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    Can’t believe how much damage we found in the d16! If you guys are interested in any leftover parts as souvenirs click this link! Wanna …

    Matt Ostrowski

    Who buffed marcus car. Smh


    Whoever pays money for that broken rod is a buffoon


    That poor 180


    memorabilia, thats a word right? – Rodknock 2020

    Jcheco Aka Gucci kid

    Marcus is ruining a perfect 240


    you really need to check on things before you say them.. 500 pesos is about $1.75

    Lush – Cody

    I’m jealous of Marcus, I’ve always wanted to do the full cherry blossom tree on my car

    Trey Sparks

    reaches into oil pan sounds like me digging through my nuts and bolts drawer

    Kyle Mcsweeney

    We need a vid of him putting the decals on

    RP Motorsport

    “Piston head”

    Octavius Mosca

    Congrats on 400k

    Octavius Mosca

    I’ve been watching your channel since you were on haggard garage I remember when you bought that clapped out Honda you’ve definitely matured I like that your doing more things now and trying new things and trying to learn more skills definitely a mature thing to do I love this channel and I love what your doing with your channel

    Hillary Goh Enn Shieng

    Rudnik is the kind of person see a hole on a cup on top and think there is no water in it. haha

    Jack The Ripper

    It’s so rad that Marcus doesn’t give a shit abo what people thing. Never worried about what it looks like now, prove it in the end. I think a lot of car guys need to think that way

    Bryon Carte

    And he goes b series like everyone else on YouTube 👎

    boosted boi

    i dont know what it is but ur the only youtube channel ive watched over 3 years

    Phil Brown

    Marcus is ruining the car with them rice stickers

    Chris Topher

    At least do a hood exit on the civic

    Chaz Gunther

    Chris is such an idiot to think there was no oil in that engine when the hole was up top. There would have been 5 quarts of oil on Jack's dyno if it had all came out.


    Marcus ruined that car lol

    Lsx s10

    500 pesos is like 25 US I think!


    @ 6:30 – If Roberto and Marcus had a baby (but it was a car and there was no sexual piece to the relationship).

    Broke Wing

    Marcus needs a chassis mount wang.


    Hole at the top of the pan “nah it’s empty” ……..😂

    Rollin Broke

    Why is mucus parks the biggest ricer

    Arthur Slugworth

    Marcus's car is almost to embarrassing to look at now… I just feel awkward even looking at it. Went from sweet to 16 year old ricer…. Take the fucking stickers off…

    Nicholas Mcnamee

    Where did he girl the itasha sticker at

    Reid Armstrong

    Buy an EG HATCH for a track car

    Chris Gallimore

    make sure you clean that turbo if you're re-using it. Probably full of metal shavings too.

    Kuldeep Giri

    d16 block and head is still good just rebuild it with upgraded rod and piston


    The 500 pesos are like 25-27 bucks lol

    Randy Savage

    500 pesos to US dollar is $25.52

    VW Love

    Didn't know Marcus was such a weeb.


    25 bucks

    Gary Southern

    1000 pesos is 50$ so 500 pesos would only be 25$ but yeah close enough.




    What do you mean little did you know 😂 I saw the vid when that blew. You didn’t loose 5 courts of oil

    brady scholl

    Love the Natasha

    Broken Down GTI

    The energy with you and Marcus is back. So much better not listening to that Mohawk tweaker moaning all the time

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