Monday, March 27, 2023

We Replaced The Burnt Huracan Frame!!

Main We Replaced The Burnt Huracan Frame!!

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    In today’s episode we’re cutting out the bad burnt frame and replacing it with a fresh new one. Go to to get a free trial and …

    Bill Lary

    You should be wearing masks when working with aluminum

    Xavier Cruz

    Would that be considered a real lambo after he finishes it?

    Richard Woods

    Apparently there are so many crashed lambos that if you have a youtube channel and work on cars, there's one out there for you to rebuild, too. They're almost common.


    I'm just curious what sucker would actually buy this car.

    RPM Limits

    Come on guys let’s get Chris to 900k let’s do it

    Rob Joyner

    Wonder what it would cost to ship that thing off to Arthur Tussik…

    Maxx Excaliber

    Found this from Goigle search –

    Stewart byars

    I'm getting confused between Goonsquads vids and yours. I don't know witch burnt Lamborghini Huracan i'm watching.

    Steven Ruiz

    Bad ass!

    Dillon Renaud

    Ask Tavarish (freddy) hes knows how to get the harness diagrams


    i thought the point of SEMA was to showcase new electronics/vehicle electronics. how does this fit in??

    Ronaldo .B.B

    This car is/will be the definition of LS SWAP EVERYTHING

    Donnald Duck

    everything looked so good and nicely done,then to see those finished welds was so damm sad,osc could of lay his welds alot lot better


    Look for alldata it has info for almost every make and model including in-depth wiring diagrams it’s not cheap tho but in your case it’ll be worth it

    r. grambo

    first Lambo frame welded by Harbor Fright?

    Jesus Gonzalez

    Fkn heat wrap metal work work🤪😇

    Daniel Echeverry Osorno

    When finished, it should race rob dahms 4 rotor at SEMA


    Sick! This is one of the better videos you have done in a while! Good luck can’t wait to see the project finished. Glad you brought in a good welder for crucial frame repair


    Damn im Excited for this….. This is my type of build

    nick johnson

    you should have got a 6.0 or a LSA super charged that it would be ready for boost already but im sure you alrwady have a game plan

    Rui Kazane

    Now this is the real thing


    They don't have the wiring harness schematics on skillshare? 😂😂😂

    Gregory Fisher

    you should also look into using lizard skin when you redo the carbon fiber to keep the heat out of the cabin.

    Thomas LeCoure

    I must say Chris, you are one crazy MF. I have nothing but respect for you

    Radiation Network

    No matter what you do. It's still a burnt, totaled jerry-rigged salvage vehicle that's guaranteed to be a nightmare of endless problems down the road.

    Remco Jacobs

    What an awesome project, we are following with whole of the fire dept from The Hague (The Netherlands), really nice car, little bit of paint and you are almost good to go 😂

    Hiatus 16

    I would get in touch with tavarish for the wiring diagram.. He has went through the rebuild of a lambo so I think he would be a great go to guy..


    Cool job)
    Yet, can you explain one thing to me?
    Isn't there some yellow heat/noise protection on your firewall?

    I mean I see this yellow-ish coating and wonder, why won't you peel it off?


    MOAR videos! Patiently waiting for the rest of this build.

Viewing 31 posts - 1 through 31 (of 31 total)
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