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Watch BEFORE Doing Next Honda Oil Change Save $400+

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    WATCH this before you do a Honda oil change! This video contains critical tips for saving your aluminum oil pan, the crush washer, and getting the pan off as …


    Something I discovered by accident: Some hondas (including my 2000 civic) shipped with a really dinky short drain plug. If you order the indicated replacement from honda you get one where the threaded portion is about twice as long. Less likely to strip a longer one.

    Elias Bargee

    There are rubber hack plugs that you insert an "anchor" inside the pan and screw in the rubber plug, kind if like a butterfly drywall anchor. Works just fine.

    naoki matsushima this is where I get my repair kits. It is a very good professional product. I have done many drain plugs on euro cars. If you use these inserts, you'll never have to worry about those Jiffy lube or Quick lube guys stripping out the threads on your oil pan.

    Steven Fortier

    Dude, I swear I sold you a Honda 1990 something Honda NX650 back in the day. Is it true? Probably would have been 20 years ago ish. Need some work done on my 96 Taco. if your still in town.


    Nice work Brian, thanks!

    Dano C.

    On my 2000 Accord I replace both the bolt and crush washer each time I do an oil change because the washer does not come off the bolt that easy and the bolt and washer were only $1.98 from Honda (a new OEM oil pan is only $87.35), so I just bought 10 sets (no, not the pan also). Also, if people would take the time to look it up, they would find the torque spec at 33 lbf-ft which is not that tight, and the Service Manual even says "do not overtighten". But does anybody ever look at a sevice manual for directions to change their oil? Heck no!.. Well, it just might pay to take a few min. to do so. And a lot of people go to the drive through oil change places which I will bet do not TTS. They are supposed to of course, but who will know. Kudos to those that do…From some of the horror stories I've heard about those places, they probably find they can't get the washer off the bolt so they just re-use the old ones and send you down the road. Get a couple of those and you will get what you experienced..

    Ganesh Narayan

    Great video brian.

    Floyd R. Turbo

    Better to install a "Fumoto F106N FN-Series Drain Valve with Long Nipple with Lever Clip". Install it once and just turn the valve every time you do an oil change.


    Next time I change my oil I'll definitely pitch in the extra $.50 for a new crush washer… At least that's what I'm saying right now.

    No Gravitas

    Why is the $200 pan made of a moh's hardness 3 and the $5 sump plug made of hardness 4-4.5?

    Jeremy Anthony

    My mom has had 2 Honda crvss , and I've changed the Oil in them both myself for years and I've never had that problem. I always replace the drain plug crush washer every time I do them too. That drain plug issue is a result of pure stupidity.


    I know right? Why have two different metals that have to work together. Great tip and man, you make me miss flying.

    Mario S.

    What is wrong with an oversize drain bolt? Should do the trick? Right?


    happened to my acura TL, problem was i was doing my first oil change on it after purchasing it. got it fixed but it was a pita.

    Scott in MN

    I am 54. I have never replaced a crush washer and I keep my vehicles for 200,000 miles.


    I can't do the work Brian, but I like to know how to do things. I still think a day without learning is a day that's been wasted. Take it easy man!

    David Hughes

    It would be interesting if you could note what the lake, park, major roads you are flying over.


    When I was an apprentice many moons ago I got blamed for stripping the threads on the (expensive AF at the time) alloy sump from a Ford Sierra Cosworth 4×4, even though my hands never even touched that car. People can be shitty sometimes.

    Jesse Silva

    Could it not be drilled and tapped to a bigger bolt, instead of getting a new pan? Not adding in any inserts.

    CRZY squirrel80

    Awesome tip. Will remember this if one comes across my garage. Love what you do. Thanks for all the help you offer. Hell yeah!!! Keepem comin.

    Betrayed 1914

    Do like Harley did for years 3/8 NPT / 3/8 barb , attach a 3/8 hose and block the end , easier to drain oil.

    disabled submarine vet

    man that is one big breaker bar .


    A lot of Honda's use a bolt that is really short. When the threads strip out there are still lots of threads farther in so I get a new drain bolt from a mid 90s Mercedes which it twice as long and a new gasket and that fixes it.

    Josh Benney

    Excellent explanation and understanding on oil pans like this. Thanks for making this video. It really educated me on this! Great job, Brian! Have wonderful day, bud. Many thumbs up!!


    I think I'm pretty handy but me and me alone must have over tightened my magnesium Honda oil pan too many times. Guess I'll have to learn to be more careful in the future lol.

    Tl;dr don't get over confident. These things are not hard to strip


    Nice repair Brian… shame these things have to happen. God Bless!

    Aiden Parsons

    That's why every manufacturer has their own torque specifications for everything, even the simplest things such as a drain plug


    use teflon tape on oil pan bolts, so you don't have to make them so tight or use new crush washer all the time. been doing for years no problems.

    Eric Melchor

    Atv are even worse

    joe vanvalkenburg

    os drain plug & 2os drain plugs. Over Size drain plugs self tapping are 1st & 2nd options before changing oil pan.


    Going, going, gone. Hate soft metals. Plastics, too. Plastics especially, since a lot of them can be really temperature sensitive.

    Oh, I did an oil change for a friend, and I'd seen that the last place had put on a plastic washer which is something I'd never seen before. Is that a new thing for these aluminum pans? It compressed VERY easily which was quite nice. If they're any good, I'd like to pick some up.

    J KIM

    Winter is coming! I can't wait for skiing bonus footage! Have great winter briansmobile1!

    Raf Matt

    A friend purchased an older Honda fit last year and had me do the oil change on it. The crush washer was so distorted that it was a little thicker than the wall of an aluminum soda can. The washer looked almost like a ribbon around the plug. To my surprise, the pan was not stripped. Thankfully, I have a bunch of fresh crush washers in my car.


    Working in a Honda dealership for several years now I’ve never had be stripped. Other people in the ship have plenty but I’ve been lucky. But Honda oil pans are great in my opinion. Of course I used to work at a VW dealer for a while and all of there newer metal pans are complete garbage. We’d use new drain plugs and washers everything and torque them and third oil change they’d be leaking due to the oil pans being distorted. They were utter garbage. Anyone ever working on a VW please make sure you get the right crush washer because there’s several kinds and torque them correctly. Just an FYI. Also i don’t do that many oil change being shop Forman but idk how many Honda’s I’ve seen come in where you can tell they’ve used that crush wasn’t 20 times and it’s crushed way beyond recognition. I’ve also seen them straight up missing crush washers plenty of times. And shocking they never leak. People just need to stop going crazy torque the damn things. I personally think Honda oil pans are great compared to most other brands. But nothing is idiot proof.

    Windycity StevO

    Great Vid Brian thanks for sharing, hope you and your family have a great Holiday if I don’t see you before then…👍

    Jay K

    And this is why no spill systems drain valves are great thing. Fumoto valves are ok but a dumb design.


    What about replacing it once with a Fumoto?


    These quick lube places are killing oil pans daily, even steel ones. I weld a lot of them for a mechanic friend down the street, for me and its easy lunch money. 😉


    Great video Brian! I actually did this on a 2WD toyota pickup back in the late 90's. Luckily I didn't completely strip it. But that's ancient history by now. That feeling of "OH CR@P!" stuck with me though. So I try to find the torque specs for things now.
    Also, that was some cool bonus footage!

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