Saturday, March 25, 2023

We Have To Pull The Engine Back Out of Hondaru…

Main We Have To Pull The Engine Back Out of Hondaru…

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    back under the knife.

    Brad Viviviyal

    yet another half ass built engine that blows up – you guys should see of they offer some basic auto tech classes at the local community college and stop embarrassing yourselves

    Stu West

    Payback for cheating in the Freedom 500.


    look into ford focus svt Blocks 2002-2004.. cast iron, closed deck, oil squirters for pistons… stock cranks good for 700tq.. same with trans.. weak points: rods/pistons/differential/oil pump gear
    people are sleeping on these engines.

    eleveninchfoamy Mastaflya

    Duuude…. get yourself a cheap deck of cards and shove them in between the tire and rim and then paint the rim.. works πŸ‘Œ

    eleveninchfoamy Mastaflya

    Duuude…. get yourself a cheap deck of cards and shove them in between the tire and rim and then paint the rim.. works πŸ‘Œ

    Donny Amanda

    Please show more of the mechanical details they are very interesting and informative


    5:43 when Ezra says dada that's tooo precious man! 😭❀

    Wayne Miller

    That's a Subaru Man it looks a lot like an Evo with the front end off

    Wayne Miller

    Why would pulling the e-brake help load the car up when it's in the air

    Wayne Miller

    Last time I checked that's an engine not a motor

    Wayne Miller

    It does look really good with the black rims now all he has to do is spray paint hoonigan across the windshield lol

    Wayne Miller

    Unfortunately spray paint doesn't last long on rims unless you got the high temp spray paint

    Wayne Miller

    it would look cool if you would have left him the regular color cleaned him up real good and then sprayed that tent spray you can get for your tail lights or headlights that allows the light to come through if you would have did a light coat over there and then made it like a misty black color

    Wayne Miller

    Ezra is a pimp he knows more than everybody there put together

    Wayne Miller

    Yeah you should have sanded the rims down or sandblasted them and then painted them

    Wayne Miller

    Holy fucking shit I legit know her she was a freak in high school!! Everybody had a chance

    Wayne Miller

    I need those rims I'll give you four grand cash!!!!!!


    I spray painted my car!

    suh dood

    @2:40 broooo fuck plasti dip!! The teg I'm driving now someone plasti dipped the meshies on it. Looks like shit, and its been a very long tedious process to get it all off.

    JVN3 D1AZ

    kylie a lil suspect

    Haiti Moto Adventure

    Way better in black!


    My money is on a backed out flywheel bolt. Torque and locktight!!

    Lachy MacGregor

    Flywheel bolt


    Ricky needs to read Jn.15:20, 1 Cor.11:1-16 & Dan.12:2 to see what a shame will bring in the end.


    How does that car still sound like an Impreza sometimes.


    I love kyle but it really feels like theres no other way to contact him other than youtube and instagram. I would love to see a boostedboiz twitter page with leaks to new videos and banter between YouTube and fans.

    607 Angling

    You guys have a lift, pull the trans out instead of the motor! So much less work.

    D. T.

    Patience is the name of the game.
    You got it dude.

    Valentin Cioromela

    Guys, can you use binaural audio for the videos????

    Miguelthebarber 28

    Flywheel bolts got loose again we need to put that air fun to them bolts Kyle

    Josh Chaparro

    Yo that new color hitting different 😍


    I honestly hated the color when it was painted but it’s growing on me lol

    3M DIY

    Very nice engine!


    bring the dune buggy to florida theres places to take it

    Just Awesome ::

    At least the wheels look goodπŸ”₯

    Cameron Harker

    6:47 from this point on it looks like a scene off of Paranormal Activity

    Paul Day

    I'm about to rattle can my truck


    That burnout at the stop sign down the street from the shop was from me and my buddy in his Chrysler 300 haha. Have a video of that burnout toπŸ˜‚


    SuBaRu EnGiNeS aRe UnReLiAbLe

    How times have they had to pull a Honda engine out of Hondaru? Lol

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