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What If You Forget To Change Your Oil?

Main What If You Forget To Change Your Oil?

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    Can you damage your car by not changing your engine oil on time? How a late oil change affects your car. Sponsored by Progressive. Subscribe for new videos …

    Stjepan Đopar

    I am interested in your opinion on two common practices that I see people doing:

    1. Overfilling the engine with oil to prevent oil starving while hard cornering. Track day practice.

    2. Underfilling, between max and min on the dipstick to reduce crankcase pressures and save seals. Primarily on turbocharged diesels to reduce the pressure on turbocharger seals.

    Best regards

    ﴾ ﴿

    I always thought oil changes are overrated

    rampage the sneaky lil bitch

    0,00000001km after you forget to change the oil on your bmw. engine blowing upp noises intensifies (point of the joke is that bmw are very rreliable but people think they are not becaus they have a very sensitive maintenance. you have to do the maintenance becaus its very important for bmws or they will breake. people who have good maintaned bmws don't realy see the problems as mutch.)

    stu skivens

    How does oil age effect a motorcycle gearbox where the engine, gearbox and wet-clutch all run in the same oil. And can I use regular oil for car engines in a motorcycle.


    Or just get a Tesla and don't worry about 'oil'. Brake fluid is pretty much it (and that's just an inspection every 2 years).

    Arkadius Smolarczyk

    And what happens if my car is burning oil like crazy? I have Opel Zafira A 1,8 1999 and this car is burning 0,7L of engine oil per 1000km (its a default value from service book). In that case should I be more focused on often oil filters replacements rather then oil changes since no oil is staying in my engine for too long?

    lee nevin

    Think of oil as a life bar

    The Hundredth Monkey

    I'm usually pretty good at staying on top of oil changes, and my vehicles seems to last longer then most people I know…. coincidence??

    Ryan Christopher Woitas

    What is worse, driving beyond the recommended oil change date while still being under the number of miles driven to require an oil change before the recommended oil life timeframe ends, or vice versa? Assuming that modifiers to the previous question, e.g., amount of city vs highway miles driven, short trips resulting in not reaching operating temperature, etc., are not taken into consideration. And do “Italian Tune-ups” actually remove carbon deposits and sludge, or is there any way to detect/remove the aforementioned as a general consumer?

    G S

    Will using a diesel grade engine oil help clean sludge out of a petrol engine?

    Pepe The Frog

    I am doing oil changes every 15000 km as the manufacturer specifies, sometimes 20000km if im lazy.. And i use the cheapo semisynth aldi oil since it meets manufacturer spec. Never a problem in 96000km.
    How much did the oil companies pay you for that commercial?

    Michael James Woodson-Buckley

    2011 Ford Fiesta 1.6L i4…
    0w-20 synthetic
    ACDelco Or filter…

    17,500 on one oil change


    I drove my fiat punto 1 for a few weeks on 1deciliter of oil….nothing happened lmao


    My car has engine so busted, that it burns up about 1 liter (0.26 gallons) per full tank of gasoline, so I just do a refill each time I arrive at the pump. Since the entire engine holds only 4.2 liters of oil, I basically am always running fresh one. I only need to change the filter to take the contaminants out with it xD

    Inggil Lazuardi

    the answer is….. YES! IT IS OK! youre using electric vehicle, BAMBANK……

    Robert Marrow

    This technical graph is not necessarily needed, just change your oil on time or before.
    99.99% of fuel gets burnt the rest mixes with the engine oil, ever wondered why your sump oil smelt like fuel when you changed it.

    Barnabas Loos

    You got me all messed up inside and out it’s 1:30 in the morning and as soon as I clicked on this video I had to get up out of bed and check my oil lol thankfully it’s good not to dark either but still I’m going to change it just for kicks lol


    I keep telling myself to change the oil this weekend… its been 5 months now 🥴

    Christian Grey

    My miata uses so much oil that's it's self changing. Just have to tank oil and check gas.


    What I was looking for in this video wasn't to be found, what's the deal with vehicles that do very little miles a year, you talked about changing the oil without waiting too long but is that too long in miles or in time? why do mechanics say oil needs to be replaced once a year even if the vehicle has done a couple of thousand miles?

    kent vun

    How about oil additives? Like X1R, does it improve or prolong the performance?

    PabloSheth _

    Buy an electric car no engine no oil replacement problem solved

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