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Why to Always Get a Used Car Inspection

Main Why to Always Get a Used Car Inspection

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    This question from a viewer about pre-purchase inspection had Scott Turbowski spilling his guts. In this cut footage, Scott tells a few beautiful stories about …


    I'd love to see a review of your Civic. I Own a '98 LS400 and late 90s cars are my favorite!

    Realtime Reviews

    All car sales ppl and ppl who work in stealerships are one step above from actual criminals


    5:08 I thought I had mistakenly upgraded to Windows 10. Whew…


    Is that an old volvo xc60 in the back?!

    Mathieu Morin

    We need more, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 mins of those kinds of talk with Scott and the other psycho.


    Mr. Geese, what's standard practice for buying a used car off of a local dealership? Might have been a trade, might not have been. The car in question is not the same brand as the dealership. Is it still legit to ask to take it to an independent mechanic for review?

    Craig Chevalier

    I as well shake my head when people have issues with a car, which is a piece of shit, and they trade it in for you guessed it… Another piece of shit. The information is out there, it's the information age. Why do people still buy such trash?

    Cory Yalowicki

    HAHAHA that ending!


    Real men where pink….Toddddd


    where'd you get that sweet laptop?


    These ending scenes are too good to be true. That plus quality content. Its balling


    When the geese and turbo join together it's very enjoyable. That ending… wow… just wow… had me laughing so hard. Got damn I love this got damn channel.


    Those Outros just keep getting better.


    We want more of these videos, mr. savagegeese!

    Dillon Vossen

    OMG! – the dude at the end = priceless!

    Duane Rackham

    I got lucky with my first car. Brought it from a private party and all I checked was the engine cap and tires. No codes too.
    Drove it around for a month before the first problem(The horn under the bumper rusted out completely). But besides the minor rust, nothing is wrong with the frame. Still drive it today

    Adam West

    More segments like these please, loving the war stories from Scott. MOAR!

    Jeremy Scallan

    Laughing my ass off at the outro

    Robert Weber

    Sound advice!!! I am pro-used cars from a private seller. Dealers are getting most of their used cars from auctions these days.

    Don't be penny wise and pound foolish. Pay a trusted mechanic to put it up on a lift and also scope it!!!

    J.D. Turner

    I had one of those laptops lmao



    The Stig

    I could honestly listen to the POS car stories . 30 min, hour-long etc. It's pretty intersesting.

    Christopher Neufeldt

    I once looked at a car at Shults Auto Sales in CL and saw a guy spray painting over a rust spot on a Jeep Wrangler in the back. That told me to avoid that place.

    C Morris

    How does one go about an inspection when the car you want to check is over 20 miles away


    I once bought a Volvo. 2 years later I found out it must've been kept under water, cuz the rust would go into unbelievable places. Oh, and I was living in denial about the strange smell inside. Now I know it was mold somewhere in the seats or carpets.

    Anthony Mascolo

    I can listen to Turbowski's stories all day long

    Tajar TJR

    Turbowski have polish roots? Coz he looks and named like polish guy 🙂


    I only come here for the outros now

Viewing 29 posts - 1 through 29 (of 29 total)
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