Monday, March 20, 2023

What did I get myself into…

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    Thought we we’re going to get this baby running good today! Well….. I thought wrong. If anyone has any guesses put it down in the comments! Things aren’t …


    Chris I hope u see this. First off get yourself a cheap scan tool. Makes finding problems way easier on all your cars. Secondly we had a Hilux in work last week with same problem. Changed the TPS ect no luck. Was the coolant temp sensor. Car had same problem….hot high idle. When your cars cold the coolant temp sensor can handle it but once hot an the sensor is stuffed shit goes pear shaped…..aka fuked. If u can get a scan tool u’ll see the sensor reading go off when it plays up. Or I’d just change it straight up. There cheap to replace man. 👊🏻

    Fitment Issues

    Bro u should get a manual truck. They're awesome.

    Frederick Tambunan

    Throttle position sensor?


    lmao, he expects to sell this pos for anything close to 15k??

    Eddy Goss

    This guy got rudnik lol you should of known it wasn’t going to be easy after he’s got so tired of paying mechanics so he sold it lmfao

    waldek lesniak

    Check the turbo. Gave me the same problems when my turbo was bad in it lol Subaru

    beast gamer

    My car revs 2000 rpms 2009 Subaru legacy

    Carter Eldred

    My life working on cars. Video had me dying lol

    Thats_Ery_Day Life

    Who cares if he ever gets it running right? This is good content

    Merica Shawn

    Some cars u have to keep the car at 3000 rpm for a minimum of a minute to make it learn the new maf


    Why does YT think I'm in the market for a bloody tractor 🤦‍♂️

    Angel David

    Take Rudy’s little helper with you to Florida… really seems to like being with you and working on cars with you

    Colin Doucette

    I think he should keep it

    Dalton Scofield

    Turbo Subaru’s run like shit when you don’t have the airbox closed lmao


    16:45 hahaha fucking lol


    12:50 LOL hahah omfg I know that pain, that absolute fucking smash the wall type pain lol right done this shit now


    Shes a hoopty .



    The Dude



    Benjamin Smith

    You need to do a relearn process. Instructions below. An 06’ legacy is a ”throttle by wire” car, which requires this procedure. You have a popular car channel, you could figure this out on google.

    1) Turn off the lights, aircon, stereo or any system in the car that draws extra current on top of the engine.
    2) Disconnect the battery for 30 mins.
    3) Reconnect the battery.
    4) Before you start the car for the first time, turn the key to the ON position but do NOT turn the engine over. Wait 10-15 seconds so the electronic throttle body or IACV has time to go to the factory programmed home position.
    5) After waiting, start the car and let it idle without any load, lights, A/C etc.
    6) Every 20 seconds or so the idle will be adjusted up and down as the ECU tries to adjust it towards a stoichiometric fuel / air mix.
    7) Leave the engine running for a full 10 mins but DO NOT TOUCH THE ACCELERATOR during this time or turn on anything that will cause extra electrical current draw.
    8) Turn off the engine, and leave the key in the OFF position for at least 20 sec.
    9) As per step (4) turn the key back to the ON position for 10 – 15 sec without actually starting the engine.
    10) Start the engine and leave to idle for a further 5 minutes without touching the accelerator and without turning on other systems in the car.
    11) Turn off the engine again and wait at least 20 sec before restarting.
    12) Take the car for a test drive as the ECU should now be fully retrained.

    GoinHamFTW !

    Your looking for a leak and only have 7/30 bolts holding your intake on , i think u said your problem

    Julian Hernandez

    Newish newer car are touch with the air filters put it in and connect the air filter box

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