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Watch Out for This When Buying a Used Car

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    Watch Out for This When Buying a Used Car, DIY life hacks and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. How to buy a used car without getting scammed.

    Scotty Kilmer

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    Pample Moose

    NEVER, EVER go to Firestone, Goodyear, Mineke, Tire Discounters, Discount Tire or Midas unless, you want to be scammed and ripped-off. Disclaimer: In my opinion.


    The KBB says my 2004 Ford Lightning is still worth $20K, so yeah it depends.


    Scotty's underrated. Everybody should be watching him


    i'm a relatively new viewer, where does he get his questions from?


    why are you so quiet? are you sick? what's wrong? it isn't a scotty kilmer video without screaming

    The Diesel

    I have a 95 dodge ram with 400,000 miles on it i have an oil leak from my oil pan an ive been running diesel oil is that ok to run diesel oil in my ram 1500

    Robert Bruno

    Scotty, I understand that there is a shortage of auto mechanics these days. Not many folks are taking up the trade.

    Dearyvette TN

    Preach Scotty! Firestone repair shop gave me a $700+ fuel pump replacement quote on an ‘04 pickup. The pump alone was half of the quote and they wouldn’t let us supply our own part which later we got for half of what they were wanting to charge us (and no, it wasn’t a Chinese made part). The parts supplier clued us in on the full retail price of the part which was a exactly what Firestone was charging us. I don’t begrudge Firestone trying to make a buck but their all-or-nothing attitude earned them only a $55 diagnostic cost which we paid and promptly stepped 🚶🏽‍♀️
    I will always be suspicious of mechanics that won’t give me the chance to reduce repair cost on an older vehicle. Some are just too greedy for their own good.

    Eric Hershel

    Making fun of the environmental conditions in New Jersey, from a guy who lives in Houston, Texas is the definition of irony. Love you Scotty, but… glass houses and all that.

    Buff Barnaby

    Bud's tire and wheel does good alignment

    Bruno Tulliani

    175 "Can't handle the truth" lol


    Depends on the muscle car. 2013 to 2014 mustang GTs hold their value pretty well for an american car. The trick is to find a low mileage one without mods or tuning.

    Ain Animägi

    Hi scotty! Volvo v70 1998 ok or not 400000 km on it, have seen 1 million on those, 103 kw diesel.

    Lee Hoffman

    Scotty Kilmer
    – I have a 2000 f250 7.3 4×4. I have a problem with my transfer case shifting into 4 high and low. My GEM module seems to be ok per no other issues from it, that is, all interior lights / door locks / windows work fine. I can shift the transfer case into 4 high and low by pressing the contacts on the shift relays. I replaced the sotf switch, still nothing. I'm lost on this one.

    Gilbert Alvarez

    Hey what do you think Toyota siena , Kia Sedona ,honda odesy ,or dodge caravan which one is better

    ornate hammer

    I know someone that bought a Renault minivan, caught up on fire and they had to jump out of the car becouse even the brakes stopped working, that happened last month…


    6:35 watch out she's a squirter 😉

    amber lopez

    Rev Up! Your classic muscle car

    Blair Aquilia

    I really like your cat pillow

    Sub To pewdiepie & mrbeast

    3:13 damn right it’s a b

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