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    I don’t wanna talk about it! We got Silvia’s on the website check it out!! Join Sammits Giveaway!! Wanna follow me?

    Raul Oropeza

    What if he welded some caster wheels on the carrier? 🤔

    Thomas Kuenzli

    IMHO: your best job yet!

    andrew lukacs

    Should’ve use square tubing


    as someone who installs hitches for a living, this video makes me feel sick xD good laugh

    XSDUP rwd

    Don't forget to buy more merch, to fund his next video. Or you could just flush your money down the shitter like ol Ruddy.

    Eddy Goss

    You need 2 inch thick wall square tubing

    Roger Fernandez

    Goes to commercial 4:12 me; that shit not gonna work 4:27 Not going as anticipated lmfao 💀🤣

    Spoder man

    Waste of ten minutes Chris. I want a refund


    Get 1/8 or 1/4 inch square tubing it is way stronger then angle iron


    Should a put wheels on it

    Andrew Bartleman

    "Just one coat" applies enough for 3 full coats haha


    2:23 you just set of my siri on iphone macbook and apple watch now i got alot of explaining to do

    Sweet Tee

    I told you

    emerson holst

    try using square tubing instead of angle iron you wont get any flex that way

    adam boyd

    should have used square tubing. bit still love the outcome

    Frank Muniz

    You should have welded axle and put some small wheels on the side of it you have yourself a little trailer

    Uriel Olivas

    The "Angerliron"🤣🤣🤣🤣 4:39


    shouldve bought a real trailer hitch and a harbor freight 4 x8 trailer you could bring a jack wheels and some tools too!

    Derrick Kuni

    Lmfao this was awesome I’m dying!!

    Robert Salamun

    Flat stock metal instead of 1×1 squared tube!

    Sean M

    Literally so stupid

    Austin Barnes

    Just don’t use angle iron, switch to square steel tube, then it’ll have tubular rigidity

    Roberto Rodriguez

    Ruddy if you want a clean weld clean the metal your welding on


    The kick at the end was great 👌

    Michael McClernon

    lol. I knew yesterday this shit wasnt gonna work. lol Gotta live and learn, never gonna get better if you dont fuck up 100 times. research goes a long way.

    Aa ron

    Great content tho

    Aa ron

    How did you ever expect that to work with those welds the fabriaction of the whole thing is wrong and badly thought out


    You weakened the steel when you bolted through it you should add the additional angle iron to it…. That would make it more Ridgid




    Chris, how's your forehead? I can't wait for my poster to get here

    Gary Southern

    💀☠️💀☠️. Forreal the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while. 😂😂


    Weld a 3/4 pipe inside the angle iron

    JTK Lawn care and snow removal

    Should have bought a little trailer for it would have been sick

    Jose Reyes

    Chris headnick here 😂

    Just Awesome ::

    Take it as a learning experience👌🏼

    David Henderson

    Obviously engineering isn't your strong point!


    And here we thought chris had left his haggard shit behind him

    Niku AC

    Bro you can’t build for shit.

    Tyler C

    watching you fuck up and fix it is what brought a lot of us here! don’t let it get ya down 😂

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