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WHY THE BASE 2020 Shelby GT500 is the SPEC to GET! | 2019 FORD NATIONALS

Main WHY THE BASE 2020 Shelby GT500 is the SPEC to GET! | 2019 FORD NATIONALS

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    Joe Bottachiari

    I’m a mustang person but this is just going to be another dealer markup car.

    John Cosico

    Lot of y’all hating on the GT500 and calling it ugly and what ford should’ve done when these haters drive a 98’ Honda Civic 😂 why complain when y’all can’t even afford one😂😂😂


    That front end makes me insta N U T

    Adam Fears

    I’ll stick with my 2001 civic , goin on 300k miles

    Speed Addict 731

    Great video! Can’t wait to see the specs on this thing. ++ 😎

    elfrankOMG12 345

    the beast


    Rather have this then a new z4 or Supra.


    Hi the photo Dude 100%. It's Dope.


    No manual no buy


    Love the GT500 base spec, thats what I would buy, that yipping dog in the background, holy crap man! I want that hood for my 2018, that thing is sick.

    Dylan sala

    That dog barking tho 😤

    Rodney King

    I love that you keep calling it the "Base". Dude, It's a Shelby GT500. It's not a base Mustang you idiot. It has every option. Recaros are stupid because you give up the power controls and the heated and cooled option on the seats. You get the big touchscreen for MyFord Touch as well as the digital dash. What else do you need? Everything else like the carbon package is just extra and doesn't make it a Premium Shelby GT500. I don't even have a Base Mustang because my V6 has the optional power seats, upgraded 19 inch rims, the backup sensors and fog lamps.


    Gt350 or gt500? Whats d difference?

    Swyzzlestyx the Green Warlock

    I was thinking about getting a Mustang, but it wasn't going
    to be the GT500, at least not the first year. I was leaning towards the
    GT350-R, but then I remembered I still need to bring my garbage to the dump, so
    I'll get another pickup. I have a2015 F-150 King Ranch, with the 5.0 engine,
    and all the options, including heated & cooled and massaging seats. Right
    now, I'm leaning towards the Saleen pickup truck, with the 5.0 engine, but I must
    see if I can get the massaging feature and if it’s 4-wheel drive. If I can't,
    I'll probably get another King Ranch or Platinum F-150 with the 5.0.


    @5:30 I can do a whole lot with this color right here.  Second behind my all time favorite color Grabber Blue.  Sure looks better than the Need for Green Ford currently has out for the 2019's…


    Rather have the GT with a manual.


    No manual no go, thats just stupid not to offer a manual. ZR1 comes in a manual Ford, wake your asses up!

    Parth Patel

    I wonder if you can spec a color like on the ford GT

    crown Victoria lifestyle

    The crazy part is you can get a older GT350 for Less and a supercharger and get even more horsepower or even a twin turbo kit and not have any parasitic lost in your system from a supercharger

    Ken Williams

    Who could give this ride a Thumbs Down??? Trolls are rampant on every video!

    Big da Kine

    Old dude sucks at reving an engine. Jesus Christ old timer let that damn thing scream

    robert castillo

    i think the gt500 super snake will come manual.


    All because of the dodge demon when I can buy a 5.0 and mod the shit out of it and beat this and the demon


    I saw one at a show for the first time a few months ago. If you get a chance put your hand inside the front wheel and feel how thick the front rotors are! It's insane!

    james perez


    Determined Veteran Garage

    I think the 2020 will be a game changer I am curious to see how Camaro responds in their zl1 package

    Trell The Guy

    I love the grill and lower bumper

    Trell The Guy

    Who ever dis like this video wish they can get a 2020 shelby GT500

    Trell The Guy

    Don't 4get to watch all ads ppl an like the video 💯💪

    Marty Collins

    Such a special car, Ford has really came a long way. 🇺🇸 MERICA

    Formula1 Fan

    Stang that green will get you major attention, I agree the base is the way to go look at how easy those carbon wheels got damaged on Vince's car I almost shed a tear for him that day.


    the front end lkooks like a last gen charger srt8

    Donovan Kazee

    Was there a supercharger whine?

    Matt Jones

    Piece of junk.

    Abrien Myhand

    I love the base model

    Nickel white S550

    Plus plus mean ford is continuing to develop the Engine more everyday until they have to give the official numbers to the EPA.

    Mike Vanarelli

    U must watch drag times last upload


    I’d drive the base model any day

    Franklin Franceschini

    Can't they clean the tires of those cars or shine them.

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