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Whatever It Is, It's A Good Deal | 2020 Nissan Kicks

Main Whatever It Is, It's A Good Deal | 2020 Nissan Kicks

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    Nissan has decided to replace the Juke and the Versa hatchback with a single new model, the Kicks. The new Kicks is best thought of as a crossover styled …

    Chen Chen

    👍👍👍I like the Kicks 😜 thanks Sir For pointing out all the options 👍

    John Edwards

    An easy pass for me..

    Michael Tarubal

    I like the Juke though. Wish they continued that instead of this.


    CX-30 shits all over this thing.

    ATX Trent

    My top pick would be the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport because everything is very simple and they have proven to be reliable unlike the others you mentioned.


    What's funny is, Honda's old 1.8 L engine in the HR-V, makes more power than the Kicks. That's very sad

    M N

    Holy shit Alex, I'm so happy you're still making videos! I was looking over your old 2016 CX-5 videos and you've stayed true to your nature 4+ years later. Good looks man, thank you for such informative and conversational reviews!


    Jatco transmission and AC doesn’t blow out cold air? Thank you, Next.


    No adaptive cruise control on any Nissan???


    122 horsepower for that thing. My Kia Soul 2013 gets 164 horsepower and my Subaru Forester 2020 gets 182 horsepower. Yeah it is a perfect car for new drivers. This car just looks ugly in my opinion.


    The base FWD Kia Seltos or Soul would offer more value, roominess, reliability and warranty.


    Easy choice for me. I'd pick either Venue (base MT) or Soul (base MT).
    But then, I'm perfectly happy with my Fit EX MT, so not interested at the moment.

    Zixu Tao

    I don’t think 360 camera can trade off acc. For such a compact size and boxy shape, I feel nobody will have problem doing parallel parking…360 camera is totally dispensable


    Scotty told me not to buy a Nissan .

    Ifti Plays

    I think if they fixed their transmissions then Nissan would be a super great buy in all segments


    Well what about Honda Fit? Cheaper and full safety features + dynamic cruise control?


    Why would anyone consider buying a Nissan product ? They have notorious bad reliability as they age and their CVT transmissions have a very poor record of failing prematurely. Also their sales in the US are tanking and there are rumors they might pull out of the US market. They are the Chrysler of the Japanese auto makers. I know 3 people who bought them and never again – 2 engines and 2 CVT transmissions later – they said never again. You must be intoxicated by the smell of the new plastics gassing off.

    Andre H

    Transmission is the weak link, the new soul is my choice in this segment.


    Really can't get past the 1.6NA, and wish Nissan would give us something with a little more oomph. They have some turbo 3 cylinders that get used overseas that would be a good fit here.


    Good deal since more people are trying to avoid public transportation during the pandemic. New vehicle and low cost.


    Looks great , but that CVT transmission is going to turn many customers away !!!

    dygardion 91

    I despise these little suvs
    Like why get an suv that’s unpractical??! Most cuvs like rav4 crv etc are way better value and size!

    Daniel Gross

    Very poor resale value, mainly due to CVT transmission durability issues. Highly recommend LEASING the Kicks, or looking at a Seltos or Soul with 10 year powertrain warranty. Kicks engine DOES sound like a loud course Cuisinart!!!

    Prashant Kompella

    If my money is on the line, I would go for Honda HRV. It has AWD, LKAS and ACC. It a lot roomy as well.

    Alex’s Customs

    It’s a hatchback on stilts, Nissan say it’s a compact CUV but if you look at the numbers it’s similar dimensions to a Impresa hatch, and the civic hatch has slightly larger interior room

    Qckn drty

    Just here for that BOX

    No Way

    Future endless Money Pit


    Alex, I suggest you mention and compare interior width or front seat width when you review.
    Also the back seat thighy support length.
    It would be very helpful since some vehicles have same exterior width but much narrower seats and interior width.
    Some have more legroom, but their seats are terribly short

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