Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Welcome to the Illiminate Team!

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    We got a new intern! What do you guys think about the new Illiminate member?! Let us know about the edit!! Also don’t forget to check out @e_ought they really …


    ayyyye collab soon! Thanks for the shout out man, means a lot!

    • FreaP •

    You should start making illiminate shift knobs

    Sam Pena


    Gage Lawler

    what’s wrong with the website it’s all white for me anyone else having issues?

    J2H Viper

    Hire the guy he’s good


    Hire him full time.

    beat slaughter

    Really good content as always

    Damian K


    jessie mendoza

    Hire him!


    AYEEE I LOVE e_ought

    Dilan Martínez

    I think you should take justin has your cameraman.
    And the video came out very good.


    You guys gotta try taqueria Eduardo by hwy 17 and Hamilton!

    Oscar Ruiz

    Luke be doing all the work lmao have him like a slave 😅😂😂 Luke belongs at Christian shop that's where all the good mechanic work at

    Andy Torres

    He did pretty good for his first time


    Me and the owner share a birthday! 🤫

    Stoner Kgod

    This video was fire you should hire him ASAP lol I would


    Btw this is complete click bait lol, E ought is not the one joining the team..

    Daniel Tr

    remember Binh used to do that


    His work isn't worth paying for

    Lil Rico

    Cleannn 🔥🔥


    Love the editing

    Supreme Sketcher

    Any plans for illiminate shift knobs?

    Felix Quiles

    Mira Chinitoooo! Greetings crew! LOL


    Do you need a drone videographer so you have Some aerial footage of you guys drifting?


    My neck got broken so hard.


    show the haircuts next time!

    Roy Cervantes

    The new intern is doing 👍 👌

    Jeck Custodio

    From : Philippines 🙂

    Pol Rango

    if thats his Harley, thats a great addition to the squd bc its awesome

    PJ De Leon

    I know you and Binh are following different paths but I love the work he did with you. I guess the new guy is pretty clean with his videos.

    Pusha MC est.1972

    2 much inappropriate man behavior for me definitely not watching this channel anymore


    THESE guys are egotistical irl

    Navin Dukharan

    You should def hire Justin bc he’s really good for his first vid 👍

    Theresa Forthun

    My son enlisted into the Army National Guard and is currently 4 weeks into basic training. He asked me to check out your channel, because he says that this is the type of work he wants to do and also build a YouTube channel in the future. He says that you guys are his inspiration. Any kind of shout outs for him on here would be great. I'd love to screen shot it and send it to him for encouragement! Much appreciated!

    Sweet Tee

    Clean that uglie ass trunk

    RMC_93 _

    Justin 👍

    Jose #IDGT Lopez

    If the battery is side ways don’t it leak acid???

    Benjamin Plascencia

    Hire Justin, the video was real smooth

    Lil Frizzy

    He nice wit itt

Viewing 40 posts - 1 through 40 (of 42 total)
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