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What Does Half A Million Miles Do To A Car?

Main What Does Half A Million Miles Do To A Car?

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    This week, Alex visits VAG specialist Volks Techniks to get a full health report on the 540000-mile Audi! Check out VolksTechniks: …


    Jack needs to keep this old faithful !!! It’s a pd and it’s bulletproof… high mileage hero season 2… be nice to see all them repairs done and to be brought back to its former glory !

    Dániel Kerekes

    High mileage hero sounds good


    I thought miles had a PD engine as well?

    zkezzified x

    Service history is everything man. Ive only been driving for three years and I went from a 1.2 corsa 2010 to a 1.8 astra 3 door 2008 which has done 161k with FSH from vauxhall each year. Previous owner was a motorway driver for his daily commute. Had a new clutch, pads etc before I bought it. And all I've had to repair in 8 months is the drop links. You can find some gems if you look hard enough! 🙂 everyone panics about high mileage cars but if they have been looked after they are 90% of the time better than a car with hardly any history and 80k miles.

    Agus Orellana

    A new high mileage hero

    Alban Albanski


    Agent Faz

    I love this, please make more videos with Adam, he is pleasant and straight to the point.

    Would be great to learn more about car maintenance.

    Mr ant and Jackson show

    Huh i think you look a bit like tobey Marshall from Need For Speed (the movie)

    Josh Khan

    Million Mile Audi.

    Jay Grawn

    Half a million miles allows you save money so you can buy more beer! No brainier!


    Mad Max it up, add some ‘Extinction Rebellion Sucks’ decals and park it on a plinth in Trafalgar Square.

    Richie Jeffs

    Do the work, sell it to my mate, he will get it to 1million miles! 😂


    First show car on this show? Airride and rims that are too big


    Now repair it for less that you paid for. Lets see how good you are

    Raitis Cīrulis

    How to crash sensor video (same problem – A6 1.9 96 KW with 326 000 km).

    Rafael Torchio

    Anyone knows the 3 digits code for that 6speed? I have the 5speed, would love to swap it for a 6.

    Nikolay Rayanov

    High Mileage Hero part II?

    Renato Picinini

    Fix it and daily drive it

    Tommy Davies

    People who name cars are sex offenders

    Mark Playford

    Fix it a bit at a time then it won’t hurt as much. Safety issues first etc etc

    Matt James

    Sod playing guitar like Hendrix or Football like Messi, if a genie granted me one wish it’d be having the skills Adam Luckett supernaturally possesses.




    As much as I despite VAG cars this is great. Not the usual standard and shows how well it’s been looked after which will help pretty much any car. Interior trim is crap on these – deal with many at work.

    George Michael

    restore it of course or even modernize it, that car is practically mint ( for its mileage and age), do high mileage hero S2

    David Williams

    There are no leaks in the engine bay?? Wtf is he talking about? Lol
    I know it builds up over time but where does he think the fluids come from to build up like that if theres no leak? It clearly does have a leak. Granted it is most likely a small one that's built up over time but a leak is a leak!

    Razvan Traian Griguta

    #trending boooooooooyyy! Good job guys!

    James Adkins

    Fix it up. Make it look sexy

    Leslie DSouza

    Would be interesting to see engine compression test – & engine + transmission oil lab reports?

    Marc Stock


    Nelson Gonzalez

    £1,500 for replacing worn parts is not that bad! Do it, do it, do it ….


    High mileage hero second serious


    Is this Matt Farah's million miles Lexus?

    Georgios Papacharalampos

    Hi guys! Jack it up 70mm, off-road springs and suspension (maybe air suspension, mean off-road wheels and tyres, a roof rail with led lights and a spare wheel, plastic cladding around the arches. Make a better A4 allroad than the standard one. Cheers, and i am looking forward to see what is next 🙂

    Jarek Roitapfel

    As other have said try and fix it up and go back to the same dealer (Seems to be like a good guy) and see what he would offer you for the car.


    In serbia they just down the miles by 30% and sell this car po 3000e 😂😂

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