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When This Happens, Your Car is Screwed

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    When This Happens, Your Car is Screwed, DIY and car review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Car fail and engine failure. Cars to stay away from.

    Scotty Kilmer

    Just remember the head gasket sealer should only be used as a last resort, replacing the head gasket is always the best option if you can afford it or are able to do it yourself

    ⬇️ Things used in this video:

    1. Head Gasket Test Kit:

    2. 3M Gasket Adhesive:

    3. Bar’s Head Gasket Sealer (Only Use as Last Resort):

    4. Common Sense

    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:

    1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:

    2. Mid-Grade Scan Tool:

    3. My Fancy (Originally $5,000) Professional Scan Tool:

    4. Cheap Scan Tool:

    5. Basic Mechanic Tool Set:

    6. Professional Socket Set:

    7. Ratcheting Wrench Set:

    8. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter:

    9. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter:

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    Boss Hogg

    If only I had done this with my 03 Sentra… but I'll never buy another Nissan.

    Jacob Botha

    Doesn't that just piss you off!

    Kurt B

    I wonder if the radiator went bad and leaked and they warped a head when it over heated? Hmmmm


    If the head gasket has gone bad then replace the head gasket. Not make a temporary fix. A mechanic gets paid with the work he does so if it took him a lot of things just to get to that gasket then so be it… He gets paid for it. the owner of the car can always decide whether to pay that much or not. The mechanic has no choice but to wait for the decision. Scotty is just a lazy old fart. I wont take my car to him. 🤭

    Stew C

    Love these vids scotty. Just like when I first started watching you. Informative and honest. Glad I have a mechanic that Is just like you. Got over 365.000km on my Celica GT. Runs like a clock

    john ross martens

    I used a copper based product for a head gasket and on a 4.6 ford and that was yrs ago truck is still on road that magic gunk sometimes can be a real life changer

    John Morgan

    Just looking at the way everything is crammed in the engine compartment puts me off ever buying a Nissan.

    Ahmed Rufai

    That my kind of mechanic

    Alain Perez-Juarez

    My first car was a used Mazda RX-7 with the rotary engine. Loved that car, it was fast, standard, I was young at 18y/o. Somehow I managed to convince my dad to make the purchase. Sure enough about a year later it started having the same problems. The mechanic change the thermostat, didn't worked. He changed the radiator, didn't work. He changed a bunch of hoses, didn't worked. Not sure if rotor engines have head gaskets but he should have told my dad that was the real problem. The tool used some of the same liquid stop leak, my dad sold the car that same week and we went a bought a Honda Civic that lasted well into 2002 and made it from Florida to California when I joined the USMC. I remember the guy who had purchased the Mazda came back about a month later asking for his money back. LOL 😂

    airgun shooting destruction

    thanks scotty

    FigMin Group

    Use irontite motor seal, I used it on my 2008 Saturn Vue that have 198,650 miles and still holding up, I just change the heater core rubber hoses, radiator hoses, thermostat and the reservoir after letting the sealer dried for 24hrs then put in Peaks Global Final Charge 50/50 and it’s still working.

    Sean Grahame

    My 08 fx 35 thermostat stuck and it over heated today. was about 10 seconds after the cel came on that i shut it off. Hope it didn't get too hot. Pulled thermostat out and burped it. Back to normal.

    Ryan Robinson

    the nissan is done lol

    Shane Master

    I pity the next owner. This is a great temp warm weather fix. Up north u could never drive it in winter. It would throw no heat in Sub zero now

    Dallah Bills

    Revvv itt

    Navraj Gill

    So many people amazed st how you got a car to 266k. There’s no reason any car can’t make it that far with the right maintenance.

    Robert Nielsen

    Finally scotty getting back at it. More repairs less bashing on cars


    What happens when you run out off ideas for a video

    Fran Mitch

    New vehicle design does not allow for anything to be rebuilt much less repairs

    Ex-Law Enforcement

    Dang I Ain't Never…….Seen the Bar's Leak look like that stuff…..back some time in the 50's we used-to-use it in our Diesel Engines, it was Black and had Rabbit Turds in it🤣

    Vuong Do

    White smoke out the tail pipe would tell you if head gasket is leaking


    So did you put the thermostat back in or just leave it out?

    Fevian Cortes

    Proof Nissans are bulletproof! 266k miles I’ve rarely see that mileage in Toyotas

    Oliver Kalamata

    Change a thermostat housing in a MINI R56.
    It's so fun, I tell you!

    andy boothe

    Scotty in England we have now a diagnosis fee which can be from 40 to 140 before they will fix your car. Is this the same in the USA?

    ZiggyBFishing CustomRods

    You never want it to slip when u stick it in!

    Alex Povolotski

    Mr Wonderful. .

    Benji Figueroa

    Those liquid solutions seems to be cutting off mechanics jobs. We should stop treating our automobiles as disposable junk.

    Mike Kloncamper

    My Nissan Titan has 160k miles on it and I’ve never had any issues

    Randy Limon, M.D.


    Angelic Alien333

    Mircale in a can BEANS!!!

    Angelic Alien333

    2:17. "IT COSTS A FORTUNE TO DO" very nightmarish commentary lol.

    vag4l vevo

    1:35. Hahaha

    Rainbowrider JT

    And that radiator was probably 500 bucks!

    Geo Godfrey


    Hanislip Instrumentals

    Lmao my is300 got 225k and runs like new

    Eric Andres

    Thoughts on a 2008 Toyota Corolla S?

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