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What Happened To The Comancheep?

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    What Ever Happened to the Comancheep? In this video let’s find out! If a BleepinJeep video has ever helped you consider returning the favor by: • Supporting us …

    te72 jap raggon

    Insted of a cowl do a hood riser !! Its cheap and easy all you need is the riser and 4 longer bolts I run then on my track cars , wheel and even my daily.

    John Tamulonis

    Great stuff, I stopped the video at exactly 4:13 and there is huge crack on the frame not sure if you caught that, it has almost completely separated. Looks like it had blunt force trauma from that crawl!


    The front needs to be 3 or 4 linked

    Mike D

    Yes, video the 97+ window swap. Keep up the good work, save the Comanche.


    What if you did hood spacers? Get a little more air exiting from the top

    ADVENTURE Xperience

    Just Take the hood off🤪🤪🤪


    Hey Matt, please go through with making the +97 window swap video. I have both a 92 MJ and XJ I'd like to do this on, but I'd rather see someone do it first.

    jim ferguson

    I understand the Comanche was a fast cheap build. But you finished within your deadline and in budget. Why don’t you spend money on it now like the front suspension? Do a 3 or 4 link like you talked about in the video.


    Just move the entire cooling system to the rear. It will open up the front of the engine bay, allow more air into the engine bay, and not contribute heat to the engine bay.

    Tubes behind the fender to stiffen up the front but keep the current look and feel of the rig.

    Extend the bottom of the "W" down just a bit to strengthen those front spring perches. A small front plate will help and not mess up the look.

    Iron 1981

    Everyone in the comments saying Matt looks like Mr.Rodgers. I've always thought of him as a young Jim Henson.


    Thanks for updating us Matt! Good to know it's still alive and (maybe not so) well

    Ken Dorney

    I want to see you wheeling with a CAT!


    For the under-hood temps, just needs more venting…. go for a 60s era big block drag scoop on the hood.. better yet, make it a shaker scoop…. YEA BABY!


    WHATS THE thumbnail about ? the news clip? or is that fake ?

    KungFu Master

    I really enjoy the channel, entertaining and highly educational. Thank you

    John Wagner

    My exhaust guy said a lot of the headers on 4.0 I6's go bad, down towards the middle bottom where it kind of squishes into one. I hope it's just the missing bolt and not a cracked weld. good luck! I hated pulling the headers off!

    Kyle Vistuba

    heat wrap your exhaust all the way out including headers ,or ceramic coat the headers and warp exhaust, I wonder if you could run and engine oil cooler to help with heat

    Joshua Poche

    I think fixing that exhaust leak will help drastically with the heat in the engine compartment

    Matthew Muzzy

    Sound system can be cheap! Bluetooth stereos has come along way. Could put it on it's own battery system & depending on how big you go, could charge with a USB port. Boss has some good options.

    Matthew Muzzy

    2nd cooler would help, but heat rises, you're still heating you fuel tank & tool box. Gotta go higher and more space for air flow.

    Alberto C

    Add hood hinge spacers. I have a mild 4.8 in my xj. I used an ebay 3 row rad for an xj. It was fine until weather hit 100. Added hood spacers and it will not overheat even idling in heavy traffic when 100+ degrees out.


    I’m late but I’m a big fan of the scorpion 🦂

    j t

    Front fender hoops inside the outer fenders. Hide them real nice, add as much reinforcement as desired, and cover with fender to keep the look you like 💪👌

    Harland Gambill

    Good on you man, I love your reaction to the video game and the model car recreation of your rig. So many other people would of gotten mad and gone after them for using your “intellectual property”.


    put a fan blowing air in the hood so the plastic there stays cool and doesnt melt


    I think you need to get on the top and weld a bar that goes diagonal across on the back bars

    Victor Leachman

    Maybe you should mix cats with jeep and I wouldn’t have that problem anymore

    Marvin Wilson

    The head on the exhaust manifold bolt has probably broken off. That’s a very common issue with exhaust manifold bolts on a ls engine. I strongly suggest getting arp bolts for the ls exhaust manifold and just go ahead and replace them one at a time. Atleast the ones you can get to.


    Matt would really like to see a video on converting to the 97 + windows

    Mike Blair

    also for cooling, reverse the flow on your fans so they blow the air out of the engine bay

    Mike Blair

    swiss cheese and dimple die your fender wells, and do the second radiator

    Mike Blair

    what about a pinyon limiter strap

    Mike Blair

    need a brace connecting the rock sliders, probably wouldn't hurt to tie in the frame rails

    Mean Joe

    The Mr Rogers of Jeep!

    My Off-Road Obsession

    Awesome tip on the shackle sliders.

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