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What Caused the Dipstick to Blow Out On #ETCGDadsTruck ?

Main What Caused the Dipstick to Blow Out On #ETCGDadsTruck ?

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    There were a lot of questions to my last video about why the dipstick blew out of the engine on #ETCGDadsTruck. I admit that I didn’t make it clear that the 2 were …


    Sounds like your piston compression rings are too loose. did you measure the ring gaps and size them on the tight side?

    Josue Paz

    Im glad you keep the old school small block to, and hope your engine feels better soon 👍

    kole lambert

    Im calling ring sealing issue. Wrong rings, ring gaps too big or bore is out of round.


    That thing shore is purdy. Can't wait to watch you build it.

    Korben Dallas

    2 engines having almost the same problem built by the same engine builders🤔

    G S

    Finally you post a video on my birthday, thanks Eric!

    Norwood E. Jatho, Jr.

    Eric, since the build for this engine hasn’t been uploaded yet. Is it possible in the rush to get the engine built for the power tour that maybe you didn’t clock the piston rings good enough to keep the compression above the rings? I ask because, I have a 85 mercury grand marquis sleeper with a 14yr old 358 stroker. I know from when I last summer rebuilt the top end due to a head gasket leak that I have 2 small and one bit larger scratch / gouges in my number 2 cylinder bore. I have slight blow by and I’m of the opinion that my blow by is caused by these scars not to mention 22% leak down in the same cylinder. I’m thinking in your case you could bore scope your suspected cylinder(s) and have a good idea which bore is your actual problem.


    It is probably a bad muffler bearing. Replace that, and install a throttle body spacer and it should get better. Running a higher oil/fuel mix ratio will probably resolve it completely. For instance 32:1 instead of 50:1. Hope this helps!

    JD Simons

    Are they moly rings or cast? moly is more difficult to seat but last longer. Forged pistons or hypereutectic? what is the cylinder clearance?


    Check your ring placement. If the gaps are too close or right on top of each other, you'll lose compression right down into the bottom end.

    Good luck my man!


    Warts and all, it takes guts to admit and show your issues. Eric still the best DIY channel out there. Cheers


    Pull it out, tear it down. Check for scarring. The basics… bore it out 0.30 over. Replace with forged crank, pistons and, rods. Throw a mild cam in it, new valve train. Go have fun.

    Not The Technician

    Piston compression ring leakdown? Hmmm, misalignment?


    Why? It ends with a why and starts with a C. Its a Chevy! Hahahahahhaha! Sorry. Why do Chevys have heated tailgates? So your hands stay warm when you push them! Hahhaha! Sorry. Why do Chevys have dual exhausts? So you can use them as wheel barrows! Hahahahha! Sorry. But anyway, looking forward to what you find. LOL.

    Kris Nicholson

    If you can smell fuel in the oil and/or burning and the oil goes black really quickly you have confirmation that the rings have gone. Hopefully it's not a ring land. Check the timing at tdc. Make sure all the timing indicators line up.

    Alex M

    Eric, I am sure you know but there are so many reason the truck should be running cooler that the Fairmont. The two thing that come to mind are the area of the radiators and the truck does not have an inter-cooler.


    Could be an overlapping ring keeping it from expanding fully. Hope u get it sorted. sorry u have to yank the motor again. Thanks for posting.

    Nick W.

    Best of luck Eric. I know you'll figure it out, but bummer you have to pull the engine again though. Also btw, that engine bay looks sick, im drooling looking at it. 👍


    Just pull the number 7 plug out and redo that paper test. If no change try pulling number 3 spark plug. I think pulling the engine without verifying the issue is going to give you more headache down the line if everything in the engine checks out. Also do you have the intake sucking crank case air? If not, it all could be down to that. Some engines require their crank case air to be sucked by the vacuum.

    Tim Johnson

    Pretty engine!

    Jeff Pitman

    Good video disappointments can happen to us all! This would be a great time to introduce your viewers to a blow by gauge Available from jegs for approx $140 This is a very effective way to measure blow by used by top pro stock racers yet remains a secret tool! It is the only test other than vacuum gauges that are dynamic(while the engine runs) you may also want to demonstrate vacuum gauges as they will reveal many internal engine problems. As an aside blow by meters originated with diesel where they are referred to as manometers Now to be a bit of an internet, Weiner, The last time I commented on your otherwise great work was over torque wrenches and fastener torque, in particular, I don't remember the exact exchange but I probably didn't think you put a high enough value on torquing fasteners I believe you referred to us a s Torque Nazis Hopefully your flex plate didn't come loose from improper torque and fastener prep! Keep up the good work and reporting the truth.


    Exactly why I hate cars . Always something and you gotta have a NASA scientist to fix it.

    Patrick D

    Shot rings .. that stinks dude..

    Rew Ford

    The same engine builder, the same issue, the same resolution im betting. Id be taking a good hard look at the products they are using and the quality of their work, especially on the episode where you called out the shop owners mistake on video and how lazy he was, the workmanship is starting to show the lack of quality as a result of the garbage you dealt with when it was built

    Matt Mccoy

    Yeah. Exactly what you don’t want



    Trey Cook

    S P E C U L A T I O N

    Hate you have to take out the engine again; but if it went together perfect, you probably wouldn't trust it!


    The blow-by could be something as simple as the piston rings rotating out of place/not correctly aligned. Did the same thing once to one of my cars – it was a real mother-father, as I had torque to yield bolts…

    Nicholas Clark

    Remember the old Tahoe 5.3L with the miss and it turned out the piston ring gaps ended up lining up and causing a miss? I bet something similar happened here.

    Cracker Jack

    the 318 in my dakota shakes like that. then again 100k on the clock. Ill probably look into that


    Wow what a change. So much nicer. And I’m sure it has to be much faster and stronger now. Looks pretty $$$

    Väinö Hotti

    I bought a 1985 Grand Marquis as my new daily. It's a stupid idea in many ways, considering I live in Finland, but I absolutely love it! We'll see about that when winter comes around…


    First time I actually watch ETCG1 on my birthday! Thanks Eric!

    Pauly D

    How many miles are on this engine since the rebuild? I wonder if you're running it too cold. You said, under load, it was only getting up to 190 and that's too cold for a modern FI engine to run efficiently. You might be washing the cylinder walls and causing blow-by.

    Alex Walker

    The motor looks nice.


    Dang, that's bad luck!

    John Schutt

    So, is your engine builder giving you a discount for the free advertising that you're doing for him? = )

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