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WHY is Carbon Fiber so Insanely EXPENSIVE??

Main WHY is Carbon Fiber so Insanely EXPENSIVE??

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    Have you ever wondered why Carbon Fiber costs so much?? Well, this video will show you what makes carbon fiber the most expensive material to build cars …

    Ryan Frisby


    Ready For Pushback

    Great video! Glad you guys are evolving your videos into other subjects surrounding cars!! 👍

    Ricky Logan Jr.

    Thank you Drew and Mason for sharing your knowledge about carbon fiber as I myself knew nothing about it other than that it looks awesome when it's real and done right. Great to see you two doing varied things on your channel. Hope you two are enjoying and having a relaxing long weekend.

    Andrew Yance

    Enjoyed the video as much as I love all of your car reviews always good to add a new type of video


    We have a Tesla with the carbon fiber and my dad still thinks that the piano black trim is better but if I show him this video he will probably like carbon fiber and also great video


    Very interesting, and informative. This is why you are among my favorite channels, because you are all about the "value add" for your viewers. I would definitely like to see other deep dives into auto engineering and technology!

    Andrew Langellier

    There is someone stealing all ur vids and re uploading them

    Brian Weir

    Great video. Very informative.

    I should point out there is a historical parallel to this issue. Two hundred years ago, cotton was very expensive to process also, due to the need for human labor (slaves) to manually separate the cotton from the cotton seeds embedded in the raw cotton fibers. When the cotton gin was invented, machines could then separate the seeds from the raw cotton. This greatly multiplied the efficiency and throughput of cotton manufacturing, greatly reducing the time and expense of manufacturing.

    While carbon fiber obviously doesnt have seeds, new technological discoveries have been shown to improve the product while reducing its wholesale cost.

    himanshu ahirao

    Awesome video
    I am your fan from India

    Andrew Langellier

    You explained it perfectly 👍

    Charlie Montero

    Thanks for the explanation didn't know it is so hard to produced


    Great video, I'm in for more like it. Have a great and safe Holiday weekend!


    Who knew .. great video

    Andy’s Shop

    Very informative. Great job!


    Thanks for the information

    J High

    After I watched this video, I looked up the history of carbon fiber on Wikipedia and my head nearly exploded. It's a very complicated manufacturing process as you guys stated, and they're even math equations involved with the whole procedure. 🤯🤯

    Jordan Collum

    Great video!! I love carbon fiber, I bought it to be installed in my Lexus. It’s very expensive though took some saving.

    Johns Corey

    You guys are doing a great job and I would suggest more of these type of videos please.

    Andrew K. NI

    Great video guys. I didn't realise the complexity and cost of carbon fibre. 🙂

    Hans Pierre

    376th view, 16th comment and 48th like with 0 dislikes!! Also I really liked this! This can be another differentiating factor for y’all. I’ve wondered about the many types of car leather (as you’ve mentioned) from best to worst.


    That’s the track edition RCF. 100k car. Noice


    This is probably a weird question but can carbon fiber be painted??

    Moe Anthony

    Impressive video guys. I love the the new idea of car related info. Thanks so much.

    Oswaldo Öberg

    Very interesting!

    mapin totim

    Good job

    E-on E-off

    Concise and informative! 👌🏾

    Pürgatöry Priest

    Great additional & educating content, nicely goes hand-in-hand with the overall Car Confections channel content. It's very well explained and visually satisfying. Keep it up with such added content, it's beyond just a "filler" material.

    Gary Lakin

    Great job on this!

    Darrion Tunstall

    Y’all did a awesome job!!! Carbon fiber cost so much!!!

    David Billingslea

    Great video

    Loloy Villamor

    good job!

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