Monday, March 27, 2023

Was Buying the Cheapest Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster a Mistake? ***FEATURING WIZARD'S YACHT***

Main Was Buying the Cheapest Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster a Mistake? ***FEATURING WIZARD'S YACHT***

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    Hoovies Garage

    Wizard got pulled over, sadly, shown in Elliot's road trip video here.

    Barri B

    Did the Weezard and the Ninja really go halvies on the lakehouse? And where was John Ross? And with all those mechanics who fixed the coolant leak?

    Patriot Loyal to the crown

    Living the true American dream


    When your mechanic so good, you go swimming with him


    Next thing wizards gonna get is a 747

    Brandon Baysinger

    Okay you guys are the cutest gay couple!

    Gregory Jennings

    Best episode by far

    Brandon Baysinger

    I like this channel but they suck each other off so much.


    Just… gross…..

    Jm Birdy

    Love this

    James David Walley

    Hoovie: It’s fixed! It’s actually fixed!
    Narrator: …for the moment.

    Shaun fourie

    that thing needs an exhaust … Glad its fixed , great job Wizard

    Graeme Hill

    Great video – lots of windups and laughs in there.


    A few kids, just playing with their toys and exploring… I love it


    How much for the creepy house in the woods?
    Cheaper than the Murcielago?
    I wouldn't know I'm from Australia where a normal house costs millions.

    Niklas Rose

    Dumbest YouTuber's Road Trip, cliff jump adventure and urban exploration. Don't think it can get better than that!

    SizzleChest McMurphy

    I always thought his coveralls were actually his skin…

    Andy Brown

    Wow. This was one of the best videos you've done Hoovie. Shows a real bunch of friends doing well for each other. Nice work all of you

    Jason Dorset Mamil Cycling

    Awsome stuff! And it's seems the wizard is a true cliff Ninja!

    Dr Rakesh Madhyastha

    Congrats hoovie! Well deserved !

    Rotor Blade

    5k ?! I saw 50k lol

    The DocMack Car Channel

    Imagine if hoovie took his spare keys and ran off with the car . Lol jk I know they are good friends.

    Greg Jarvis

    Hoovy the Amway master of youtubers. Thousands of contributors zero worthwhile content.

    Eyewokeness News

    Doug Demuro is the type of guy that goes swimming with two shirts on.
    Oops wrong video.

    Fox Newz

    @Hoovies Garage I wonder what people think when they see you doing these dance moves in your car as they pass by you 😂😂😂

    Trent Trevorrow

    Wizard's Stugots yacht.


    King 👑 Wizard

    Rohit S

    Happy to see the Lamborghini Murchi fixed and running.

    Stekaren HD

    When your mechanic has a yacht you know you are getting ripped off

    Tyler Doepker

    If anyone deserves it all, it's the humble, hardworking car wizard himself🙏


    Yaaaaasss 😂 the Wizard worked his magic! Love the interior for being loud hehe

    The Forsaken One

    Maybe Hoovie buys the boat from the wizard!


    Tyler thinking the Weeeezard was joking each time he looks things up online before bill time😂

    Es Na

    Buurman en buurman


    Why buy such a stupid car anyway?? Ridiculously expensive, totally impractical, lousy mpg, all for a penis substitute!!

Viewing 36 posts - 1 through 36 (of 36 total)
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