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Wheeling with 70,000 Friends at an Ultra 4 Race!!! (KOH 2019)

Main Wheeling with 70,000 Friends at an Ultra 4 Race!!! (KOH 2019)

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    Join us as we embark on a journey of epic proportions. We are going to the biggest off road desert party in the US, King of the Hammers!!! Johnson Valley is full …


    Hey guys… Make sure to hit the "Live Chat" button wherever it is on your screen! Even if you are watching this later on you can still see the live chat as it happened during the Premiere! Also, Make sure to share this video with your friends… our next goal is 500K subscribers and we need your help to make that happen. Thank you for watching!

    Lory Fairfield

    That looks like the Burning Man has moved to Johnston Valley. Too much fun. Great music and you nailed the “vibe” of the show. I am making that a must do in the next while.

    Thomas Collins

    Wow fantastic video. I love the documentary style. why was the Cherokee guy from muddy beards not with you guys?


    I’m having issues with my theft system and I don’t want to do the change every part to figure it out I’ve tried the tricks with hatch passenger and driver door aswell as with fob any Jeepfamily know of anything that could help it’s a 98zj 4.0 and I’m not taking it to dealer to pay the 400$ to not be Guaranteed to fix the issue

    Shane Codman

    Good to see you out there flat earth

    Adventures In Little Trucking

    Stop all that small tire hate lol. Awesome vid guys. Fully enjoyed .


    Love the lay out of the video, very well put together

    Howard Hudson

    I would like to see Matt and Nate discuss wheeling in an auto and a stick. And what are there favs and pros and cons. Keep up the great vids.

    Loki RIP

    Man the razors look really lame next to the awesome jeep rigs

    Peter Watson

    awesome video as always guys!! What did you use to film most of it?

    Andrew Tabanji

    What kind of fuel mileage does that RV get with the Jeep behind it? I think it's hilarious to see an RV rolling coal


    Great video! Trails look amazing. How did the RCVs hold up?

    Dak Berardelli

    cool vid. looking fwd to part2.

    This is me

    That Ford 44 is showing some real strength! I'd like a walkthrough of your hydro assist. You've mentioned it multiple times but never in depth

    Jack Brunson Jr.

    Great video! Awesome production quality as well. Keep up the awesome work!!

    Bill Arrow

    That backwoods shirt is mint!

    spencer corey

    WAIT A MINUTE, APPLE VALLEY?! I grew up there. I haven't visited the area in a while. Try to keep my distance from victimville.

    another JKowner

    I got a project you can use it on lol, no my cheap Chinese winch crapped out on me and I'm going back and forth between warn and spuerwench. Just wondering if there was a problem with it.


    My 62 CJ-5 is shooting me the stink eye for not dragging it to the Hammer! Its been depressed ever since they shut down Tellico. Kinda of boring here in PA. Matt, you've ruined my day. ROCKS! WE NEED ROCKS!! Great video. Wish we have this kind of terrain in the East. 👍

    John A

    nice video guys, loved it.


    Great video editing…to whomever did that. I love the "fix-it" video's, but you gotta wheel it sometime, so you can fix it again.


    Hell yeah brother

    Robert Beene

    What’s the smallest lift tire size you saw out there

    Michael McGuire

    Looks like y'all had a great turn out may the next trip out I mite be able to make it

    Powers Homestead

    I have to say the best edited video of them all. Like how edited it and the gimbal made a huge difference. Awesome video.

    Royce Crow

    Rad video! Love how you guys really captured the insanity. It's whats kept me going back for 5+ years. It's especially crazy after dark when everyone takes their junk out to hit all the trails. Definitely good times.

    Patsy Gosselin

    This is your new Canadian fan in the green jk! Lol we had an awesome time. Thanks for having the patience with us helping us thru these obstacles.

    Gamma Boxer

    At 28:57 i thought it was Hans Gruber sitting beside Nate. Great video, as always, looks like you guys had a blast. Cheers

    Max Bakken

    No apology needed. It Was an awesome time lost no lost a long day of wheeling. It was awesome

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