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We Crown the Burnout KING of June 2019!

Main We Crown the Burnout KING of June 2019!

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    Burnout Kings 2019 Codeword for JULY: “Too Much Sauce”. Get your submissions up! Shout out to our friends at Simple Tire for a discount on the tires we’re all …


    If we were to take Burnyard Bash on the road, what city and state would you like us to take over?!


    5:42 “talks a bunch in the beginning” sounds like hoonigan videos

    Mark L

    It's too old to be a Barra haha looks like an el falcon which had a windsor V8 or a 4l straight 6 similar to the Barra

    J Halkoski

    in the double bmw burnout video, the one closest to the garage was doing a brake stand while the one that was on camera was just full throttle


    def picked the best one,,,, well played


    Did the 50’s chevy truck blow his intake pipe off?

    Jesus Guzman

    Hey ron! Its NE-VA-DUH! Damn clownifornians 😂

    Swain The Titan

    I miss bad daddy Brad

    Turbo Yoda

    You should invite the rat trucks to a build breakdown

    Joshua Arruda

    Wheres brad ?

    Steven Schrader

    The beemer burnout was from Maine! I know them home plates anywhere

    Wactal Games

    some people should have had drone shots to give a perspective of how smoky the entire neighborhood is

    Nosnorb Repooc

    Buddy with the lowered duramax on Alcoa's looks like mike finnegans old truck j low

    Erick Mcnamara

    Who the hell says jam pants

    The Commenter

    Realized that they were at the burnyard as I was watching this and thought to myself……

    I wonder if they're drifting through the quakes? 🤔

    Jonathan Melendez

    Where’s brad?🤔

    Andrey thy beast

    i wanna see the hellcat swapped miata😫😫😫😫

    Jenine Citrine

    Amazing 😍😍😍

    Monkey Man

    Where is that "BAD at fixing stuff daddy" Brad?!

    joey rohde

    Never hear of dirt burnout it easy

    Blaznmax 88

    Come one you guys don't know an LA when you hear one

    Timothy Dellapelle

    When you get a submission with no quad guy, Vinnie will be voting for the quad guy

    Joseph Donald

    The first guys is quoting Sylvester Stallone in the movie over the top when he's at the arm wrestling tournament at the end of the movie


    Wow vin, why dont you tell us how you really feel about carburated v8s!?!?!
    Thebsound of disgust in his voice when talking about the #8 burn put kings pick

    creep life

    Where's Brad?

    Mitchell Farr

    The green utes engine is called a intec 4.0 straight 6 its not a barra its similar but has sohc instead of dohc


    VIn talking shit on the burnout kings, stepping their game up… where his cars been shredding lately?


    Bring ken to the new yard and let him shred

    jose cruz

    pls upgrade cameras …i want 4k burnouts 60fps

    George Smith


    Larry V/vid

    At 13:06 intake coupler pops

    Brian Pasillas

    Yo Hoonigan if you see this vid please invite mike myke to the burn yard he has a sc300 1000hp and a strait up savage check his channel out you wont regret his last vid channel is mike myke plzzzzz it would be a bannger video

    Brian Pasillas

    Mike myke sc300 invite to burnyard

    Justin Smith

    Herts big ass makes them chairs cry every time he comes around lol #stillloveyouhert

    Sand Man

    anyone else see the intake pop off at around 13 miniutes on the old truck?

    lyle tennant

    Hert was looking like hes already preparing himself to retotal a already totaled chassis

    chris boone

    you notice the c10 blew off the charge pipe

    Isuzu Slider

    7:10 It's a Ford Falcon Ute, With a 4.0L SOHC I6, With a Junkyard Turbo. The Predecessor to the Barra

    SnowRider TV

    Sweet 🙌🏻

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