Monday, March 27, 2023

We Have a NEW BLOCK For The Twin Turbo Mr2 Build!

Main We Have a NEW BLOCK For The Twin Turbo Mr2 Build!

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    None Yazz

    There is no way that car should be over heating. Get a real radiator

    Erick Espinoza

    Anyone else miss the intro with burnouts and cheesy music?? bring it back!

    Jon Hayes

    toyota lol

    Jose A C

    Thank you for the music on the little time lapse and please put the MR2 K TOGETHER CANT WAIT TO SEE IT ON THE TRACK

    Robert Oswald

    They make some round disks that almost look kinda like a sand paper disk that you put in the top of that oil catcher and it stops it from splashing at all they are great plus they filter shit getting in the container only ever have to buy them once


    Just get another crank bro that one abused, those are crazy cheap.

    Levi Bcienz

    I’m going to turbo a 1997 f150 4.6v8 and id like to know what turbos you guys run they always seem to work out

    Emmanuel Zaragoza

    Do you guys ever going to Honda day ??

    Ken blank

    you need to rock that cage because your other mr2 is getting one sick paint job.



    Velorieyt Mccleese

    Kyle! Stop digging for gold @ 5:40 lol

    Jason Heller

    Always set a crank on its side… sitting them upright like that will teach you a lesson…lol

    Topshelf 710

    Fuck I hate that motherfucker Eoman or Rossy whatever yall call his bitch ass. Dudes always trying to up in the video making gay ass jokes. That laugh could get you knocked tha fuck out

    Brent Iaconelli

    Take a spotless cleaned piece of glass and lay it flat on the table next to your very expensive disassembled engine parts for the same amount of time the parts sat exposed…. There's a good reason why elite engine builders use a white clean room that's dust free for engine assembly and wear rubber gloves when handling parts to not contaminant surfaces with acidic finger oils. Like cams and bearing surfaces, block deck and cylinder bores, head deck and gasket…. Yeah it'll work your way but for how long??? TRC 1000+WHP 4G63 EVO HAS BEEN TOGETHER OVER 8 YRS AT THAT POWER LEVEL, CONSTANTLY PUNISHED AND IS GOOD AS NEW! HOW LONG WILL YOURS LIVE??? USING BACKWOODS BOBBY ASSEMBLY PRACTICES?

    George Hitchborn

    ductile iron sleeves

    Richard Harris


    Jeremy Minor

    Did you ever get your axles for the mr2


    coulda put up a link to your sugar daddy salvage boiz

    Herb Hungwell

    Now that you have those oil catch cans you can keep that floor clean…..EPOXY that nasty ass floor!!!!

    Sir Grumples

    French engine, FAncy!

    That fast and furious reference was on point too.

    You guys ever put those custom stickers and badges on your cars that the guy from aussie land sent ?


    Anyone else hear the camera man at 2:35 say $$hawoo?

    Marshall The Vaping Trucker

    Cant wait to see it run


    I have a la sleeve ej257 good Stuff homie

    El lee oh

    Hell yeah
    👍👍from this guy

    Big Biscuit

    You should buy a body kit for the mr2 for Trevor to color match. That and a brand new set of wheels and you will have such a badass daily 👌👌

    N Fra

    Can't find there channel

    Delta BoXeR

    Isn't open decks a bad thing? Only know that because my BMW m235i is an open deck and they say it's not good taking it too far over 500bhp…


    Pretty cool people sending you guys stuff and supporting you but dang why?? You guys make so much money off these videos.

    George Smith


    Terry Smith

    Glad to see Emilio back in the frame !


    6:00 lol it’s Saran Wrap Kyle not ceramic wrap

    Carlin Lentz

    Ceramic wrap?


    Show us how your break room looks like. Havent seen it in a while

    El Penny

    Fragile is not French……it's Italian.

    Josh Dreiling

    3500lb winch will pull more weight than you think. We just used a 2500lb winch to load a 6000lb vehicle yesterday.


    Yes kyle! Time to get this beast built up. Cant wait to see what your turbos do. I want one of your turbos. Just got to save up and see what it makes on the RX-7 😀


    Looking at the K24 block there seems that there would be a way to add a support to the upper part of the block that could be removed for sleeve replacement and decrease the likelihood of a block cracking while keeping an increased coolant flow…?


    Cheapest knife ever.. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 (of 51 total)
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