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What Can Cause Check Engine Light and ESP Light with P0221 Fault

Main What Can Cause Check Engine Light and ESP Light with P0221 Fault

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    Why p0221 can be stored in the ECM. This fault is for the throttle pedal, but actually is fixed by repining the TVCM, or throttle body. This trouble code is a …

    Daily Garage

    Dude I live about 5 min from there lol


    Love the Harlequin Golf at 1:04!!

    Gabriel mendoza

    I’m getting a p0016. Recently had the timing chain and tensioner replaced ~50 miles ago along with the guided. With the vcds I read cam sensor and jumps up and down and I get a diesel sound from 800-1600rpm from the engine and it hesitates. Normal acceleration. After that it runs smooth. And strong. I’m thinking something related to oil pressure or vvt solenoid or even a intake camshaft actuator. It’s a 2014 GLI. Any input would be very appreciated

    Aaron Hempy

    Charles. E.P.C light.

    Dr. Maybe

    Thanks for the interesting video. Especially, thanks for the footage of the trip. It's always nice to see how others in other countries live – the roads, architecture, different shades of greenery – all that simple stuff. As for LHD, glad someone else was driving. Thanks mate!

    Nay Cee

    I had the same issue turned out being the harness at the ecm had a bit of corrosion


    Sorry about the drain tube that sucks so bad

    James Kaminski

    Those sunroof drains…….ive done multiple drain replacements especially on tiguan, it was so bad that vw told us to just toss the old carpet away instead of returing it because they were getting SOOO MANY.

    Nate Snell

    Hey Charles, I have a 2014 Jetta TDI, I noticed the steering wheel is on and angled plane to the seat/dash. You can put a whole finger in the space between the dash and column on the left side and not even a finger tip on the other side. What's with that? Have you ever seen this. I think my old '04 had that too. Thanks!

    Gplus sucks big

    This video is a great example of why throwing parts at a problem may not fix it. Many thanks.

    Erich Lavelle

    I had a similar issue with my MKIV GTI 1.8t. I replaced the throttle body and the pedal module. The problem went away EXCEPT when the engine bogs. When I am doing slow maneuvers like parking and I slip the clutch a little too much and the engine revs down below idle, 90% of the time the EPC light comes on. Restarting it clears it(and limp mode) but that is the only time it occurs. I still haven't been able to pin down why, but I will check out the connectors to see if the pins are damaged in some way and check their voltage readings.

    Joachim Johan

    Hey , i got a Bmw e61 525d in the shop with NO rear brakes at all. just had rear pads by the dealer. master cylinder toast?


    Yo Humble!!

    Nick Antesberger

    I also ran into standing water inside my passenger floorboard this past week. Looked under the rain tray to see a slow drip about every 3 seconds initially. Ran some left over rubber hose from a boost gauge install down the front drains followed by some weed eater line, and a squeeze bottle full of warm water. Was able to clear the obstruction and had a fast drain under the rain tray Hopefully that fixes it.

    Keep up the great content Charles!

    Bunda Par

    Could You do a video on how to become a automotive technician nowdays ? I am so confused, i want to become one but I dont know how to, i really want to go to a tech school, but then i am concerned if a normal community college would do the same. So it would be just a waste of money to go to the techschool.

    Mark Dowdy

    Speaking of strange issues, I have a 2003 Jetta TDI wagon that was 5-speed swapped (01M –> 02J). The reverse lights used to work but don't any more. The reverse switch itself is good and S7 fuse is good. The connector doesn't seem have a good seal around the switch. When I put it in reverse with KOEO, the voltage in pin 1 is like .9 volts. It's so low I don't know if I'm testing it correctly. Any help, my fellow Humblies? 🙂

    Osmar Chimal

    5:57 Hey Charles get some Adam’s glass sealant for the windshield it helps when it rains. The water would bead right off and it helps with water spots

    Justin T

    The first thing this fellow did wrong was, after reading the code, firing the parts cannon rather than looking up the diag procedure for the code. (One might argue the actual first fault is the blue oval but let's not go there.) Any code, especially these days, is a 'follow this procedure first' code. Looking up the code may hint at a TSB, but Id focus on the code more than TSBs as Ive been burnt by 'chasing TSBs' far more often than ive been burnt 'chasing code procedures'. But then Mopar loves to throw the weirdest of crap at both owners and wrench yankers.

    Daniel Medrano

    I have the same issue with the throttle body.
    Ccta. 09 passat. The issue has not show up since last year but I am sure it will again.
    I have the new wires and connector but so far no problem. If it happens for sure will change the wires..

    Mo Chubby’s Music

    Watching your videos is like going to VW technical school and learning a lot in a short amount of time. Thanks for your efforts to help out at the same time educating others and all the informative videos you do. You'd make a great instructor if you ever wanted to work in one of the VW schools for industry techs. Have you ever thought about a position in a school near you?

    Everyone Is Equal

    P0420 should I replace O2 sensor please help my carwill not pass emissions in Pennsylvania do to this fault code


    One of my favorites…thankyou

    Lucian Boncea

    I have a Skoda superb 1.8T with the same check engine and ESP light and vcds take me to intake mainfold. I’ve been recently to the Skoda car garaje and they changed some pins to her so the question îs that it can be the same problem like the throttle body, i meen the pins? I dont remember the fault code but i’ll be back with it. Thank YOU.


    Thanks for another great video Charles. I have a quaestion. I do not work on VW's much, but will occasionally work on a few of my close friends'. One has a 2011 golf tdi that has the dpf light on. I scanned it with a snapon solus that was out of date and therefore did not have VW specific PIDs or functions, but i was still able to do a global generic obd2 scan. Therre were no stored codes. according to my friend the car runs almost exactly the same as before, with the only change being slightly higher rpms and perhaps a slight drop in economy. The car has 89,xxx miles. After reading on some vw forums i told her to idle the car less and drive on the highway a bit more/ drive at bit higher rpms or in one lower gear then normal, and , is that did not cause the car to regen and clean the dpf and make the light go out, then she would probably need to have it cleaned or maybe even replaced at a vw dealer. Is this correct? sorry for the long winded question, and thanks for all you do. Have a great day.

    sarmad saadi

    Hi Charles! Do you answer all the questions that you get via the email?

    Daniel NL

    hey Charles could you do a video in spacers for 4motion/haldex awd.. does it ruin the system or is it safe from first gen to current gen??


    in a vw an accidental fart can cause a cel.

    Spencer | Sweis12

    Hey i have a 2003 vw jetta and ive been overboosting. I replqced the maf, all vacume lines, boost controll valve, and turbo actuator. I cleaned the turbo vanes using the oven cleaner method and im still getting the overboost. My tune is for 18 lbs of boost and it skyrockets and pegs my boost guage at 35 lbs. Any auggestions ? Manual transmition with alh engine.


    This video was supposed to be filmed on the way home from Alpine VAG Fair.. I was pretty salty about the water in the floor. LOL

    Talha Faraz

    Wooooooo nice episode maaan 😉❤️

    arundev acharya

    Awesome information

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