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What Are The Best Brake Pads? Cheap vs Expensive Tested!

Main What Are The Best Brake Pads? Cheap vs Expensive Tested!

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    Why You Shouldn’t Buy The Cheapest Brake Pads For Your Car 5 Different Brake Pads, ranging from $20 to OE, undergo four tests. Sponsored By NRS Brakes …

    Engineering Explained

    *Important Note* Lots of questions about the materials for each pad! It's honestly a very difficult thing to determine, which is why I left it out. Regulations allow for such a wide variety of materials that unless you do some sort of chemical analysis, I'm not sure there's much meaning behind it. For what it's worth, the cheapest pads were "semi-metallic" (again, vague, but that's all they tell you), while the other four pads are "ceramic." There's a wide variety of what can be included in pads, regardless of the material stated. Also, material alone doesn't show a strong correlation with all tests (both ceramic/metallic can do poorly in sound, corrosion, shear, etc), so it's difficult to determine what's the cause for doing well/poorly based purely on material.

    Anders Lolle

    Take away, OE FTW!

    ERIC & CINDY Crowder

    Breakdown of this video…Don’t use the cheapest pads if you care about the person driving the car, or the car itself. Those $20 pads are just scary….lol
    Please show a test comparing steel brake rotors vs carbon ceramic, vs carbon-carbon like used on F1 race cars. Thanks


    Informative video, thanks Jason. I still prefer ChrisFix's brake pad video though. I love learning about manufacturing processes.

    Dilip Nunes

    u should have also told us the differences in manufacturing steps and materials used!!!!!

    Marcel Meyer

    So basically if you drive a normal car in normal conditions buy any pad
    If you are a Race car driver and drive like you stole it and get your pads red hot then i ques this video makes sense

    Air Pex!

    So if you're not racing with your car budget will perform just as well as any other. Good to know.


    OE ftw


    Thanks! I’m in the market for new pads, this was very helpful. If the price is right, I think I’ll give NRS a try over OE.

    David Handley

    But this isn’t the whole story. What about the brake rotor wear? Which pads chewed into the rotor the most? The pads might wear well, but at the expense of the rotor!

    Jayathran P S

    Finally go buy OE brake?

    Ben Stankiewicz

    Oem the way to go, i was using napa gold pads, unhappeary about black crud on aluminun wheels and short life. My gmc just got new pads from dealer. They fit in the caliper better too,, had the proper space to shift in and out


    What does NRS stand for, though?

    Jiajian Hou

    Drivers with carbon ceramic breaks be like: huh, I wonder how would my breaks do in these tests 😉

    Craig Pyne

    A detailed version of a not-so-long-ago ChrisFix video =P

    Andrew Lasseigne

    so what im learning is that the mid-range ones that Ive been buying are actually better in most cases than the cheap and even the speedy ones. nice.


    Seems like the OEM is the best overall

    Kade Lansford

    Real data is so refreshing these days! Also is it reasonable to assume all/most OEM break pads will have similar results?

    Psycho Penguin

    What car were these pads from (brand/model) they look exactly like mine





    Paul What

    Seems the mid is the winner

    Mark Dack

    So in short the pads that come with a brand new car are the best

    Daniel Brenner

    You rock

    denis milic

    As almost always in everything, mid-tier is the most optimum one.

    James Cross

    After a number of issues over the years, I tend to now always stick with the OE pads.

    AK-DAVE- 47

    Please do these tests with the ebc line up

    Tanah Merah

    Who made the original factory pads?
    What category are Brembo pads?


    interesting but the numbers don't tell the full story, like tyres, the best test is a road test in a suitable car on a closed track.


    Seems Mid tier is the best bang for buck..?

    Jax Endsleigh

    I've had some very cheap pads do some very bad things from fade… will never buy "budget" pads again. After 2-3 stops at city speeds I suddenly had no stopping power and "slid" into the intersection more than once. I had to start using my ebrake to help slow the vehicle when I noticed this problem.


    I buy OEM or mid-high price pads, looks like u was right. Any pad under 40 buck is No Bueno👎


    The OEM wasnt bad at all, but hard to draw a conclusion without a price

    Cristian Medico

    You should do a video that exceeds the OEM quality by very far.

    William Reymond

    I would never have guessed this beforehand. Buy Original Equipment brake pads? Seem to true. Unless you can buy NRS pads cheap.

    Robbie Callaghan

    The one thing i dont like about a test like this (using 1 item from a tier, to represent the entire tier) is that we don't know how representative that is overall. Perhaps the low end brake pads used were the absolute bottom of the barrel option in that range, and dont represente the average low tier pad….. perhaps the mid tiers used were actually leauges better than your average mid tier pads, making the mid tiers look exceptional when most mid tiers are only marginally better than low. etc etc.

    It would be cool to see a much larger data-set showing the results of this kind of testing averaged not just over 2 tests of a single pad from that range, but rather the average of as many tests of as many different pads from that range as reasonable. obviously that would be FAR too much to expect from a youtube channel (it would be insane to expect someone to buy this kind of equipment just for that). but the data already does exist. its not like manufacturers are not testing breaks. We would just need access to that data.


    I guess for oem rotors and calipers: stick with oem unless if the roads are salty, then go with NRS pads

    chill will

    You used stock footage from Heaven's Gate Cult for the brake pedal pushing.



    No dust comparison?

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