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Why Inline 6 Cylinders Are Better Than V6 Engines – A Comeback Story

Main Why Inline 6 Cylinders Are Better Than V6 Engines – A Comeback Story

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    How engine downsizing saved the inline six-cylinder, and why companies like Mercedes are switching from V6 to Inline 6 cylinder engines. Inline six cylinders …

    vincent lonbird

    IMO: straight 6 is the best engine design.

    SteveG 6513

    Sounds like a typical Mercedes over engineered car that will cost way too much to maintain. Typical German car disease. Car will be worth 10K in 5 years. Junk

    mark labuschagne

    EE, this ISG torque will be subtracted from the engine's output, is it not so?

    Gojohnny gp1

    My first inline 6 was a Datsun 260z, an amazing powerful and balanced car that I still remember the raw power of after 35 years.

    Matt Weeks

    Bit of over exaggerating on the steering assist it’s not like that at all. You can’t notice it unless your really think about and even then it’s minimal.
    Good video though as always.


    Walks into dealership
    Jason: "I'm looking for an inline 6"
    Dealer: "We've got just the GLE 450 for you! "
    Jason: "Meh, gimme just the engine"

    None Of your business

    Just say Benz..

    Gene Williams

    Thought U were gonna talk about V-6 engines and not advertise for Mercedes-Benz.

    chief tp

    and when the warranty runs out and you start getting 4 figure repair bills, you'll be trading it for a '94 toyota celica with 240K on it.

    Timothy Bolden

    Sounds like something that would be a nightmare to work on at home

    Timothy Bolden

    Sounds like something that would be a nightmare to work on at home

    greeco -k

    4:00 – ISG stands for "integrierter Startergenerator". So in german it is called integrated starter generator if you like …
    Greetings from Germany!

    Daniel Peña

    ISG = Integrierter Startor Generator
    GL E = Geländewagen (offroad vehicle) in the platform of the E-class

    Commander Shepard

    The seats of that brand new $100.000 car look like they were made in the late 90s.

    Rohit Dhiman

    Hi, i have been thinking since a while now, but, couldn't find out the exact ans…so could you help me out in it?
    My ques is:
    We are travelling from a point A to B from two routes by car "a" and "b" respectively…one route is 50 Kms and other is 100 Kms long, but time taken from both the routes is 2 hours. Assuming that both are same cars with same load on them. Which car will consume more fuel?

    Darryl Adams

    Just buy a cummins




    Engineering Explained is excommunicated.

    Budget Outdoorsman

    This is biggest bull…unsubscribed. Seriously? Mercedes?! Good luck


    I need an in-line 8 cylinder

    ken cohagen

    Inline engines are less prone to fail due to vibration problems because of balance problems. An inline can rev higher than a V engine without having to be balanced as well, which was a big issue back in the day. Today that means even more horsepower with better reliability because inlines can rev higher. For decades Indy cars used Offenhauser in line 4 cylinder engines in part due to their ability to rev higher than V8's. The other reason was that they used blind cylinders, which means the cylinder head was screwed onto the cylinder which is then bolted to the block like an aircraft engine, which sealed better under boost.

    Jonathan Blunt

    That’s what the ECT-S button is for but I guess that’s old

    Martin Lang

    Makes total sense…that changed has bugged me for a while. This is the German engineering I expect, not the choice of soft metal in the first 3.5 V6 harmonic balancer sprocket, used in the W220 S class, then in the W221 the gasket for the oil cooler in the diesel V6 was not heat resistant which was fixed by using Vitron for the gasket. Those mistakes are totally unexceptionable and I would have sacked those responsible immediately.


    Yeah…… Nah……!

    Lawathe M. Eid لاوَذ ميثَم عيد

    it is BMW X5!


    I am fairly sure that there is no specific word in German for "alternator" and that one would just be referred to as a generator. The German word for generator is "Generator". The usage of the term "alternator" for the small poly-phase AC generators in automobiles is kind of a throwback anyway, a term used to differentiate them from the brushed DC generators that preceded them.


    Rich people will buy these then offload them at 50k. The 2nd owner takes over all the electronic headaches out of warranty. 1st owner goes back to Mercedes to rise and repeat!

    TJ Roelsma

    People who buy the Mercedes GLE 450 can't really be looking for sporty performance, so why you'd expect the gearbox to shift really fast is beyond me.
    Secondly, the German word for alternator is Generator, so that's why it's called an ISG.
    Thirdly, the addition of the ISG looks like the first civilian implementation of the hybrid systems the Mercedes F1 car uses. Mercedes seem to have really done their homework there and are now confident enough to introduce their systems in civilian cars.

    Des M

    I would buy a inline 6 or a v6 they both good and the way they done it it's like adding a supercharger and a turbo

    Rob Sorgdrager

    Haven't watched yet….
    Inline engines have more main support, makes them strong.
    They are more balanced, they make more torque due to all the above.
    Imagine a flat plane in line six…..😈


    boost+boost+boost=boom, for long-term reliability, I'll take Toyota any day, thank you very much.

    John Smith

    Mercedes are pure junk.


    I can't believe you are so enthusiastic about excessive technology and over-engineering.


    V6 are better to use the Bi Turbo System

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