Monday, March 27, 2023

We Modified the Galaxie's Fuel System and IT'S INSANE! (and Faster)

Main We Modified the Galaxie's Fuel System and IT'S INSANE! (and Faster)

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    GALAXIE SHIRT – Finally the Galaxie gets some aftermarket parts! DANG SHE RIPS! NEXT Cleetus and Cars dates: Aug 24th …

    Cleetus McFarland

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    God I love the galaxy. Such a gangster carrr!!!!


    Lol. Coopers like I ain’t yo mama

    Bobby D

    go with AFC live so you can tune it. super simple to install. Also, PLEASE when you set the timing on the P-Pump, make sure it either already has the killer dowel pin plate installed, or make one for it…. would be a shame to lose that motor over something so small.


    Your best car yet by far i would daily that shit till i die fucking so sexy dirty bitch

    paul Wollersheim

    lets see some rolling block long burnouts!!!

    Daniel Daniel


    Eddy Zamora

    Do it for Ed!


    Best thing about this video is knowing that you will get lung cancer.

    Junior 249

    you guys are doing a great job with the galaxie….keep it up!!!!

    Dodge man

    Get some compounds that thing will be awesome

    Joey Robles

    It's funny how James explains things to us like we're retards😂

    Will Kinnard

    Make sure to change the rear gear so it won’t top out on a full nitrous pull

    Nickolas White

    Cleetur, I think its time to turn Dale truck into Drift truck…. maybe a supercharger, and some big angle and show them imports how its done.

    Build Tune Race

    What in the non laptop tuning is this stuff😂 Definitely something different to learn and play with!

    Jason Tamsett

    I want one.

    jay Webster

    you guys need to get some help from greg A


    Needs more timing and air now to use up all that fuel haha

    jt rich

    That thing is effin sweet

    allen clark

    Great video!! Y’all are living the dream keep them videos coming!! Do it fo Dale!!!


    What camera are you using to film and what settings


    a vacuum leak lol. it doesnt ave vacuum. yall noobs lmfao that was funny. while your at it might as well adjust the throttle plate and gap the plugs. just messing with yall guys. thanks for the laugh tho


    set your injector timing to 21 to 23 degrees BDC. also suggest getting bigger dished pistons, and forged rods

    ByHisgrace R

    Double lug dug T-shirt

    Rian Johnston

    James, what torque wrench is that? Cheers brother

    Jerry Wyant

    Time for a pump tweak and a turbo.

    Jerry Wyant

    More fuel + More nos = More power and a cleaner burn.

    Mickey Margosian

    awesome build

    The Momo Show

    EU government : were banning Diesels in cities, to much pollution.
    Also EU: all cars will be electronic in 2029
    Meanwhile in America:


    Nice upgrade – But did you fix that darn starter yet?

    Kitarya Kysubae

    I like how that Inline 6 cummins diesel motor looks from the top

    Jeremy Clark

    That car is so dope. The more vids I watch of it the more I love it. It’s one Sexy beast

    Tanner Beaudette-renaud

    Holy crap that thing really rolls Cole now


    WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DALE TRUCKKKKK!!!!! We the people need to know!!!!

    Lance Williams

    You guys crack me up. Luv the channel. Never know what's next.. What about the bogger? Gonna try another pond pull?? Lol.. Being a diesel guy. I am really digging the Galaxy. Keep the great content coming..

    Will Sigety

    Cleetus: "what is that"
    James: "Yup"

    Phuc Yu

    Yep that’s the hillbilly shit you’d expect from someone named Cleetus

    Emil Hanning

    she smoke almost like slave lake

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