪🏼✌🏽

    joshua khan

    The work you guys do is simply awesome!

    Levani inaveL

    My dream car((( respect you!


    What wheels are on the Supra? I couldn’t hear you in the video

    greg papa

    Love the wheels

    David Beese

    Jesus that thing is fast too. 👍🏼


    What’s your thoughts on the Supra compared to a stock M2 or M2C?


    F for europe with the OPF.. no need to worry about that here with Trump in office 😀

    WeiguChicken Burger

    If you had to have 1 with actual suspension, power mods and styling out of the N55 M2, M2 Comp and Supra what would it be??


    All the black parts would look alot better in CF imo

    Richard M

    Were there no engine warning lights from removing the OPF?


    Imran, do you know wether the Supra stock exhaust tips would fit a stock M140i backbox? I’m trying to find replacement tips which won’t need welding/cutting of the backbox to fit, and it’s hard find ones that don’t stick out like a wheel barrow! Thanks.

    Racing idynamics

    Shot in the dark question , apparently the turbo manifold is intergrated in the head with small outlet ports , will it be a waste adding a bigger turbo if the flow is restricted ie cfms etc? Also because the head port design, I don’t think these will get that much louder?

    Ocean City

    I would like to apply for a job as a professional Eventuri Systems Analyst

    richard trow

    I love the car , and that exhaust and slash cut tail pipes look and sound superb 👍⚡⚡⚡

Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 (of 30 total)
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