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Why is the 2020 CR-V Hybrid’s Fuel Economy Lower Than the RAV4 Hybrid?

Main Why is the 2020 CR-V Hybrid’s Fuel Economy Lower Than the RAV4 Hybrid?

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    There are clearly many variables at play here but here’s a quick video exploring the three main reasons in my opinion. Join Today: bit.ly/2WdCEwW The Best …

    Jaxx Brat

    The drive system in the Rav is better..less waste..One of the great advantages of a hybrid is the separation of front and rear drive systems…
    No info on the regen?

    Craig Merkey

    great info… it is very interesting how manufacturers keep making specific vehicles bigger and bigger… maybe they are relying on brand loyalty…


    Ummm…cause Toyota has kind of perfected the tech?

    Kevin Oberg

    I've test driven all 3 of the RAV4, CR-V, and Escape. The Escape gave me 50+ mpg on eco driving which totally spanked the other two, and I honestly felt the interior was much nicer (despite "hard plastics', it is otherwise functionally much better to my eye)

    El Cartu P

    Lower fuel consumption than Rav4? Come on man, neither in your best dreams. Eso es un caldero.

    James Miller

    Americans worried over 3mpg difference when their fuel is almost half the cost it is in Europe

    Mr M M

    No excuses please Toyota is the leaders for hybrids Honda is ok but Toyota is the best

    David Gerstl

    If the new RAV4 PHEV sells well, I wonder if Honda will come out with a Clarity-based version of this (basically the same setup with a larger battery, possibly smaller gas engine, a plug, and probably ~35-40 miles EV range).

    Edward Reyez

    Why? CVT!

    Russell C

    Give me wider tires and an actual drive line any day. Sorry Toyota.

    Dennis W

    Toyota has been on the top of building hybrids for years. They seem to have the best system. What did I miss Alex? Are you saying narrower tires get better mileage than wider ones? More wind drag with the wider tires?

    Brandan honda

    2 to 3 MPG less, is not a big deal.


    So lower fuel economy, definitely going to have lower reliability, worse styling, outdated interior vs the RAV4 Hybrid. Big misstep from Honda.


    I drove both of these as well as the Ford Escape hybrid. They all have + and – aspects. I liked the Escape better overall and have had it now for a little over a week. First I'll say the top of the line model was less expensive out the door than both of these and on my first tank of gas I got 41.5 MPG (515 miles 12.4 gals. to fill) under 27$s to fill the tank. I'm very happy so far.
    I know I took a chance with this, its my first Ford in 50+ years of driving. Fingers crossed as to the reliability of the Escape , time will tell. I know both Honda and Toyota have had there issues lately as well.

    MJ Lyco

    Also the gas tank will probably fill all the way

    Bryan Robles

    As always, great analysis! However, can you address in a future segment the real fly in the ointment regarding the RAV4 Hybrid? Its gasoline tank is reportedly only accepting about 10 gallons of fuel (from empty) against its rated 14.5 fuel tank capacity. This is a flaw found in both its 2019/2020 model years. Any mpg advantage the RAV4 Hybrid has over the CR-V Hybrid is moot until this ongoing issue is resolved.


    useless video, no one emailing him , we can google this info


    I waited for the 'awful' measurement unit and was not disappointed. Good explanation.

    Mallory Ko

    Thank you I saw others reviews did not explain why and just go with Toyota has better fuel economy.

    Jamaican Me Crazy

    CR-V looks better than the RAV4 in my opinion

    Maz Al-Samadi

    The CRV is a great looking SUV. All the proportions are perfect.

    Dominic Fong

    That front fascia looks like as if someone with missing front teeth.


    Doubt that small difference in width of the tire is making the big difference here. The true AWD vs e-AWD is going to make a much bigger difference. Also, need to see the difference in weight, and performance.

    Joy Chung

    After the website spec. CR-V Hybrid is lighter in Curb Weight, fuel tank is 0.5Gallon less than RAV4 and MPG is lower than RAV4. I still trying to understand the spec.

    Phuong Vo

    I put 235/65/17 all terrain tires on my 19 Rav4 hybrid and i went from 41mpg avg to 38.

    2big 2fail

    lease the Honda and but the Toyota…cvt transmission in the Honda is no where near as reliable as the Toyota's …too bad really because the Honda motor is every bit as good if not better than the Toyota

    Daniel Cheng

    The infotainment system in the CRV is awful. Can't believe they didn't put in what you get in the Accord

    Anton Emmanuel

    Front Grill design is still not impressed like RAV4 Honda has to work on that

    Waldemar Ishibashi

    Alex: can you please show us if there is a front towing eyelet in the new CR-V. I hope they didn't make the same mistake as Ontario-made RAV4 "adventure" 🙂

    Waldemar Ishibashi

    CR-V is a confusing package for me.
    Pros: very comfortable for short drivers, usable interior, big trunk, decent ground clearance.
    Cons: strange looks, no AWD settings, medium visibility for short drivers.

    I do like it and it is on the list when times comes.

    Walter Sovchack

    I bet your wife is never unsatisfied ; )


    RAV4 Hybrid battery is covered for 10 years 150k miles vs 8 years 100k miles for the CR-V Hybrid.

    martin martin

    Just can't beleive the truckish ugly looking rav4 get better Cd than the CR-V, please give us each cd #


    Everything on the CRV is be better than the RAV4… So how do you explain getting the RAV4 for your long term vehicle?! 🤷‍♂️


    Toyota's planetary gearset transmission is very reliable. What about Honda's?

    Joseph G

    Can it tow?

    Ken Howard

    When fuel economy numbers are this high (for either vehicle), a difference of 2 or 3 mpg – in terms of extra dollars spent yearly for most owners – the difference is negligible.

    Srini Nayudu

    Alex, I am puzzled by your theory you keep repeating for some reason having two different power sources to the front and rear is inferior despite the reality is other way around. Lets come to real world, when do you get stuck? only when you have no traction. Is that right? Not because of lack of power? is that right? In the case of mechanical AWD, you have one additional center differential, means any one of the 4 wheels slip, you lose traction for all 3 wheels because the way Differential functions. So if one front wheel lose traction because of slippery surface/ice, it will keep rotating without transferring much torque to other wheels, unless the car has some sort of limited slip differential. To come close to capability of two power source drive train, mechanical AWD atleast need to have center limited slip differential or at least lockable center differential. None of the brake vectoring torque transfer can smoothly transfer full power to single wheel. In case of of individual power sources, system can cut off power to slipping axle and give full torque to axle with most grip. Same thing goes for the case of "on the fly" as it can rotate the axles at different speeds to keep the car in the intended path without need to use much of braking(to control understeer/oversteer). Using braking is never going to be as smooth as individually controllable axle speeds. The fundamental problem is traction to wheels, not the power. That's the reason a mechanical AWD can never match fineness and capability of properly designed dual power source system. BTW, its not about Toyota vs Honda. I don't care which uses which system. My point is to highlight technically incorrect explanation you have been giving on many reviews in recent memory which involves this kind dual power source drives. Please let me know if you have evidence or explanation which proves otherwise.


    For meager three MPG penalty, I’ll take the Honda over Toyota any day.

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