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Why Porsche Taycan Is Faster Than Tesla

Main Why Porsche Taycan Is Faster Than Tesla

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    Here’s Why The Porsche Taycan Is Likely Faster Than Tesla Model S The Porsche Taycan Turbo S may be quicker than Porsche claims. Subscribe for new …

    Engineering Explained

    So as it turns out, Top Gear had a drag race between Taycan and Model S, and their VBOX measured 0-60 was 2.68 for the Tesla, and 2.61 for the Taycan. Obviously road conditions limiting the launch, but still over 1 g acceleration. For me, it’s super cool to see why this happens, and that the numbers line up (traction will generally be the limiting factor in these comparisons, which is why it’s critical for the two cars to be tested at the same time on the same surface). Happy new year everyone!!


    The quicker car is Tesla, it depends on the model you decide to compare. Try this with the Tesla roadster, lets see your figures then.


    Does anybody notice how Jason is "Metricising" the American Automotive Public….
    Bringing them into line with Science, Technology and the rest of the world… as of 1965. (jurisdiction depending – dates vary.)

    Jack D

    ……Because they sacrificed da Fok out of its range

    Ge Res

    Well Tesla likes to lie a little on the 0-60 stats.

    championxxl NL

    What girls think guys watch: porn
    What guys actually watch: math


    Very interesting but all completely academic. EV manufacturers seem to be obsessed about 0-60 time when in reality that's not a very common driving scenario. All of these stats regarding moar torque/acceleration are just a smoke screen to distract from the real performance issue which is range.

    The EDNC

    At only a 201 mile range, this thing is DOA

    Andrea Tanzi

    Great explanation, what is not new is the magic of a gearbox. Look at Delta S4 of the '80s, 1.8 sec/60mph on gravel. Huge torque, small "r" and a perfect gear ratio .. so electric cars can only become mind-blowing with a gearbox.

    Eric Barnett

    Have you looked at State of charge?

    Roger Lambert

    Faster to need recharging?

    Pascal Bruyere

    I don’t understand how a car can have more than 1g acceleration without aerodynamic downforce… my intuition tells me that the traction control system will limit to whatever the tires can do, I.e. 1g at the most?
    Now, as speed increases, I can see how the Porsche could gain an advantage thanks to downforce.

    Zac Kral

    From the looks of it, whoever reacts faster will win.


    Thing is they're comparing a 2019 vehicle with another released from 2012 so idk if it's really a win for porsche at this point 😂


    I want to see this drag race now

    William Taylor

    Hobo gentle with queers, teach''respect'bums
    I throttled jay Leno garage, forgot my lap catastrophe time, buckled the big boys at oshkosh jd and winkle.

    Glen F

    Hi Jason, I am surprised you are not on the Fully Charged Live poster. Are you attending?

    Chris Sullivan

    i love electric cars…2 speed transmissions will take them to a completely new level of either speed or efficiency. they are just a blast to drive


    Can you do a video on what’s more efficient, accelerating from a stop slowly to reach the speed limit, accelerating aggressively or flooring it.

    Al P

    Porsche is better overall.

    R Alexander

    Tesla: (bursts into flames)
    Elon: "Ay Nay that's just afterburner mode mate"


    But! is it more efficient thou?


    Except it doesn’t have a Turbo as it’s electric so that’s a false name.

    Vishwas Pai

    Awesomely explained. Shifting loss from 1st to 2nd gear?


    Grear video. I love Porsche. I drive one daily lol

    Eric Barnett

    Have you considered the plaid model?

    Chip Manuel

    I was hoping a picture of Electric Wizard would flash during the "Super Heavy" part

    David Browning

    Dude!! Get an HP calculator (RPN)!

    David Pistek

    Matt Farah says the porche drives like one ,and the germans tend to be conservative with claims where Tesla loves hype and also a porche driver is typically more aggressive than a Tesla driver engineering explained is always interesting and informative


    I’m a fan of Tesla, but I firmly believe that once major automakers (especially the Germans) go all in on electric power trains, Tesla will start to lose ground. It’s inevitable.

    Advocatus Diaboli

    Because Porsche is better than Tesla.

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