Thursday, March 23, 2023

We FINALLY Weighed Ruby… (SHAWTY THICC) + Building Her a NEW McFarland Fab Turbo System!

Main We FINALLY Weighed Ruby… (SHAWTY THICC) + Building Her a NEW McFarland Fab Turbo System!

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    Scales used in this vid: Cleetus Merch – Well dang boys, …

    Peter Keller

    Cooper is killing it just like in that one fasterproms episode

    Rise Only

    Who in hell taught you to weld cause damn they can give me tips any day 😘😘

    Wayne C

    Hey Cleetus, seeing that Leroy is very front heavy, have you considered moving the radiator to the back?

    Also, can you flat shift your current gearbox? Surely would save some time on your runs?

    Are sequential gearboxes allowed in the stick shift class?

    As for the old Ford Mustang, why not get a Ecoboost 4 and 6 speed and try to get the Mustang Ecoboost stick shift record?

    And find a late rwd Chevy Impala to put your spare LS in!

    Donz Milky

    Cletus, keep the torch over the end of your weld for a little while and let the post flow gas sheild your weld.

    Jeff Fowler

    Grab the drill, time to loose some weight.

    Kurt Wiebe

    Why not get a V10 viper? 🙂

    Bennett Friesen

    "It's got great oil pressure as usual"… may I remind you of all the 5.3s and 4.8s that have been deprived of oil because of you?😂😂

    Joshua Petty

    That's cold when you said you was going to the track I got super excited then we gonna have to wait for the tracks live action 😭

    dakota fickling

    10:00 that c6 in the back is sex


    We need to get this cleetus welding up to par bud but love your videos bro

    Gabino Barrera

    If it blows can i have it? Ill make it a table for my game room!!!! Do it for eddddd!

    Sequester Bartholomew Rosenthal

    Lmao James' face when Cleetus reveals his weight to 1.6 million people

    Rodney Shoffner

    Turn your amps up slightly and your wire feed down ever so slightly, then slow down your weld speed and let the heat and weld sink in. One pass that entire circumference . Slow and steady…

    Sebastian Kennebrew

    Just start the dale truck one time🥺


    “Rev it… to the moon” James-2019, needs to be put on a shirt


    I have the same Tig finger from the same guy lol.


    Cleetus, sorry mate , but I truly feel sorry for kind bloke that you that turbo attachment after you have made a mess of his workmanship. You have attempted to weld that stainless steel tubing with mild steel mig wire. Why would you do that ? I wish you would man up and leave the welding to the professionals. It’s very likely to crack after a few decent heat cycles

    jay hutchison

    That vice tho

    Forrest King

    "Tilt-down Turbo 9000" by McFarland Fab… put it on a shirt and I'll buy it.

    Dan baler

    Dont wanna rain on ur welding skills
    Im no expert
    But move slower an more like a circle arond the gap ur welding
    also think the wire speed needs tweeking to stp wire sticking to tip
    Of welder
    Love the channel an content keep up the good work hope she rips with 7 second kit onit

    Georgie Presley

    If y'all come to Oregon tell me please

    abbsnn cose

    James : I’m like 200 pounds well 190 Cleetus : that’s great ! Car scale : you’re 170🙄

    Clayton Andrews

    Don’t forget to weigh with James fully suited

    Tom van der Laan

    Where is the next video? I’ve been craving the racing for over two days now. It hurts!!!! Don’t keep us waiting.

    Drizzy Williams

    I always wondered, is it
    "Thanks for watching Do It For Dale."
    "Thanks for watching. Do it for Dale!"

    iWHEEL Life

    GRANDMA GOT RAN OVER BY A MUSTANG SWEATERS!!! When will they be in stock?

    Chris Kogut

    Check out rob dahms latest episode about carbon fiber axles – possible weight reduction there

    And B is for build used an interesting solution for their water pump with electric pumps. Maybe you can do something similar to drop weight ?

    David Brinton

    Hey cleetus, since you aren't going to have the jet engine on mullet anymore, you should experiment and get one of the new V12LS engines that Is going to be shown at sema

    Pilbara Man

    Ruby track video? I would have thought that would have been a quick easy video? Impatient fans have been waiting for two days now….


    When will you make a big tier Carr

    Jay Mey

    See, I don't mind ads during a video if it's 30 minutes long. Thank you for not being a Ten-Minute-Limit guy, Cleetus. Hell Yeah Brother.

    doliio volay

    "All I know is full throttle" Had me dying lmfao

    Reality Scopezz

    Somebody else claimed The fastest GM stickshift car record. How does that make you feel cleetus?


    Hell yeah brother, my Toast t arrived in the mail in Australia! I’ll be sure to bring it with me to summernats😎 ps, thanks for the sticker🤘🏼


    and a broken digital clock is just wrong….

    Dennis Edward Willis III

    Cleetus love your content! I've been watching your channel from the beginning. Been wanting to see a race between you and itsjusta6. Satan vs. Leyroy/Ruby or possibly guitarmegadonzl1 with his freedom rocket. Callout my friend


    I'm not hating at all but I wish ol' Cleeter would get serious with Leroy again. Even the old record holder (blue camaro) still runs high 7's regularly. I predicting it now, Leroy will get dragged by an AWD Honda next month at World Cup.

    Daniel Hawk

    Thanks for shaving


    After race against Red Demon and now talking about "seal off the waste gate make 80 pounds of boost" LOL

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