Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Welcome to SEMA 2019

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    Another year means another trip to Las Vegas, and this year we’ll be doing video content on as many cool cars and builders that we can get our hands on!

    Suhaas Shenoy

    Please cover the Supra Heritage edition, I've heard that there are some lovely touches on the car that hark back to the last gen Supra. Please touch upon those details. Thanks!


    Would be great to see some coverage of the guys over @ Papadakis Racing, theyre doing a 1000hp Supra build.

    phillip chandler

    Black Supra looks the star👍👍yes!!

    Tom Pudney

    Deffinatley check out BISFORBUILDS Botched up lambo so we can see it up close 👍👎


    check out The Stradmans fleet of purple wrapped cars including the wide body 2020 Toyota Supra….


    The green E30 BMW

    Julien Donnard

    Eag supra with the manual gearbox swap

    T C

    I'm a German car owner but would love to see some "Real Street Performance" cars. I'm pretty sure Iroz motorsports

    Max Maxsson

    SEMA is a bit like a kitchen & bathroom showroom, everything looks great and is an example of the work the company can do for you, but when you try to turn the taps on you find that nothing actually really works.

    general general

    Love to see more of the GReddy Supra & stand.

    Sharlin Naidoo

    Stradmans cars, Tavarishs's Lamborghini and Tj Hunts Ferrari please. 👍🏼 Awesome Video. Love from South Africa 🇿🇦

    Marlito Rain

    Tj hunts bagged supra looks good

    Dan Y

    Rob Dahm rx7 build

    A S

    Can you do a work around and review, the performance parts market there, eg wheels, suspension, lifts systems, exhausts all the usual stuff but what is new and coming in 2020.

    Zed Ay

    Yess acronym presto's


    It be cool to see B is for build LS swapped lambo.

    Mondays are Stunning

    Would like to see some Twin Turbo Builds from Sheepey Race!

    Smiling Man

    fuuck i hate to admit it but the new supra has really grown on me to the point i quite like it when it's lowered and fitted with new wheels..God damn

    Ken InUKfrmRSA

    B is for builds Lambo pls

    Ken InUKfrmRSA

    Mondi’s Turbo GT3RS

    Mohan P

    The cars look amazing. Be nice to see Tavarish’s abused Lamborghini Murciélago that he rebuilt from the fast and furious movie

    Kacper Paliwoda

    Tj hunts supra a90 and his Ferrari 458

    Kacper Paliwoda

    B is for build Chris's ls swapped lambo

    Limitless Trading

    The quality of builds is literally insane! Better than factory finish tuner cars! 👌🎩

    Reon Lawson

    1:52 with doc race = batman👌


    3:35 winner

Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 (of 27 total)
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