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    Today I take car questions on: TSI Oil pressure lights, engine misfires, S3 shutting off, replacing a Cam Chain Tensioner, and more. If you have a question about …

    Michael Francis

    Good stuff.


    Hi there Humble Mechanic!
    I have a 2010 jetta 2.5
    have problems with A/c , have replace the blower resistor twice, I would like to take a humble opinion before taking it to mechanic

    Harrison P

    Enjoy your videos, keep up the good work, Charles.


    My '03 24v GTI VR6 is 16 years old. It's a 6 speed manual, and the VW dealership won't change the transmission oil. They tell me that the transmission oil is for the life of the vehicle! Hard to believe. Any comments on this would be appreciated.

    Dayne Ellison

    It was awesome meeting you at the vision expo! Can't wait for the next episode on the white wookie

    The Car Crazy Guy

    We need more ‘Charles’ in the world.

    kevin fuentes

    Best mechanic ever


    I suspect the root problem with the Holden Cruze is that it's basically a rebadged Daewoo (they did the bulk of the engineering and styling) – and they're not a company that's generally associated with quality. After all, there's already been 4 different recalls for the Cruze, including for engine bay fires, loss of brakes, faulty axles, and even for the steering wheel coming off while driving…and according to Consumer Reports, during its first year, the Cruze scored the lowest in reliability among compact sedans. Few mechanics are going to want to work on it – too much chance of the customer coming back a week later with a new problem and blaming the mechanic for it with the "Well, you worked on it last" argument.

    Ronald Behr

    Hey Charles Great blogs , please check your mails would really appreciate you advise on 2.0 TSI engine code CCZ contaminating oil system with fuel.

    Daimarely Villa-Garcia

    My key doesn’t want to go in to start the car but everything turns on but alarm don’t work either???? Help

    Thomas box

    Will you be visiting the UK?

    Arthur Fricchione

    Charles enjoy your videos. Even if you're not a VW guy many of your explanations can be related to general mechanical troubleshooting. Thanks for all the pointers. ❤️️

    Matt Gorgoglione

    🏁😎📻🔧nice show, more tools 🔨🔧🔩🔬🔭📡🛁🔄♻✴💯🙌🏁🎰🙋🔨

    Mili theMUFFIN

    I actually took my skoda (2nd gen 1.8 TSI) to dealership because of engine vibrations/rattle (on passenger side) at idle. I had engine mount bushing and (on my request) timing chain tensioner, chain and guides replaced. Haven't had any problems since then. I also noticed that after driving the car harder idle fuel consumption decreased from 1 to 0.7-0.8l/h (warm engine, lights on, no air con).

    Photog HT

    Charles, thanks so much for answering my question. I think the scan found something. Strange because I brought it to the dealer 4 weeks ago and it's like they never scanned it. This is the reading.

    Dual Mass Flywheel?

    Address 02: Auto Trans (J743) Labels: 0D9-927-770.clb

    Part No SW: 0D9 300 012 L HW: 02E 927 770 AQ

    Component: DQ250-6A MQB H53 4521

    Revision: 05853104 Serial number: TFK01502241364

    Coding: 0014

    Shop #: WSC 04742 780 00200

    ASAM Dataset: EV_TCMDQ250021 001001

    ROD: EV_TCMDQ250021.rod

    VCID: 1F1BE26A0731835F877-804A

    1 Fault Found:

    10657 – RPM Signal from ECU

    P0726 00 [002] – Implausible Signal

    Intermittent – Not Confirmed – Tested Since Memory Clear

    Ian Larsen

    Typically on the Cruze the valve cover starts to suck air and causes a lean misfire. The valve cover has the pcv/oil separator built into it and the diaphragm leaks allowing extra unmetered air into the intake. If you pull the engine cover off, there is a little hole right behind the #4 ignition coil put your finger over it and see if it runs better.


    Gonna guess that a golden Cruze is a Chevy cruze

    Ali Ajeel

    Q1 i had same issue with my friend audi 2.0T its ended Vacuum leak repair

    THE NHRA GUY #49

    I change my timing belt every year or 2 .

    83554 83554

    Hi there Humble mechanic, I have a 2009 Audi A5, the cluster is starting to fail, I have picked up a numbers matching cluster from the same car, could you please shed some light on the procedure and what tools i will need, cheers and goodluck.

    little john

    Hi mate can u help I have a mk6 golf tsi and when I am in 2nd gear ( manual ) it wont go over 3k revs ? Every other gear is fine and has power


    Man I miss these videos


    Happy Monday Charles!! Great video as always! –#shiftwrenchrepeat

    THE NHRA GUY #49

    I did my timing belt, pump , tensioner on my 1.8t gti yesterday and boy getting on that belt sucks sometimes. Also the motor mount sucks.





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