Tuesday, March 28, 2023

We Bought a Clubsport Bumper for our MK7 AllTrack

Main We Bought a Clubsport Bumper for our MK7 AllTrack

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    Our Alltrack went from crashed, to “Off-road”, and now we are swapping to our track setup. We install a club sport front bumper from the European Club Sport GTI …

    Pacorro Delga

    The bumper and the wagon look awesome!

    J Segal

    Audi tts brakes? Sweet.


    all that for a stupid too expensive bumper

    Aden Sterchi

    Well there goes my money. I need this for my Alltrack

    Matt Garcia

    This build looks nice ! Question though would that front bumper fit a 2015 Volkswagen Passat?


    What were the sparks from during the brake bedding?


    Frankenstein the car lmao

    Jace MK7

    What’s the song/track called that starts at 14:24?

    Aaron Robnett

    Hot tip on the PCV hose removal from the TIP. First remove the TIP and leave the PCV hose attached. Then place a small flatblade screwdriver underneath and in between the two retention prongs.

    Then twist and pull the TIP while applying slight outward pressure on the screwdriver. Probably don't even need to apply the pressure on the screwdriver. Mine popped off after 10 seconds. This prevents damage and leaking if reusing the hose. Lots of individuals damage the hose and have to replace it albeit with the nicer "dual push lock" type similar to the SAI hose.


    Speaking of ClubSport; I love the clubsport exhaust however I drive an Audi a3 with the quattro system and the bend at the pipe won't work with the haldex. Can you recommend an exhaust system that is similar to the ClubSport's setup? I love the tone of the exhaust and wish I could put it on my car

    Mehdi Mahoui


    Mark7 GTI

    I want that bumper

    Radu Florian



    We're waiting for you…Canada is waiting for you!
    Bumper is looking killer, guys. See you all soon

    project _ StormBlast

    I do love the front grill emblem.

    bruno santos

    As soon as I ran into that fitment issue, I would of tossed the brake ducks. real quack.

    Meteor Media

    The front on this looks amazing now. Man such a good looking car

    Big D McCoy

    This thing has had one hell of a life and still going hard

    kevin bailey

    Nice, bumper looks cool

    NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes

    I ask you , what the fuck is the point of a alltrack if you lower it

    Ruben 2x

    Looks nice

    Sean Murphy

    How much for the CS bumper?

    Juan R. Rodriguez

    Great video, good laughs. Can’t wait to see the track clips.

    Christopher King

    I can't find the love button.. BTW, if you want to donate that other setup for my MK7 GTI build, let me know.


    Damn, that thing looks dope now! By the way, anyone else here watch Robbaz? lol

    Chase Edgren

    When I installed my app catch can I broke the tip off my pick! That line to the turbski is a pain in the ass.


    Ok so I have an Alltrack that I just bought, and I want to swap the bumper out eventually because the dealer drilled some ugly holes to hold the license plate, what do you guys suggest is the easiest non Alltrack plug n' play bumper? Golf R?


    Tbh I hate this form of the all track the off road was the best

    Justin Carlson

    Looks awesome! I want one!!

    M Robich

    Today on shopdap.com...

    Evan Peck

    Y’all some potty mouths.

    Evan Peck

    Y’all some potty mouths.

    Evan Peck

    Y’all some potty mouthsp

    SlowSlug MK7

    I flipped my sai pump upside down, and modified the bracket.


    I’m guessing the turbo blew right after this video. Can’t wait to see if you last minute swapped it.


    This looks way better guys..

    Не про JDM

    When you pulled the nozzle from under the protection of the engine – I was very surprised because I thought that such guys do not happen. But it turns out that there are such moments for everyone! It is very vital.

    Не про JDM

    I went to the shopdab site. http://shopdap.com/ – but it doesn’t work, Error 1020 is written there, what could be the reason?


    Now Im liking this build. Much nicer than offroad look IMO

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