Thursday, March 23, 2023

We Bought a Honda Powered DUNE BUGGY!

Main We Bought a Honda Powered DUNE BUGGY!

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    Hell yes

    Finlay Macpherson

    Soooooo friggin cool !!!!!!!

    Tristan Preece

    It sounds better than the bully. Sorry Brent 😐

    J Series Simeon

    Can you make it street legal?? Lool


    sounds like my TL XD

    Charlie Works

    Soooooo sick

    Casey Smyth

    As my buddy told me…."die broke with a million dollars worth of fun"

    paul ezay

    Let's go kyle great job


    Thats awesome man! I saw it on facebook not too long ago and thought about buying it😂. Not too far from me!

    Chuck Beef

    Its the V-Roy

    ek9vital mora

    How much did you pay for it ?


    Very simple – you're there, sooner you buy it the sooner you get home, your welcome;)

    TactiCOOL Yakin

    HOLY SHIT……This sand rail was built maybe 2009-2010 give or take. I actually drove this Sand Rail when it was first built and it ripped the Little Sahara Sand Dunes in Oklahoma. I Had a blast driving it. A shame to see it look like that in 2020. The original owner (Jerry) kept great care of it. He actually had a few sand rails so I was able to drive this one whenever we linked up at the dunes. It was the first Honda Motor I've ever seen on a sand rail at the time…..Awesome purchase. Got an old Picture of it when it was in its prime if ya interested.

    Earl Crump



    So glad you bought it bro !! How much was it?

    Eric Pruit

    Im hype. Get it

    Squarish Plum

    Again bad as…

    Short + Sweet Reviews

    Great purchase!


    I think it’s been said but it would be great to see you finish it and rip around with Cleetus in his sxs!

    Lazaro Garcia


    Jonathan Quinones

    I’m so glad you bought this thing !!

    Russia Power

    cant ever have to many projects, you'll get them done eventually!

    J5stacksDC5rsx _

    I think that’s bada$$ Honda powered dune buggy. Needs work but i think it found the right home. Looking forward to the future content and turbocharging that rig. Good purchase Kyle!

    john martin

    I hate Honda engine sounds (exhaust) but that thing sounded badass

    Daniel Hearn

    That 54 Chevy 2Dr Post beside it has seen better days….

    Kevin Tucker

    I’d pay as much as $5,000 but no more. That thing has a lot of potential!

    Mjr Burn

    Good choice young man some things you only come across once in a lifetime and trust me when you're an old man like me you don't want to be looking back and asking yourself "Why in the Hell didn't I go for it"…

    Gary Johnsen

    Bad ASS


    Dude that is fuckin awesome. Yea. If ya didn’t pick it up that would of really sucked ass.

    jamesthebosssmith ballin

    4k easy the way it sits

    Todd Reinhart

    I say make it a drag racing buggy! You already have the powerplant to do it with!

    Chris McCammon

    Love it! You will not regret it.

    Diego Paulik

    You need to get with Jen 😉 lol

    Britten Geary

    I literally saw this on facebook marketplace and was like oh that's cool as hell!

    john maselli

    Walk away….Save your money, and use it for the dang Hondaru… Why are you letting that car sit forever? EVERYONE else is working on a car, except Emilio…Why is that? I'm sure he's making some bread off YouTube, Seriously, or is he just a hanger-on? Enough's enough now!!!!!!

    Qualia Lee

    Way Rad… The banzai bandito sweet find I can’t wait to see that thing turned all the way up the question is how are you going to Dyno it you’re gonna have to use that axle mounted Dino right?

    Austin Doud

    Those paddles are hella expensive

    Agent Smith

    Supercharge it for a difference

    Joe Patenaude

    Go with your first gut feeling and you could always take off the coil overs and put it on air bags and you can get pretty cheap Ebay parts boosted boi style!!!!!

Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 (of 50 total)
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