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Why Electric Cars Are So Cheap To Drive – My Tesla Model 3 Electric Bill

Main Why Electric Cars Are So Cheap To Drive – My Tesla Model 3 Electric Bill

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    How Does My Tesla Model 3 Affect My Electric Bill? Why I Bought A Model 3 Performance – How Does A Model 3 Handle Snow …

    Engineering Explained

    Common Questions About Electric Car Costs:
    1) What about car insurance? Not apples to oranges, but the Tesla Model 3 Mid-Range was about $30/month more to insure versus my Crosstrek. Keep in mind this is comparing a $50K car (Tesla) to a $25k car (Crosstrek). The Model 3 Performance is about $30/month more than the mid-range (significantly more expensive and more powerful vehicle). Buying performance cars is obviously not financially wise, as they tend to have great fuel/energy/maintenance/insurance/depreciation costs. I pay about $110/month for full coverage, high liability coverage (500k), $500 deductible on my Model 3 Performance.
    2) What about maintenance? Overall, it's less required touch points. The two big ones are changing brake fluid every two years (similar to ICE vehicles) and changing battery fluid every four years (unlike ICE vehicles, which of course have oil changes). Here's a full breakdown of the maintenance schedule:
    3) The main point here being: the biggest cost associated with electric vehicles is the car itself. Insurance may or may not be higher depending on what vehicle you're comparing to.

    John D

    So if you buy a $28,000 Honda Accord you would have to drive it for 30 years to equal the amount of gas used and initial purchase price to come out spending the same amount of money (excluding the two battery changes required in your electric vehicle).


    Here in Europe gas is about 7-8$/gallon.


    It would be interesting to talk about EV discount for home charging at night, In California PG&E, I get 11c/kWh at night instead of 22c/kWh .
    Also comparing cost of Supercharger or L2 (EVGo, Blink…, Volta (free)…)


    How the hell do you only use 467 kWh in a month?!

    Xavier Ramirez

    how the hell is your e bill 40 something dollars? do you have solar panels or something wtf. good video btw. electric yeahh!


    wait, $2,35 per gallon is cheap? That's damned expensive. In some places the price of gasoline is 1/2 that price or even 1/3..

    Stelios Posantzis

    So the real question here is: are electricity prices elastic with respect to demand? That is, will they stay roughly the same when the percentage of the population that drives/uses electric cars shifts to 95% from the current 5%? Will gasoline prices stay the same? Will both electricity and gasoline prices rise?
    And the second question is: what will be the environmental impact (locally, country-wide, region-wide or globally) of this shift in fuel preferences? Will it be worse (triggering additional regulations) or will it be better?


    Well i had an ebike, got 11000km out of it at which point I had to buy a new $400 battery. Just guesstimating some numbers, if your Tesla battery costs $20000 and lasts 500 fillups (200000km) you should take $40 per empty-to-full charging session into account.

    hao duong

    are those numbers consistent throughout the lifespan of the electric cars? a 20 year old honda can still get the same MPG as it was new if well maintained. what are the longer term costs of electric cars?

    Silver Geordie

    If you're in the house most of the time, might be wise to invest in some solar panels and eliminate the bill all together… Can't do that with non electric. Just saying… it has the potential to be so much cheaper.


    My question is: why do they still conform to the design characteristics of internal combustion cars? They may as well use their advantage to make the cars better for consumers just trying to commute in comfort.

    Benjamin Hardy

    "Who's stoked to do some math?"

    Kashiff Khan

    Does the cost include maintainance and repair charges?

    Ricky Gutierrez

    love this video, watching all the math in play is just soothing to me, keep up the great work!

    Richard Glanville

    2.2 gallons of fuel equivalent. What is the size and weight of 75kwh battery again? 1054lbs. Holy moly. Newer battery tech can't come soon enough!


    4$/gal is dirt cheap around here. I'm talking 10years-ago-price at best. We pay 1.5-2$/liter(about 6-8$/gal)


    So cheap and the only one who has to pay is mother earth GREAT!! ……….


    Electric cars are nice but the better technology for cars are steam engines. Far cheaper to run than gasoline, diesel and electrics, far cheaper to produce also, far less maintenance, far fewer things to go wrong, far cleaner overall than electic cars, and, yes, pretty much as much torque as in the electics. Plus the turbo effect of steam push.


    I buy ICE cars that are the same value as the tax you paid on the purchase of that Tesla in your garage. You are penny wise, pound foolish.


    Wow! Was that just 7.9c per Kwh on that bill? Here in San Diego, our best EV "off peak" rate is 23c Kwh. Our summer peak rates exceed 50c kwh. Keep voting for democrats and you can triple your electric bill just like us.

    Ujiltrom M

    Taxes. They'll creep up once enough electric cars have replaced ICE cars. The government will have to recoup, that's inevitable. So while I agree with your maths, your data is only valid for a limited amount of time in the future. Other benefits will still apply, like cleaner air and less noise, so overall switching to electric is still a good idea in my book.

    James B

    All great, but the initial price of the car makes a huge impact. Buying a similarly sized ICE sedan is still cheaper in the long run. $10k difference in fuel cost does not justify buying twice as much car up front.



    Leisure SuitL

    That is crazy cheap electricity. Where do you live?

    Glen Atchison

    When I switched to an electric car I added about $30/month to my bill and got rid of a huge gasoline bill.

    Jack Lyons

    One is sure you meant, "If the Giulia WERE as efficient . . .." This is known as a conditional tense. You used a past tense, "If the Giulia was as efficient . . .." And what was little Jason doing in seventh grade when he should have been learning how to diagram sentences, eh?


    Electric cars are heavily subsidized and do you take the battery replacement into account?
    Take away the subsidies (from manufacturing and selling the car) and electric driving is not cheap or even clean.
    German autoclub ADAC calculated that it takes 585000 km to break even on co2 emissions for an electric car(t).
    No thank you.

    Lick Nuns

    How much efficiency is lost flooring an electric car versus a gas car?

    0u812 0000000

    50 k car you will never see a return

    Ray Chiu

    3:34 I'm just blown away how he calculated the yearly cost of the Tesla. He rounded the monthly amount but rather than using 30 to multiply by 12, the took the original value again to minimize the rounding error. Absolutely incredible

    Grodz R.

    Should I wait for the next coming years to trade in my 2016 Honda Accord for a Model 3 or within the next couple of months?

    South Bronx, NY

    You didn't factor in price of vehicles. My 2013 Infiniti was 30k plus gas over 5 years was 40k vs Tesla 45k plus 5 year electric is 47k. Infiniti wins. Tesla is way over priced.

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