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    The girls call me low voltage z a d d y. Good thing is the more it happens the better I’m getting at diagnosing it. Stoked to be back on the road!

    Marc Francois

    I have been watching ever since you did the photo shoot of the bookbag with the Ginge when you had the cream s13 in the old house. I will watch whatever you put out. I like every video but sometimes the 20 minute driving videos do bore me.

    Jahmali Davis

    Why dies nicole not post anymore

    scott rucker

    I find my self hitting the like button more when you with Trevor.  drifting gets me to a like button also when u work on you own cars. I like that shit watching u struggle Is pretty cool but when u have some thing that is cool as hell and actioni. I watch you YouTube to get ideas and help with thing I don't know. I'm not going to lye you channel kind of got like a TV show so……… yeah I don't watch it as often as I did. I do watch when i'm caught up on everything else.

    Lee Kennedy

    I like all your videos man I appreciate the lack of sleep and hard work you put into your videos!

    Old Spice

    i only like music so i can have it on my playlist easily

    marvin macfarland

    I use the like button everytime i wacth your videos

    Juan Neira

    Also I always forget to press the like button lol

    Juan Neira

    Go out of your comfort zone and get a car you’ve been curious about but never really got around to get.

    Sergio Sandoval

    Bro I just be high on YouTube and you n ur hommies are dope need some good friends like that. But I always forget to like all videos lol.

    motor garage

    Adam please contact me, we are working on a tool for content creators that will enhance your experience and way you view viewer feedback. We’d like to do a beta test with you.


    I never like videos. I just watch them and sub to the channels that interest me


    I usually like all the video I watch if I enjoy them. If I don't I will dislike it.

    Javier Mendoza

    You gotta get a clip of you doing donuts with your porche gt3rs like tanner fox

    j Walster

    How I like: just do it.


    Hey bro. I only like when my mind is blown, even then I sometimes forget because it's the last thing in my mind. Also where's the 100 at?


    i like everyone of your vids

    D. Bowen

    Did you look at the ground for the oil where he had it parked ??

    Limitless Ed

    I leave a like always on your videos mostly because I really enjoy them and you’re building all the cars I look up to! But also the video quality is great

    Emmanuel T

    I usually like videos if I watch it all the way through and like it but for you I like it as soon as I click on the video <3


    When you said!

    Colin Pucheu

    When I see something cool I like that brings joy to my miserable existence as a lowly automotive tech I like the video

    Hunter Johnson

    I have to really like the video to actually physically like it.


    I know it’s been done a million times, but would you be willing to do a ls build on the channel? Fourth gen Camaros can be found for cheap and it would be interesting to see how you would build one.


    I like the video when I love a video or when something blows me alway I love all your videos but it’s kinda rear I like a video had this page for many year watched thousands of videos and I only have like 400 liked videos

    Art Of The Beast

    every video I watch of the creators making Ill like, but if the title and thumbnail dont interest me ill not watch the video.

    Karl Werosta

    only youtuber that gets an insta like from me everytime is jimmy oakes but ill start droppin more likes. my b fam

    Nick Zitelli

    honestly i forget to like them so much#remindthestonerstolikethevideos

    Rylan Clark

    I've been a watching you for a while and I use the like button sparsely, but I do enjoy all your videos and the new "style" of content has been awesome. Just do what you feel like doing

    Hunter Buscemi

    I only like videos to see or watch them over again or share them that I thought was cool. Personally I think your videos are really educational and interest only car people so liking the videos haven’t been really a thing for me sorry. I’ve liked a few that gave me advice on something. Most my likes are music videos , and aswell as funny pranks. It’s no hate or anything. I buy some apparel from time to time and I’m subbed . I love just getting thru the day and just watching a video you posted that day and just going to bed to it or eating to the vlog or video.

    Yoeri van der Vliet

    I just forget to like but i’m a viewer for 4 years

    claudio uno

    its simple you hit tommy i press like


    Just remind us to like or something

    Keyshawn Frazier

    Thumpnail/title catches me then I click and like before I watch

    Eduardo Mendez

    Driving videos! like the tail of the dragon. small drives like that would be nice

    My team my family

    Usually I give it a like if there something really cool or different in the video


    Just commenting for the fun of it

    Malcom Marshall

    I like the videos when I clicked on the of channels I subscribe to

    kenneth hansen

    I just constantly forget to like things reminders do actually kinda help

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